Where can you find the best surf in summer?

Where can you find the best surf in summer?

Have you heard before that there are no surf in Morocco during summer time? – Not true!

The summer is comming and we can’t help it to imagine ourself allready on tropical beaches, taking wave after wave, and chilling under palmtrees after long surfdays. To make your surf dreams come true this summer we would love to show you to Morocco!

Morocco offers great surf (also in summer), for everyone who is craving for surf all summer long on world class waves for crazy cheap prices. But Morocco is big and beaches can be crowded during summer time. Some spots are working and others don’t work at all-in June, July and August….

We share our top 5 surf surfspots in Morocco for this summer! Uncrowded beaches, spots where the waves are working the best, fantastic roadtrips and places you definitely need to see!


1. Surf this summer in Imesouane.surf summer

This place is getting more and more popular. And that is not without a reason! This berbervillage counts 2 beaches witch are really clean and stunning beautiful.

There is always a surf on one of Those beaches. La Bay is the most famous one for it’s waves that giving you a ride for up to 3KM long! While surfing that wave you need to check the view on the high mountains and the beautiful Bay.

There are plenty of cafés to drink Moroccan tea after your surfsessions and you Will love the hippy vibes of this surftown!

+ enough shadow,

+ cafés &place to go to the toilet

+ always a good surf

+ fantastic roadtrip

– can be crowded during peak summertimes


2. Sidi ifnisurfspots morocco

Did you ever see pictures of the beautiful red natural bow that is standing on the beach? This is the most beautiful beach of Morocco! It is a little bit hard to visit because you need to drive around 5hours from Agadir to go to Sidi ifni. But that makes this arrea really quiet and relaxed. The coastline is long and here are plenty of surfspots in this arrea, where the swell in normally more strong as in Taghazout. 

Even in summer time you can be alone on the beach here!

+ Quiet, no other surfers in the water

+ No touristic hussle and mussle 

+ Beautiful nature

+ Strong swell

– long way driving ( take at least 2 days to visit this place!)


3. Mirleftsurfspots morocco

The waves are fantastic and you are alone in the line to surf in Mirleft! Close to Sidi Ifni you Will find this sleepy village.
Did you ever surf on the edge of the Sahara? We love this beaches and surfspots because you will find some strong swell during summertime and it is soooo quiet! Nobody did find this spots yet!

+ quiet

+ great swell

+ beautiful nature

– only for advanced surfers

– back to basic

– long way driving


4. AnzaAnza Morocco

Is a small village next to Agadir. When the summer is here the waves can be small and mellow in Taghazout. If we are looking for Some bigger waves there is always surfspot Anza! This is our really best friend on flat days!

+ Always some waves to surf

+ Closeby

+ Cafe’s & places to go to the toilet

+ Beachbreak & pointbreak

– Can be busy when it is flat in Taghazout

– Short beachbreak


5. Camelbeachsurf morocco

This beach is Well known because of it’s…. Yes camels. But this is not only a great beach because of the camels, it is also a fanstastic surfspot! The water is just soooooo clear! 5km North from Taghazout you can find this beach, next to killerpoint. The waves are working the best if there is a swell comming in from the west. This beachbreak surfspot is ideal for beginners. And what if i tell you that this beach is also perfect for sunbathing, camelriding and snorkeling!

+ Clear water

+ Closeby

+ Beginner surfspot

– Spot need the right swell from right direction


Come to surf this summer in Morocco at our surfcamp with our new complete surfpackage! A full week of the best surf in this Paradise. You will sure surf on one of this spots and experience this great surf by yourself.

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