What are the 5 best beaches of Taghazout area

5 beaches in Taghazout area that you should visit!

What are the 5 best beaches of Taghazout area?

Taghazout is located right next to the beach. Even though Taghazout is next to the beach, we advise you not to swim on Taghazout beach because of the water pollution in Taghazout (we don’t want you to get sick on your holiday to Morocco!) But luckily there are many great beaches in the area of Taghazout that are clean, beautiful and fantastic to visit! We have selected the 5 nicest beaches in Taghazout area for you! These beaches are good for both none surfers as surfers, adventure seekers, people that looking for great activities on their holiday or just want a nice beach day.

 The area of Taghazout is covered with beaches. But what are the best beaches to visit, the beaches for a beachday with your family or for a good swim?

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1. Camel beach

This beautiful beach is located on 10 minutes driving North from Taghazout. Camel beach is a very beautiful beach in Taghazout area that is named after all camels that used to come here Together. Maybe you are lucky and you spot some camels on your beachday aswell! The beach has clean sand, the waves are small most of the times. And the water is very clear. Also it offers a very beautiful view over the mountains!

This beach is also perfect for beginner surfers during the stronger swells. Want to learn how to surf in Taghazout? Read everything about a beginner surf holiday to Taghazout!

2. La source

We actually don’t want to share you this hidden beach because it is a real pearl on the coastline of Taghazout. The beach La Source is a small hidden beach close to Killer Point.

You can reach the beach via a steep staircase. At low tide you can walk along the high cliffs of Killer point. Highly recommended!

This beach in Taghazout can have strong waves. When the tide is high and the swell is strong, the beach is sometimes inaccessible (the whole beach is swept away by the waves). Great for the surfers! But if you only want to visit the beach and swim then it is best to visit this beach during low tide and with a weak swell.

Taghazout beach la Source

3. Devils Rock

Southwards towards Tamraght you can find the beach Devils Rock. This beach is easily recognized by the large rock that lies in the middle of the coastline.

Devil’s rock is a small beach with some lovely restaurants on the shoreline. It is perfect for children because it is well-arranged, so you can lose track of your children less quickly. From the big rock there is a lot of frequent jumping into the sea. But be careful! It is not an official dive site and depending on the sea level it can be very dangerous.

Looking for a place to stay close to Devil’s rock? Check out our Accommodation in Tamraght!


4. Plage Agroud

Agroud is located about 10 kilometers from Taghazout. It is a small and still authentic village where time seems to have stood still. Here you will not find hordes of tourists and you can relax on the beach by yourself.  A perfect place if you are looking for a little adventure on your holiday! The Agroud houses are painted in different cheerful colours. Perfect for the ultimate happy holiday feeling, and definitely worth a visit.

The beach of Agroud is a long sandy beach and there are no big waves. The water is incredibly clean and it is wonderful to swim, dive or snorkel here!

Tamraght surf spots

5. Banana beach

Banana beach is located exactly in front of the village: Banana village. The village is characterized by the banana plantations, and the many bananas that are offered for sale along the road. The beach of banana beach has many stones and there can be a strong current. But how nice is it to combine a day at the beach with a visit to the local market that takes place once a week and eat the freshest bananas you have ever tasted?!