Intermediate surflessons in Morocco

Our unique Intermediate surflessons or as we call it: surfcoachings, are designed by pro-surfer Zouhir Houmay.

Our innovative  coaching program for intermediate and advanced surfers are a great way to level up your surfing skills. 

Book your next surftrip to our surfcamp in Morocco is a process where we get to know who you are, what your surflevel is and what you want from the course. That attention to your needs and the ability to really expand your surfing is what makes us so special.

Our intermediate surflessons focuses on techniques of surfing; learning to pop- up easely, understanding your balance, acceleration, the mechanics of turning, improving your paddling skills and  the keys to catching better waves. 

During a surfweek for intermediate surfers you fine-tune your surfing ability or take it to the next level. Our instructor join you in the water, analyze the waves you catch and provide detailed feedback to help you reach your surfing goals.

Take your surf ability to the next level in Morocco!

Intermediate surflessons, for who?

Do you feel comfortable in green, unbroken waves and you making your first good turns, or if you’re more advanced and your already trying to perfect manoeuvres, then our coaching will be perfect for you.

How does the day look like during the intermediate surlfessons?

 In the moring we leave the hotel with surfgear to the best surfspots of the day. You will meet your surfinstructor in the hotel. During the day he will be with you to help you out with everything. Experience cruising down the Moroccan coastline with good music and group of like minded surfers in search for the perfect ride! The surfcoachings starts with a 2 hour surfsession in the morning (this is always depending on the tides). We take a rest with a lunchbreak. After the lunch you have 3hours surfsession. During the afternoon surf session you will learn to apply the new learned techniques.
With a mix of video and photo feedback sessions, surf lessons and coaching; the intermediate surfer can receive personal feedback, valuable tips and lessons from a pro-surfer in an inspiring and invonative way. 

On what surfspots do we surf?

The seasons are giving different swell to Morocco. So the surfspots will change trough the seasons. Do you visit us in wintertime? The biggest swells are arriving in Morocco from November till February/March. We will cruise along the Moroccan coastline and find endless surfspots that are suitable for your surflevel. Depending on your experience we choose for a beachbreak pointbreak or reefbreak, and wave size. We surf on spots like La Source, Devils Rock, Immesouane or Tifnit. Do you visit Morocco in summer time? Then we try to find the biggests swells of the area, we can find the bigger waves at surfspots as: Anza, or Tamri.

Your surf instructor

The unique surfcoachings are designed by pro-surfer Zouhir. He has years of experience with surfcompetitions, giving surflessons to all surflevels and coaching young promising talents at pro level. 

Zouhir created a balanced surfprogram to progress fast during your holiday week, surf different spots to get more experiences on different kind of waves and get personal feedback to perfect your technique! The surfinstructors are all ISA certificated and have more years of experience in giving surflessons.

Our surfcoaches will give you every day another challenge. The main goal is feeling confident in the water and creating your own style while using the surftechniques in a smart way.

What will you learn on the intermediate surflessons in Morocco?

  • Reading the waves: where can I find open waves, when is the wave breaking, where to be in the water?
  • How do I select my waves?
  • Timing: When do I need to peddle, when do I need to stand up?


  • Advanced Paddling: how can I maximizing my paddle efficiency?
  •  Take-off position, controlling your board and riding a wave
  • The Bottom Turn: how do I turn my board?
  • Eskimo and duck-dive techniques
  • How can I gain speed?
  • How can I define my own surfstyle?


  • What surf ettiqetues do I need to know?
  • Who has right of way?
  • How to treat my board?

Practical info intermediate surflessons in Morocco

Groupsize: Max 6 students per surfinstructor
Material: Softtop surfboard, shortboard or longboard, leash and wetsuit
Surfinstructor: Pro-surfer Zouhir and his team, all instructors are ISA certificated surfinstructors.
Duration: 5 hours lesson per day!
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Availbility: Every day! book till one day in advance.


Where: in the area of Tamraght, beach is depending on the waves
Waves: Intermediate waves = open waves, beachbreak, pointbreak or reefbreak (depending on your level)
Including: Yummy Beachlunch, transport from your hotel, surf material

Book as: single day activity or as package with accommodation meals and more.
Pick up from your hotel in: Agadir, Taghazout or Tamraght is possible!

Prices for surflessons for intermediate surfers

1 Day intermediate surfcoaching: 30€ p.p.

1 Day intermediate surfcoaching with equipment rental: 40€ p.p.

2 Days intermediate surfcoaching: 60€ p.p.
2 Days intermediate surfcoaching with equipment rental: 80€ p.p.

3 Days intermediate surfcoaching: 85€ p.p.
3 Days intermediate surfcoaching with equipment rental: 115€ p.p.

4 Days intermediate surfcoaching: 115€ p.p.
4 Days intermediate surf coaching with equipment rental: 155€ p.p.

5 Days intermediate surfcoaching: 140€ p.p.
5 Days intermediate surfcoaching with equipment rental: 190€ p.p.

What to pack for your surfcoaching for intermediate surfers in Morocco

  • Beachtowel
  • Water resistant sunsreen or zink
  • Bottle of water
  • Sunglasses
  • Your own wetsuit or surfboard

This other surfers also improved their skills with the intermediate surflessons

First surflesson

It is always hard to find a surfcamp that offers surflessons for intermediate surfers. I was really happy that the surfinstructors really took time to coach me in the water. They gave me great feedback that was really helpful. I surfed one week every day and I learned a lot about my position, and how I can make it more easy to take waves. After surfing we had a lot of fun, and the instructors took me with them to see some extra's in the area. I will take the lesson sI've learned with me on my other surfholidays trough the world, but definitely comming back to Surf Paradise Morocco to visit Zouhir and Suzanne.


I had a fantastic week at this surfcamp in Morocco! The best thing of the surfcoaching is that you get lessons on your level. The teachers understand what you need as intermediate surfer. The groups are very small and the surfcoaching is individual. Every day we surfed a spot that was a little bit more difficult, so the week was constructive. That's why I recommend taking daily surf coaching in a complete surfpackage.


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