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Surf in Imesouane

This dreamy holiday destination in Morocco is one of our favourite surfspots in the area of Taghazout. The bay where Imesouane is located is completely hidden behind the mountains. In the Bay you can surf waves of up to 0ne kilometer long! If you are in Morocco, then Imesouane is a must visit for surfers and beach-lovers!

From €50.00

Surf level Imesouane
  • Beginner surflessons
  • Intermediate surflessons
  • advanced surflessons

For who?

  • children
  • adults

Activity duration

Complete day (from 08:30 – 19:00)

When can I book this trip?

The daytrip to Imesouane is everyday available. 
Book till 1 day in advance!

Group size: Starting from 5 persons

A surfadventure is waiting for you!

The surf in Imesouane, Morocco

Imesouane is located on the Atlantic coastline of Morocco between Agadir and Essaouira. The surf in Imesouane is just amazing! Imesouane hidden behind big mountains and has two surfspots. The village is so small that you can walk from surfspot to surfspot.

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The two surfspots of Imesouane

1. Le Cathedrale
2.  The Bay


La Cathedrale in Imesouane

is the surfspot on the North side of Imesouane.  The surfspot is a beach break with a mix of sand and rock and offers nice right-handers. This spot in Imesouane needs a bigger swell to work, but if it is working magic is happening! The waves are stronger and more powerfull than in the Bay.

Going towards the line-up is a bit of  paddle, especially if the swell is stronger. Look for some currents that can take you up towards the line-up.

Tides: Mid-High tide
Underground: Sandy beach and rocks
Crowded: A few people in the line-up
Surf level: Beachbreak for beginners, the line-up for intermediate/advanced surfers

The Bay in Imesouane

The famous surfspot that everyone knows about when they come surfing in Morocco. This is a point-break that starts from the harbour in Imesouane. The waves take you (especially with stronger swells) all the way down to the beach. The spot is working on low and midtide. The surfspot the Bay in Imesouane is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Intermediate surfers can walk to the harbour and jump from the reef into the ocean, so they are directly in the line-up.

Tides: Low-Mid tide
Underground: Sandy beach, and close to the harbour reef and rocks
Crowded: Many times very crowded, especially when surfschools arrived. Try to surf in the early morning/ sunset
Surf Level: Beginners can surf close to the beach, From the line-up close to the harbour it is paradise for intermediate surfers


When is the surf in Imesouane the best?

October – March
Good surfable waves in Imesouane is very dependent on the swell. Because there are only two surf spots in Imesouane, you have to take this seriously into account. If the swell is just wrong, days can go by without surf in Imesouane (there are plenty of other fun things to do in Imesouane!) That’s why the best surfing season for Imesouane is winter, fall and spring. In high summer the waves are often not enough if you are really looking for an open wave with power.

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A daytrip or complete surf holiday to Imesouane?

A complete surfholiday to Imesouane

Are you planning your surf holiday and not sure how to design your visit to Imesouane? Then read on! There are plenty of accommodations in Imesouane where you can have a great surf holiday. Are you looking for a

  • very calm, happy & laid back vibes
  • back to basics in an beautiful authentic village
  • A surftrip in nature
  • Surfing early mornings and sunsets

then Imesouane might be THE holiday destination for you! Keep the following in mind when planning a surftrip to Imesouane:

  •  Imesouane only has two surf spots, if these surf spots don’t work there is no surf, so you have to do other things
  •  Imesouane can get very crowded with tourists. This surfer village has become famous since two years and every surfer that goes to Morocco wants to surf the famous: The Bay of Imesouane

You can always check the current wave forecast on Magicseaweed.

A few nights in Imesouane

Another option is to spend a few days in Imesouane. (2 or 3 days). You can easlily travel from Taghazout to Imesouane or from Agadir to Imesouane.
  1. Rent a car and drive yourself to Imesouane
  2. Go by (shared) taxi 
  3. Arrange a pick up with the accommodation that you will be staying

Accommodations in Imesouane

 There are great accommodations in Imesouane nowdays. Most of the time there is enough place and you don’t have to make a reservation in advance. Only in the high season in Morocco it is better to make a reservation in time if want to assure yourself a spot in surfers paradise Imesouane! You can take a look on or Airbnb for great accommodations and small hotels in Imesouane.

FAQ about the activity: surf in Imesouane

– Swimsuit,
– Beach towel,
– Sunscreen (30+),
– Sunglasses,
– Flip flops,
– Beach bag
– Camera/ Gopro
– A cap to protect yourself from the sun
– A bottle of water
– Something to eat

Children in Imesouane
The actvitiy: surf in Imesouane suitable for every age. The surfing itself can be done from the age of 7 years old. Also they need to be able to swim and feel confident in waves.
If you book this activity for children an adult need to be with the children at all times.


With over 330 days of sunshine a year you can visit Imesouane all year long. In the wintertime (dec-feb) there are some strong swells for the advanced surfers, you have the change to surf the big famous waves of Morocco! In summertime you there are small or medium waves, this is more suitable for beginners. In the wintertime there are tempratures around 15-20 degrees and the watertemprature is around the 15 degrees. The rain is very rare in this area so you’ll have great weather trough the whole year!


If the waves are not good enough and you want to go surfing we will contact you before the daytrip starts. We will schedule another day, or plan another location for your surftrip.

If we are already on location and the waves are disappointing, please discuss this with the surf instructor first. We will then look for another surf location in consultation with you.

In Imesouane there are only a few restaurants, that mostly offer fish dishes. Also there are delicious options for vegetarians or vegans.

If you have an special diet, please let us know in advance so we can arrange an delicious lunch for you aswell!

Yes you can always contact us, we will schedule the surftrip to Imesouane and look for other people that want to go on the same day as you.

We can guarantee that the surf trip to Imesouane will go ahead if we have 3 people registered for that day.

Yes you can always contact us, we will schedule the surftrip to Imesouane and look for other people that want to go on the same day as you.

We can guarantee that the surf trip to Imesouane will go ahead if we have 3 people registered for that day.

We can pick you up from your hotel in Agadir! Send us your hotel information so we can arrange the pick up. At the end of the day we bring you back to your hotel
+ €5 p.p.