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Surf with the whole family in the surf camp in Agadir, Morocco!

A surfcamp in Agadir, Morocco

In the South of Morocco on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean you´ll find the sunny modern city Agadir. The Surf Paradise surfcamp in Agadir is just a stonetrown away from the main surfspots in the area. Agadir and it’s area are international known under surfers for it´s fantastic waves and year round swells. Celebrate the endless sunshine at the surfcamp, in this area it doesn´t get colder as 20 degrees in wintertime! The surf camp is outside of the main tourist atractions so you can enjoy the untouched Moroccan vibes. The small scale surf camp was set up by national surfchampion Zouhir Houmay. He and his team of certificated surfers are dedicated to not only learn you the basics of surfing in a great way, but also share with you their passion for surf, so you will definitely fall in love with this amazing sport!


Agadir Surf
waves in Agadir for intermediate surfers on surf holiday in Morocco

Waves and surf in Agadir

This area is well known under surfers of all levels. The coastline counts up to 30 surfspots in the area of Agadir and there is always some surf out there! In the wintertime from November till February, big swells rolling in. Especially surfspots like Anchor Point and Killer Point are famous under professional surfers due to the strong lefthanded reefbreaks. Some of the most well known surfspots are:

– Killer point
– Anchor Point
– Camel beach
– Anza

The surfseasons of Morocco are depending on the swells that the Atlantic ocean is bringing to the coastline. The surf is biggest in wintertime. In summertime the waves are mellow. For a beginner there are waves all year round! Want to know what the best surfseason for your level is? Find it out in our blog about the surfseasons of Agadir area.

Agadir beach – surf in Agadir

The bustling city of Agadir has a kilometer-long sandy beach. This sandy beach is perfect for sun and sea lovers. The waves on Agadir beach are small. There needs to be a brisk swell to the Agadir coast to produce good surfable waves. That’s why this surf spot often works in wintertime. Fortunately, the Agadir area has many other surf spots that also work well in other periods!

Find out more about the surf holidays to Agadir, Morocco!

Surf holidays to Morocco

The surfcamp in Agadir offers holidays for active and adventurous travelers. This means that we do many sports and activities and we also like to go off the beaten road. If you are a daredevil, someones that loves to learn how to surf, and if you don´t like to stay in places that are fully crowed with other tourists, then Surf Paradise Morocco is really your cup of tea!

Complete surf holiday
Do you want to focus on surfing, than the complete surfpackage and the surf and stay holiday are perfect for you. You will surf as much as possible and progress your skills in no/time.

Adventure holiday
Would you also love to discover the beautiful Moroccan culture and nature with other activities= Than we have the adventure package. You will go cliffjumping in Paradise valley, sandboarding in the small sahara and offcourse go surfing.

Surf & yoga holiday to Morocco
Do you like both yoga and surfing, then we also have a holiday that suits your needs. The Surf _ yoga holiday combines yoga and surfing. During this holiday you will find out what surfing and yoga have in common.

Long stay Morocco
More and more people travel slow, this means that they stay over a longer period on the same holiday location. More and more people work remote or have a few months off. Surf Paradise Morocco has special holidays so you can stay over a longer period in the surfcamp in Agadir.

surfcamp with children
Surflessons for beginners in Morocco

The surflessons at the surf camp in Agadir

Welcome at our surfschool in Agadir area! Our surf camp in Agadir is offering surflessons in Agadir area for people that stay in our surfcamp or stay in other accommodations in the area. You can book surflessons in Agadir as single day activity or as package for multiple days. staying at a accommodation in Agadir area? We’ll pick you up before the surflesson is starting!

Beginner surflessons 

Do you want to learn how to surf at the surfcamp in Agadir? This is possible! We take you on adventure to learn the very first basics of surfing on the Moroccan waves in front of the coastline in Agadir. First you will start on the sandy beach and after you’ve been practicing you will go into the ocean to catch your very first wave! We offer daily surflessons in Agadir for beginner surfers for all ages. We start in the early morning to have a full day of surfing and enjoying the beach. 

Intermediate surflessons

For surfers that know the basics of surfing we offering intermediate surflessons in Agadir, Morocco. During the intermediate surflessons in Agadir you will learn to catch open waves and improve your surfing style. A surfinstructor will go with you to the line-up to give you one-on-one coaching.

Advanced surfguidings

Exporing the coastline of Morocco and find those dream waves… this is what you will do during the advanced surfguidings of Surf Paradise Morocco. We surf on flexible times between sunrise and sunset to find the combination between perfect tides, perfect swell and right surfspot. A local guide that is also national surfchampion will bring you to the best surfspots possible! 


Private surflessons

Want to get most out of your surfholiday? Take private lessons with your travel company! During the intense 2 hour private surf lessons you can focus on your own level and get all the help you need. We surf on the best surfspots in the area of Agadir and we come to pick you up from the accommodation where you stay!

The accommodation in the surfcamp in Agadir

Want to stay in a small scale surfcamp far away from the big city life to experience an unique Moroccan experience? At the surfcamp of Surf Paradise Morocco you are on the right place for your next surf camp holiday to Morocco! Our accommodation is outside of Agadir, located in one of the small fishers villages above of the big city. From our accommodation we have an unique view over the beach and the ocean.

We have both private or shared rooms in the surfcamp. Also we offer many great activities and daily meals.

Family Taghazout

Explore the underwater world of Agadir Morocco, find beautiful reefs, fishes and other sea creatures!

In the mountains of Agadir there is a great adventure waiting for you: cliff jumping in the beautiful oases of Paradise Valley

Surfholiday to Morocco

The small Sahara is located on 1 hour driving from Agadir. Here you can try surfing on sand!

Yoga surfcamp Morocco


Relax and rewind, nothing is so powerful as a yoga session on your holiday. We offer daily yogalessons during sunrise and sunset on our rooftop terrace.

How to get to the surf camp in Agadir, Morocco

Flights to and from Agadir

There are daily many flights from Europe to Agadir (AGA). The flight time takes around 3 hours, after landing at Agadir you can immediately start your trip through the countryside towards Agadir city. If you opt for a morning flight, you can immediately enjoy the beautiful beach and the wonderful climate on the Moroccan coast on your first day.

Agadir Airport

Agadir Al Massia airport (AGA) is located 25km from the city center, resulting in a perfect connection to the picturesque center of Agadir. Various buses run to and fro between the airport and the city, but you can also opt for a transfer by taxi. Those who would like to explore the city on their own, can hire a car from various car rental companies.

Agadir Surf
waves in Agadir for intermediate surfers on surf holiday in Morocco

What is the best time to travel to Agadir for a surf camp

What weather will it be in Agadir
In short, the weather in Agadir is wonderful! Agadir is located near the Sahara and has a warm and sunny climate. In summer the temperatures are around 30/35 degrees. In winter, temperatures do not drop more than 20 degrees. This makes Agadir a great destination for the winter period!

Is Agadir safe for a holiday?

It is safe to travel to Agadir. The tourist areas are designed for tourism and there are sufficient hotels and accommodations. The tourist cities, such as Marrakesh and Agadir, are also the cities with the most small crimes. Small crimes ussually happens on the souks, or busy streets.

Surf Camp Agadir
surf travel poncho

Can i go as solo woman to the surfcamp in Agadir, Morocco

Yes! Many of our guests are solo travelers and a large number of them are women! The advantage of staying in a surf camp is that everything is organized, transport, activities and meals. You can join the group and there are always other fun solo travelers to meet and hang out with.

Morocco is a safe country for women. It is recommended that you dress modestly in some areas. In Agadir and the surrounding area, the locals are used to tourism and bikinis, shorts and mini dresses are also easy to wear on the beaches.

Hey! Great to welcome you in surfers Paradise!

Hey! I’m Suzanne, Dutch surfer, mother and yogi living in Morocco for already 6 years. I would love to welcome you and help you out by the organisation of your next surfholiday with your family. Here you can send your booking request or question. Don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m here to awnser all your questions!

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