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Prices starting from 275€ per week!

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Last minute surf camp holiday in Morocco

Are you in need for a surf holiday? Now you can go on a last-minute surfholiday to Morocco! Endless sunshine, a ocean full of waves to surf from sunrise to sunset and just good-times+ smiles with fantastic people? A Last minute surf camp in Morocco is something that is waiting for you!

  • Morocco can be visited year round for a surfcamp holiday
  • Book your last minute surfholiday starting tomorrow to 2 weeks ahead.
  • Get 10% discount on all available spots in the surfcamp!

Surf destination Morocco
Morocco is a great surfdestination for all surflevels. This surf destination is only a few hours away with cheap flight tickets towards Agadir Airport from many European airports. This surfdestination can be visited all year round for a surftrip and especially wintertime is great, There are many different surfspots for all kind of levels between very beginner and pro’s.

The surfcamp in Morocco

Learn to surf, meet other like-minded people and enjoy the flexible and happiest surfers family in Morocco! The small-scale surf camp in Morocco is all about surfing. In addition,it is a place where you can feel at home and meet other surfers. The surfcamp accommodation has a stunning view over the ocean and a beautiful tropical garden. You can choose to stay in a private room in the surfcamp or in a shared room.

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Last minute surfcamp holidays

  • Want to go on a very last minute surfholiday to Morocco?
  • Is your surf holiday starting within 2 weeks?

We regularly do have some spare beds and rooms available in our surf camp. This spots are sold for a very attractive price! 🙂 This is the perfect way to go on a low cost / cheap surf holiday to Morocco.

Find your last minute surfcamp spot by contacting us directly on the request form below this page!


Book your last-minute surf holiday now!

A last minute all inclusive surfcamp surf holiday! This package contains everything a surfer needs! You will surf as much as possible every day from sunrise till sunset Surflessons and coaching is given by ISA certificated surfinstructor + a pro-surfer for over 30 hours per week, Like this you will progress in no-time!

This holiday is perfect for:

  • Beginner surfers
  • Intermediate surfers

 Do you want to Immerse yourself in the world of surfing combined with yoga on the edge of the Sahara? Go on a yoga and surf holiday and combine these two fantastic sports. The Moroccan surroundings bringing you directly into a fairy tale of 1001 nights. This package offers a perfect balance between sportive and adventurous activities and moments to relax and rewind.

Discover the most beautiful places of Morocco on adventurous activities and daytrips. This last minute adventurous holidays offers exiting activities! Go surfing, sandboarding in the Small Sahara and cliff jumping in Paradise Valley. 

Are you an active and adventurous person? Then this holiday will fit you perfectly!

The simple accommodation + surf package for beginner surfers or intermediate surfers.. Stay in the surf camp, join the surf and eat 2 meals a day at the surfcamp. This last-minute surfcamp holiday is for those who looking for some extra freedom to discover the area by themselves. Therefore it is also possible to book additional activities and meals in the surfcamp!

Book your last-minute surf holiday now!

Last-minute flights to Agadir (Morocco)

The most important thing: How to get easy and fast in Morocco?

Our surf camp in Morocco is located close to Agadir airport. From many European airport there are plenty of options to fly to Agadir. So this means that it is very easy to get in Morocco!

From the airport in Amsterdam, flights to Agadir are offered several times a week by airlines: Transavia or with Easyjet. You can check the current arrival companies on the website of Agadir Airport.

For arrival from other destinations I always use Skyscanner, On this website you can easily find flights from all destinations and set the options as you like: Being flexible in dates, being flexible with departure or arrival airports etc.

After your arrival in Agadir we will pick you up from the airport. The transfer takes one hour driving. In most of our packages the airport transfer is included in the price, so this is very handy and easy!

Another option is to fly to Marrakesh

From Marrakesh you can take a bus towards Agadir (Around 15€, and takes around 3 hours). We’ll pick you up from Agadir busstation with our transport towards Tamraght and Taghazout area and the surfcamp. Most of the time flights towards Marrakesh are cheaper and Marrakesh is easy to reach, so this is a great option to if you are traveling on a tight budget!

surf in Morocco
Surf lessons Morocco - Surf academy

How to prepair yourself for your last-minute surfcamp holiday?

Did you decide to go on a surf holiday very soon? Then you don’t want to waste any time but get ready fast and easy! The best thing what you can do if you going on a last minute surftrip is to go to a surfcamp with all facilities included. Like this you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because everything is already sorted out for you. Rent your surfboard and wetsuit at the surfcamp and use the transfers and meals that are offered. 

Packing for your last minute surf camp holiday

Before you depart you need to pack the right things for your last minute get away. You don’t want to forget anything. Our idea is very simple: packing less is the best thing to do! You will be spending most of your time on the beach and in the ocean so you don’t need much. Also you can buy almost everything you need on location in case you forgot something. Make sure that you pack clothes that suits the season and climate of the country you will be visiting. Another important thing is to always bring plenty of sunscreen and your swim wear.

Get in shape for your last minute surf camp holiday

Get in shape for your last minute surftrip by eating healthy and sleep enough to save energy. Make sure that you don’t train to much because you don’t want to start your surf trip with muscle aches!

Contact and Booking request for your last minute surf trip

Contact us about your last minute surf holiday request and we coming back to you as soon as possible about our last available spots in the surfcamp so you can go on a last minute surf holiday right now! 🙂

For very fast replies you can also contact us on:
Whatsapp: +31610997447

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