Since the 60’s surfers from all over the world are travelling to Taghazout for the fantastic surfing in Taghazout. The former fishing village has experienced a huge tourist growth. Especially since 10 years the number of surf tourists has increased enormously. And these surfers do not come for nothing: the fantastic waves, especially in the winter season the waves can become strong and big. Surf inTaghazout offers all kinds of waves on over 30 surfspots in the area. The special thing about Taghazout are the relaxed vibes, and the hippy style that stuck out of the 60’s. Time seems to have stood still here!

Where is Taghazout (Morocco) located?

Taghazout is found in the south of Morocco. Taghazout is located 20 kilometers north of Agadir. Where the desert, argan forests and Atlas Mountains meet with the Atlantic Ocean, a very special piece of nature can be found. Taghazout is located against the mountains. And recently the road from Agadir has improved well.

Imesouane surf morocco

The waves for surfing in Taghazout

The Atlantic Ocean brings fantastic swell to this coastal village. There is a swell throughout the year making it possible for beginners surfers to surf in Taghazout all year round. From October, the swell will become stronger and all surf spots around Taghazout will begin to work. This is the time that intermediate and advanced surfers should visit Taghazout.

Benefits of surfing in Taghazout:
Taghazout has the most perfect right-handed waves you will ever see! A great benifit of surfing around Taghazout is that the area offers a great variety in different surf spots. There is a surfspot for every level that works. The surf spots also become less overcrowded due to the large offer.



Cons of surfing in Taghazout:
A disadvantage of surfing close to Taghazout is that the water is not always clean. Many surfers who stay in Taghazout get sick by the water. So be careful,  and it is therefore better to choose a surfspot that is located a bit out of the village.

Beginner waves: ++

Intermediate waves: +++

Advanced waves: +++

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Surfing in Taghazout: the surfspots

Right on the coast of Taghazout: Hash Point is perfect for intermediate surfers. South of Taghazout is Panorama point and Panorama beach located. Panorama beach is excellent for the beginning surfers. To the north of Taghazout you will find many surf spots such as Anchor Point, La Source, and Killer Point. In a circumference of 30 minutes drive you will find at least 25 different surf spots! Depending on the current swell you should choose the right surfspot. A surfguide can help you with this.

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Water tempratures in Taghazout

What is the average water temprature in Taghazout for your next surfing holiday to Morocco? 
 In summertime the watertempratures in Taghazout are between 20 and 23 degrees, in wintertime the average watertemprature is between 16 and 19 degrees.

surfing in Taghazout water tempratures

Wetsuit requirements for surfing in Taghazout

Depending when you traveling to Taghazout for surfing you choose the right wetsuit for your surf holiday. 

In summertime the water tempratures in Taghazout are around 20-23°C (68-73°F) And these temperatures stay high during the beginning of fall so in this seasons you can use a 2mm shorty. Around October/November water tempratures start to drop.

in wintertime the tempratures of the Atlantic Ocean in Taghazout are around 16-18°C (61-64°F). With this watertempratures in Taghazout it is smart to wear a 4/3mm wetsuit. 

Outside tempratures Taghazout

Morocco is a warm country so perfect to go surfing in Taghazout! But how hot does it get in summer and how cold does it get in the wintertime?

In summertime the average tempratures are around 25 till 34 degrees, and in wintertime the tempratures are between 14 and 23 degrees. This is both night and day tempratures. 

Tempratures surfing in Taghazout

Surf predictions in Taghazout

Besided surfing there is a lot things to do and a lot of places to discover. Morocco has a rich culture and the nature around Taghazout is stunning. Join our expeditions to Paradise Valley, visit the traditional souks of Agadir, go sandboarding in the small Sahara, or experience an unique activity and go snorkeling to discover the underwaterworld of Morocco. 

What is the best season to go surfing in Taghazout?

Every season in Morocco has its own characteristics. You’ve heard that the winter season is good for the surfers and the summer season better for the novice surfers. But there’s more!

From March to June:
The high season among the surfers is over and the waves are getting smaller again. The tempratures are increasing. It is still fantastic for the intermediate surfer! The novice surfer can also find enough waves to learn how to surf.

good swell anchorpoint

Surf in Taghazout from June to September:
The beaches are full of beachgoers. Few surfers can be found. Nevertheless, you can learn to surf perfectly on a number of surf spots! For the intermediate surfer it is more difficult to find different surf spots. Often the intermediate surfer and the advanced surfer will be on the surf spots: Anza and Tamri. The tempratures can rise, but due to a sea fog that hangs in the summer, the temperatures will remain pleasant.

From September to November:
The surf season starts again, and the surfers come back. As the year progresses, the chances are increasing on a high swell.

From November to March:
The waves roll in continuously and every day pro-surfers are training. Sometimes a monster swell rolls in. One thing is certain, the surfer will certainly be happy during this season! There are also a number of spots for beginners who offer smaller waves.

What is the best way of transport for your surf trip in Taghazout?

No worries, there are enough transportation options to travel from A to B when you want to surf in Taghazout. Several surf camps such as Surf Paradise Morocco offer transfers to the best surf spots in the area. This are the best options if you want to surf in Taghazout:

Renting a car in Morocco for around 20 EUR per day
Busses drive along several surfspots for around 1 EUR one way (Keep in mind that you still need to walk after the drop of)
Transport by the surfcamp where you stay
By foot to surfspots in the area of Taghazout

 In Taghazout and Tamraght you can do a lot on foot. Local buses run from village to village for which you only pay around 0.5 euros. There are also many shared taxis in the area with which you can transport yourself for a cheap price.

Transport from Agadir airport
Surfcamps in Taghazout such as our surfcamp: Surf Paradise Morocco can arrange your transfer from Agadir airport, many times it is already included in your surf package. You can also find a taxi when you arrived at the airport and arrange it from there. There is a bus going from Agadir Airport to the busstation of Agadir. On the busstation in Agadir you can change a bus towards Taghazout.

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Camel in Morocco

Surfing in Taghazout with children?

If you are traveling with children, we advise you to stay in Tamraght or an other village in the area of Taghazout. Taghazout is not always clean and the seawater is not swimable. Besides this,  Taghazout is also full of young travelers who love a party, so at night it can be noisy. Against this Tamraght is cleaner, less touristy and quieter.

Surfcamp for families

At our surfcamp we welcoming every summer many families with their children to go surfing in Taghazout, Morocco. We even have a special package for small or larger families and your children can learn to surf with the special surflessons for children. You will be staying in a calm room for you and your family. Surfing, adventurous daytrips and other activities are on the program, you and your family will sure have a fantastic time and make unforgettable memories together while surfing in Thagazout. Check it out here!

Surf in Taghazout, Morocco for womans?

Many questions that we receive are about women traveling as a single traveler to Morocco. In large cities such as Marrakesh and Fes, women can experience various problems. In contrast, traveling to Taghazout and Tamraght as a woman is no problem at all. The locals are accustomed to the many tourists, and there are mostly surfers living in the villages. As a woman alone you can expect a chat from the local gentlemen but they will not bother you undesirably. Especially if you stay in a surf camp where everything is organized and you travel with a guide + group, you will not experience a problem as a woman and it is also very nice! You can wear everything, and it is no problem to wear shorts or a bikini.

Surfing in Taghazout, Morocco as Solo traveler?

Thinking about a solo surftrip to Morocco but not sure if this is a good idea? We can already tell you: a solo surf holiday to Morocco is easy if you prepare yourself! Read our blog about solo surf holidays to learn about the do’s and don’t when surfing in Taghazout as solo traveler!

Surf in Taghazout: Welcome at surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco!

Nice to meet you and a pleasure to welcome you in Morocco! I’m Suzanne from Holland and together with my Moroccan husband (who is also national surfchampion) we set up our surfcamp! 
Our small and homely accommodation offers a fantastic base for your next surf adventure. With Surf Paradise Morocco you will discover the real Morocco. We go left where other tourists are going right.  

We love to share you our deepest passion: surfing. We surf together on the most beautiful surfspots, go wavehunting in the outback of Morocco and go sandboarding: every day another adventue!


We offer different kind of packages: choose what suits you the best and we see you soon in paradise!