Cheap surfcamp in Morocco

Looking for a surfholiday to a surfcamp on a budget?

Cheap surfcamp in Morocco!

Maybe let’s not say cheap because it sounds not so classy but are you looking for a surfholiday on your tight budget?

We at Surf Paradise Morocco know that surfers like to go on a surf trip and preferably as often and as affordable as possible!

That is why we offer a number of options for surftrips that will not hurt in your wallet so much. And let’s get it straight: your next surftrip to Morocco was never so close-by!

Tamraght surf
Tamraght surf spots

Surf & Stay holiday - Cheap surf holiday to Moroccco

Traveling on a budget as surfer can be a challenge because surfing is an expensive sport. But at the surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco, close to Agadir and Taghazout we have a great option for surfers on a budget!

The Surf and Stay holiday is a budget option for surfers that like to visit the surfcamp and arrange their own dinners and extra activities. Surflessons and accommodation + breakfast and lunches are included. If you also choose to stay in the shared room you don’t spend any extra costs on accommodation!

In Morocco it is not difficult to find cheap options for a dinner at a restaurant. For 5 euro per person you can already eat. Also extra activities and transport can easily be arranged with local transports.

Cheap surfcamp option: Last minute surf holiday

Are you flexibel with traveling? You can come on a last-minute surfholiday to Morocco. The surf camp in Morocco always has some open spots left, you can book this spots for a reduced price! Book your favourite surf holiday with Surf Paradise Morocco and get 10% discount!


Cheap surfcamp morocco, a daytrip to paradise valley with 2 girls under palmtree
cheap surfcamp Morocco

Cheap surfcamp tip: share your room!

Looking for the best prices for your surf holiday to Morocco? Share your room with others! In many surfcamps like our surfcamp you can book your surf holiday and stay in the shared room in the surfcamp for free. You don’t pay anything for your accommodation!

Number 1. surfcamp in Tamraght

Long stay in Morocco

Cheap flights to Morocco

There are plenty of option if you are looking for cheap flights to Morocco. There are many low cost airlines that fly to Morocco. If you want to visit the surfcamp it is best to fly to Agadir Airport (AGA). From Agadir airport it is around 1 hour traveling to the surfcamp. 

Flying on Marrakesh airport

If you can’t find afordable flights to Agadir Airport from your homecountry it is possible to fly to Marrakesh (RAK). From here you can travel with public transport (busses) to Taghazout. 

Saving money on your flight is essential if you want to go on a cheap holiday. The best is to book early to secure cheaper tickets. Another option is to wait till there are discount weeks on the airlines that are flying to Agadir.

Be flexible when it comes to travel dates

Also very important when looking for flighttickets is to be flexible with your arrival date and departure date, and always check the bagage fees of the airline in advance.

Extra tips booking a cheap flight to Morocco

  • Book at least 2 months in advance a flight ticket
  • Or book very last minute a flight ticket (and reservate a last minute surfholiday in our surfcamp!)
  • Always check the extra costs for luggage. Travel with only carry on luggage if possible!
  • Don’t bring your surf equipment but rent it in Morocco, this will save you a lot of money
  • Delete the cookies on your computer after checking airline websites! It is not proven but many traveler experiencing higher prices if they check prices often on a airline website, while on another device the prices are cheaper.

Cheap surflessons in Morocco

If you are traveling to Morocco for learning how to surf, and if this are your first surflessons, I wouldn’t skimp on good surf lessons.
There are many uncertified surf teachers in Morocco who, despite not surfing well themselves, want to get their money out of it.


First, you never want to compromise your own safety. Surfing can be a dangerous sport and the surf instructor is there to ensure your safety. All certified surf instructors have knowledge of dangerous currents, dangers of different seabeds such as reefs, first aid and rescue swimming, CPR, the dangers of poor water quality, the dangers of misuse of materials, surfing with other local surfers and so on.

Learning techniques

In addition, it would be a shame if you were taught the basics of surfing in the wrong way, causing you difficulties in further stages of surfing. Learning to surf with the wrong techniques will make surfing more difficult to learn aswell.

So no matter how nice a surfer may seem, there are super good and cheap options in surf camps that seem a bit more expensive at first, but are definitely worth the money!

Go cheap for a surflesson package!

Many surfschools like us offer discount if you take multiple surflessons or come with multiple people in the same time. So it is smart to take extra surflessons and find friends who want to go surfing with you!

Some extra tips to compare the quality of the surflessons in the surfcamps:

  • Ask if all surfinstructors are qualified surfinstructors
  • Ask how long you will surf during a surfday and how long the surfinstructor will be with you in the water
  • Check if surf equipment is included in the price
  • Check if transport to the surfspots are included in the price or if you have to walk yourself to the beach
  • Does the surflessons take place on the same surfspot every day or do you visit every day another surfspot to practice different waves and find the best swells?
  • How big are the groups? Smaller groups are always better so you’ll have space in the water
  • How much surfers per surfinstructor? There is a maximum of 8 persons per surfinstructor. At Surf Paradise Morocco we surf never with more than 6 surfers per surfinstructor
  • Are the different levels of surfers separated?
cheap surfcamp morocco
babakoul tamraght

Extra tips for a cheap surftrip to Morocco

If you are traveling on a budget then you are in Tamraght on the right place! There are plenty of options if you want to surf in Tamraght on a budget. There are a few surfcamps that offering surf packages for reasonable prices. You can also consider to organise your trip by yourself and book an accommodation in Tamraght on Airbnb

Rening a car

You can find several surfschools that offering surflessons for beginners or surflessons for higher levels, or you can just rent a surfboard and wetsuit to go surfing yourself. If you want to go surfing by yourself I recommend you to rent a car to discover surfspots in the area aswell. You can rent a car starting of 20 EUR per day!

Food in Morocco

Also foods are not expensive in Tamraght. You can order a dinner with drinks and dessert in a restaurant for around 5/15 EUR per person.

Extra tips

  1.  Look for deals and cheap all including surfpacks. Our surfcamp is offering every month another deal where you get a reduced price!
  2. Morocco has very cheap option for public transport. Traveling goes slow in Morocco when you’re traveling with public transport, but you will save a lot of money!
  3. When it comes to traveling with public transport you can travel with the more known companies like: CTM and Supra tours, This busses are airconditioning and many tourists travel with this busses. But you can also travel with local busses, not as comfortable but you will save around 20% on the price!
  4. In my opinion you can better save on big expences as: your flight and accommodation, as saving money on small expences such as some souvenirs, tips and food. It may save you 0.5 till 2 euros per purchase if you haggle on the markets, but often this is the only source of income for the market vendor at the stall and his family.

What is the best surf season in Morocco?

Nmr #1 Surfcamp in Tamraght

Our surf house is located at the coastline of Tamraght, A stone’s throw away from world class beach breaks like Devils Rock and Banana beach.

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Surfcamp room
This is by far my favorite place to stay at in Morocco. The view is to die for and sometimes they cook delicious dinner. They have surf lessons and adventure tours. I’d recommend surf paradise Morocco to anyone!

Learn to surf package deals

We know you are ready for your next surfadventure. So here we have amazing packages for you as beginner or intermediate surfer to get you in the ocean as much as possible!

Everybody is different so choose your own perfect option: single surflessons or complete packages

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