Sick in Taghazout: things you should know

A surfholiday to Morocco without getting sick in Taghazout!

Will I get sick in Taghazout, Morocco on my surfholiday?

Taghazout is a fantastic surf holiday destination in Morocco. There are many surf camps and accommodations in Taghazout where you can learn to surf and stay.  Many surfers come to Taghazout every year. Unfortunately, in addition to a nice surf experience, many also have the experience to get sick in Taghazout. But why is this now? Let’s get to the bottom of this in all honesty!

What do most tourists suffer from?

Most visitors to Taghazout who become ill become ill with diarrhea and vomiting for about 1 to 2 days. They feel very tired, nauseous and weak. After 2 days they are usually recovered and can do everything again: surfing, day trips or travel.

In short, 

Getting sick in Taghazout has several reasons. Taghazout is not the cleanest village, food poisoning is lurking, and otherwise you might get in contract with a stomach flu bacteria, or come into contact with sewerage water because it is not properly processed.

If you look at the reality nowdays, 2 out of 3 visitors to Taghazout get sick. The question therefore arises: Is Taghazout still worth a visit despite the fact that you can get sick?

If you do decide to take the gamble and travel to Taghazout, you may wonder how you can best protect yourself against getting sick in Taghazout we will help you out with the best tips and advices!

Sick in Taghazout

How can I avoid getting sick in Taghazout?

There are several reasons why you can get sick in Taghazout:

1. Poor hygiene

Taghazout is not the cleanest village in Morocco. The buildings are old and built close together. Cheap hotels are being imported into these old houses. Always make sure that you book a clean accommodation, where European standards for hygiene are applied. Also make sure you eat in clean places: if you can take a look into the kitchen and you see that everything is cooked hygienically and with fresh ingredients, you’re usually fine. Also take care of extra hygiene when you are in Taghazout. Wash your hands extra often, and always take a shower after you’ve been outside and walked the streets. As sweet as street cats and dogs are, they can transmit diseases. So don’t pet them, or wash your hands immediately afterwards.

2. Swerage problems in Taghazout:

If you walk through the streets of Taghazout, you might already smell it. A dirty sewer smell. Unfortunately, the drainage of some houses and hotels still runs directly into the sea, right next to Taghazout beach. If the wind is in the direction of Taghazout, or the current is in the direction of Taghazout, it is possible that the dirty sewerage water remains in the bay of Taghazout. So never swim or surf at Taghazout beach itself! Rather swerve a few hundred meters so that you at least don’t get sick!

3. stomach flu

Another reason that is mentioned for getting sick in Taghazout is that there is stomach flu. This is very annoying when many people live in a small space, which is the case in Taghazout, and especially in larger surf camps where people sleep in shared rooms. To prevent stomach flu, also pay attention to hygiene, do not touch your mouth with your hands. Keep your distance from others.

4. food poisoning on vacation in Morocco

If you have food poisoning, you will get about the same symptoms as the above reasons for getting sick in Taghazout. Food poisoning is a well-known phenomenon for tourists abroad, and it is common among tourists throughout Morocco. Of course you can’t completely prevent food poisoning on holiday, but I personally have a lot of experience with tourists in Morocco, and the reasons why they contracted food poisoning. The most common reason for food poisoning in Morocco is eating food that has not been properly cooked or cleaned. Meat, and in particular chicken meat, is very sensitive to bacteria, and if it’s not fully baked or not fresh, it’s easy to get sick. When tourists tell me that they ate chicken meat for dinner, 7 out of 10 times they are sick the next day. So be very careful when it comes to eating meat, and preferably avoid chicken. In addition, you should not drink the tap water and drink the Moroccan tea in moderation because the Moroccan tea is made with tap water (but boiled).  Coffee is generally also prepared with tap water (boiled), so drink it in moderation.

Our advice not to get sick in Taghazout in short:

  1. Pay extra attention to your personal hygiene!
  2. Do not swim and surf on the beach right in front of Taghazout, but rather swerve a few hundred meters.
  3. Keep your distance from others if someone else has the stomach flu
  4. Avoid eating meat (chicken!) and drinking tap water where possible

What to do if I'm already sick in Taghazout?

Very unfortunate if you got sick on your holiday in Taghazout! What can you do to get them better as soon as possible?

First, surrender to it and relax. Rest and don’t worry, the illness will probably be over just as quickly as it came. Inform your travel companions and the host or owner of your accommodation. They may be able to help you if you feel very ill. If you are nauseous and have to vomit, there is no point in eating. Try to keep drinking small amounts so that you don’t become dehydrated.

Get enough sleep and stay in your room. As soon as you feel a little better, you can try to eat something that does not irritate the stomach. What helps very often is dry rice. Coca cola also often helps with nausea. If you are concerned, you can always visit a doctor. Ask a local if they can make an appointment for you.

Getting sick in Taghazout
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Do I need to visit Taghazout even though I can get sick?

It is of course a personal decision whether you want to visit Taghazout. Taghazout is still a great surf destination in Morocco and definitely worth a visit!

What can be a good choice is to stay in one of the surrounding villages such as Tamraght or Imi Ouaddar. You can visit Taghazout for a few hours, but stay in a safe and clean environment. These villages are newer, cleaner and have a better sewerage system. In our surf camp in Tamraght we even rarely have sick guests!