Gap year program, surf in Morocco

Surfing in Morocco on your gap year, a experience of a lifetime

A gap year in Morocco

Do you want to do something completely different and challenge yourself after your exams? Make your dreams come true. Go on a trip to Morocco, meet other travelers, discover the beautiful nature and culture, go surfing, cliff jumping, exploring and learn new things. With Surf Paradise Morocco’s gap year packages you are definitely in the right place if you want to step outside your comfort zone and if you are looking for a real active trip full of adventure!

5 reasons why you should do a gap year abroad:

  •  Discover and develop your talents (Surfing!)
  • Research shows that students achieve better study results after a gap year
  • Learn and discover new cultures, languages and perspectives
  • You make friends all over the world
  • 40% adjusts their choice of study after a gap year: you get new insights
  • You will work on personal development in your gap year, which you will take with you for the rest of your life!
Gab year in Morocco
surfing become a surf instructor in Morocco gab year

Surf on your gap year

Are you an active person / adventurer? Then an adventurous and sporty gap year really suits you! Whether you’ve never surfed before, or if you already have some experience, take up the challenge of learning to surf! Surfing is a great sport on the beach and the ocean, often performed in warm holiday destinations, living with the tides, the relaxed atmosphere that prevails among surfers, the eternal sand between your toes. Makes this ideal for learning and enjoying the experience at the same time, what is perfect for a gap year!

Physical and mental skills

Surfing is a fantastic sport in the water where you are in close contact with nature. You are alone in the ocean and while surfing not only your physical skills are tested, but also your mentality. As a surfer you have to have courage, be able to make choices, have patience and be able to give yourself completely. In addition, you should always be able to have fun in the sea!

Practicing, practicing and more practicing

Surfing is a sport that you do not just master, often you need a few weeks of intensive training on different waves. It is best if you plan these surfing sessions right after each other so that you make faster progress. This is often not possible at home because you do not live close to the sea, there are no suitable waves or you are simply too busy to practice regularly.

Living abroad during a gap year

Many young adults decide to go on a year-long trip abroad
after college graduation because it gives them time away from home as
well as an opportunity for self-discovery while seeing some of the most
beautiful parts of our planet at this crucial point when choices have
yet been made but paths still have not been decided upon either.

The surfcamp life in Morocco

Living in the surfcamp for 1 to 3 months means living in a vibrant and inspiring place, where people from different countries come together, where it’s all about having a great time together, surfing, living by the tides close to the beach, endless salt in your hair, going on adventures, beach parties, and meeting likeminded other people!
Morocco has a great climate that does not drop below 20 degrees even in the winter months. It hardly ever rains, and the sun shines every day. In addition, there are excellent waves every day. Doesn’t this sound like living in paradise?


Gab year surfcamp

Surfing isn't just a sport, it's a way of life!

Gap year program : surf academy

  • Age: from 16 years old
  • For solo travelers or with friends/family
  • Flexible starting dates
  • Duration: from minimum 3 weeks to 3 months
  • Price: from € 400 per week

Active surf academy program

Learning to surf on one of the best surfdestinations in the world!
Go from beginner to advanced surfer, live with your feet in the sand, the rhythm of the tides of the sea and see the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. In addition, you will also hike in Paradise Valley, go sandboarding in the Little Sahara, visit the souks to learn about local customs and habits, and meet other young travelers from all over the world! Join the surf academy, the program specially designed for travelers who want to surf for a longer period of time. Stay in Morocco from 3 weeks to 3 months and join the surf academy: A program full of surf lessons and activities to discover Morocco.

  • 5x per week surflessons on your level
  • Great activities and tours on your off-days
  • Stay with other travelers in the surfcamp
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transport from and to the airport included
  • A host is always there that helps you out with everything!
Holiday beach tamraght
Surf and volunteer in Morocco

Gap year program : Surf and volunteering

  • Age: from 18 years old
  • For solo travelers or with friends/family
  • Fixed starting dates (once a month)
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Price: € 525 per week

Volunteering in africa (Morocco): the surf project

The surf project is a program where holiday and volunteering work is combined. During this month you will learn how to surf and you will help with giving surflessons to local kids! You play an essential role in  developing surfing skills and changing young lifes! Besides the volunteering work and surfing there are many great activities such as a multiple daytrip to Marrakesh and a multiple adventure tour to the South of Morocco: Legzira. In a month there is so much to discover and to see!

  • 2 days in the week volunteering work
  • Multiple day trip to Marrakesh
  • Multiple day adventure and surf trip to Legzira
  • Surflessons
  • More activities to discover Morocco (Paradise Valley cliffjumping, Sandboarding,
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transport from and to the airport

Gap year program : Surf instructor course

  • Age: starting from 18 years old
  • For solo travelers or with friends/family
  • Fixed starting dates (once every 3 months)
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Price: € 480 per week

Living on the beach, surfing every day, get your surf instructor certificate!

Are you a beginner or intermediate surfer and would you like to become a real pro in the water? With this program you will improve your surfing skills and life the surfers lifestyle for 3 months. The program is prepairing you for the exams of your
Surfing every day surf instructor course

Great ideas for a short getaway during your gap year!

Paradise Valley winter

On a short holiday during your gab year is a great way to explore the beautiful Morocco. Whether you stay in Marrakesh and want to visit the coastline for a week, or you visit Morocco for a short holiday.

The adventure holiday is a week full of activities to explore the beautiful nature and culture of Morocco. You will visit Paradise Valley to go hiking and cliff jumping, go sandboarding in the small Sahara and learning to surf on one of the best waves of the world! Accommodation, transport and meals are included in your holiday, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Dive into a big surf adventure where it is all about surfing, the tides, reading the ocean and progress your surf level. On this one week holiday you get daily surflessons, so you can even start as very beginner surfer. All services such as meals, accommodation and transport are included in the holiday.

This holiday is for those that love yoga and want to find out what surfing has in common with yoga. Finding balance,  becoming one with the ocean and go with the flow of the waves. During this holiday you will both practice yoga as surfing.

Practical things to know about a gap year to Morocco

Budget for a gap year in Morocco

Morocco is a cheap travel destination. That is why you can go to Morocco with a small student budget! If you want to save money, it is smart to book your accommodation and activities in advance.
Average costs for:

A dinner in a restaurant: Between 5 and 15 euros
A bottle of water of 1 liter: 0.5 euros
20 minute bus ride: 1 Euro
1 night accommodation in the surf camp in shared room: 15 Euros including breakfast

To make an unique surfholiday possible for you as broke student, we offer great options for budget surfholidays!

If you want to get more info about prices and average costs of a holiday to Morocco you should definitely read the article about average costs on a holiday in Morocco that the Broke backpacker wrote!

Is Morocco save for a gap year?

Many people are still a little concerned when they travel to Africa outside of Europe. Especially if it concerns a Muslim country! Many parents will ask additional questions if you tell them you are going to Morocco. But in fact this is not necessary at all and Morocco is a very safe country to travel through! Especially if you know the facts a little, you will discover that you can travel to Morocco with peace of mind.
1. Risks in Morocco mainly have to do with small-scale scams and people who appeal to you
2. Police are everywhere on the street
3. Morocco has a relatively low percentage of crime incidents

4. Over 13 milion tourists visiting Morocco every year, and very few incidents are recorded.

If you are traveling to Morocco you can use the tips and ideas of Viatravelers about how to stay safe in Morocco.

Visa Requirements for Morocco

You can visit Morocco without a visa as a tourist. You are free to stay in Morocco for 3 months. If you want to stay in Morocco for longer than 3 months, you can extend your visa at a local police station for another 3 months.
Gab year surfcamp