Surfschool in Morocco

surfschool in Morocco

Learn to surf in sunny Morocco!

The surfing in Morocco is fantastic! The waves are great, the weather is good and the local culture is just amazing. In short the circumstances are perfect to get on that board and learn how to surf! At our surfschool in Morocco we offer the best surflessons for everyone that want to surf in Morocco!

The surfschool location in Morocco

Morocco has the ideal surfing beaches for beginners and experienced surfers. At a stone’s throw from the Tamraght you will find Devils Rock surfspot: the perfect spot to learn how to surf. So both when you want to learn the basics of surfing, or when you want to work on your skills in a targeted way, the surfschool of Surf Paradise Morocco has a surfing course that fits your surf level!

Surfschool in Morocco

Beginners surflessons in the surfschool in Morocco

Start from the very scratch and learn the basics of surfing. In the daily surflessons for beginners we surf on sandy beaches with small waves. The beginner surflessons at the surfschool are fucussing on savety and the basictechnique of surfing.

The beginner surflessons are given by a motivated certificated surfinstructors in small groups. They will go with you into the water and give you personal feedback

We work on 3 easy steps: What is the right position on your board, how to stand up and how to find balance. With this 3 techniques everybody can surf!

During our daily beginner surflessons are every day from 10:00 till 16:00. This means 6 hours of surfexperience every day! There is always a part of theory lessons in the morning. This to learn the basics and rules of surfing. In the afternoon you can practice everything what you have learned in the morning. 

The surfschool in Morocco has a fantastic location in the bay of Taghazout. From here we choose everyday another surfspot for the surflessons. The area has many options: a coastline with countless of surfspots. For the beginner surflessons in Morocco we always choose sandy beaches without reefs. For intermediate surflessons and advanced surfcoaching we choose surfspots with open waves and different kind of surfbreaks (reef breaks, pointbreaks or beachbreaks.

The surfcamp in Morocco of Surf Paradise Morocco is located in Tamraght. This small village is located directly next to the famous surfvillage: Taghazout. The surfcamp has a stunning view of Taghazout bay and right in front of the accommodation you can find surfspots: Devils Rock and Banana beach.

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At the surfschool in Morocco we work with ISA certificated surfinstructors to ensure your savety. We think it is very important that the surfinstructor is a good surfer by himself with years of experience. Like this he can learn you how to surf in a good way and he can also share his big passion with you!

All our surfinstructors give lessons in the following language:
– English
– French
– Arabic

The surfinstructor helps you out during your surfday from the start of the lessons. He helps you to choose the right wetsuit and surfboard. He brings you to one of the beginner surfspots in the area. And off course he will do a warming up and theory lessons with you! After the theory lessons the surfinstructor will go with you into the water to coach you from closeby. In one-on-one conversations he gives you personal feedback so you can work on your skills.


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Intermediate surflessons

Do you already have surfexperience? Then you are also in the right place!

Our unique Intermediate surflessons or as we call it: surfcoachings, are designed to improve your surfing skills and bring your surf to the next level. 

Our intermediate surflessons focuses on techniques of surfing; learning to pop- up easely, understanding your balance on the board, acceleration, the mechanics of turning, improving your paddling skills and  the keys to catching better waves. 

Want to read more about the intermediate surflessons? 


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Advanced surfguidings

Do you want to surf the best waves of your life? Do you want to discover the coastline of Morocco and surf at special surfing locations?
Our unique surf guides are entirely focused on helping an experienced surfer get started in Morocco.
The surf guide can tell you exactly how the tides on the surf spots work and under which conditions you surf fantastic waves on which surf spots. He takes you on a surfing trip through Morocco so that you can surf the waves of your life!

Everything is arranged for you: Transport, a personal guide for the entire day (think of sunrise / sunset surf sessions) meals and safety

At our surfschool in Morocco we offer 1 day surfguidings or a multiple day surfguiding holiday

Wetsuit rental

We have different kinds of wetsuits of different sizes and thicknesses. We normally surf with a 2/3 wetsuit in Morocco.

Beginner surf lessons

Surfboard rental

We always have enough material to rent with a choice of soft tops and different performance boards. In addition, we rent out skateboards for when there are no waves or if you just want to cruise around in Morocco. Experience is a requirement when renting all material.

Beach transport

Are you staying in Taghazout area and want to go surfing by yourself? We are offering daily beachtransport to the best surfspots of the day. You can jump in and we will bring you there where it’s on!

Safety: a good start

Safety is central at our surfschool in Morocco. The lessons are given at all times by ISA certified instructors who are trained to teach safely. In addition to the responsibility of the instructor, it is also important that everyone else realizes that we are all responsible for safety.

A number of safety standards have been drawn up by Surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco. These are split into two parts; handling tips and priority guidelines. We are happy to share this with you during the surflessons at the surfschool.

Beginner lessons surf

The surfinstructors of the surfschool 

Surfschool packages

Surfcamp Morocco activities

Adventure package

Experience a real adventure in paradise! Go surfing, cliffjumping and sandboarding. Now with a extra free surfday!

Complete surfholiday

Surf from sunrise till sunset – This package has everything a surfer needs! Everything is included so you can completely focus on your surf.

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Surf & Stay

Our simple package to surf & stay! Basic and easy to go! Get now your first surfday for free!

Surf & Yoga

Yoga is a perfect sport to combine with surf! Come to try it out and retreat yourself and start with a free surfday.

Learn to surf at the surfschool in Morocco, and:

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