Active holiday in Morocco

Your next active holiday to Morocco at the surfcamp in Morocco

An active holiday to Morocco

Your next holiday no sun and lazy beach holiday in which you relax for days, but an active holiday in which you experience new adventures and go out, meet new people and be active!

That is possible with the active holidays of Surf Paradise Morocco. In Morocco there are countless activities to do such as: surfing in the Atlantic Ocean, hiking to the oases of Paradise Valley in the High Atlas mountains, sandboarding in the Sahara during sunset, snorkeling to discover the underwaterworld of Morocco, go swimming, starting every day with a wonderful yoga session, or challenge yourself with a surf instructor course that you can even follow as a beginner surfer! Go on an adventurous and active holiday as a solo traveler or take your whole family on an active holiday!

Surfing in imesouane Morocco
Active holiday with family

Active holiday with family

While the children are frolicking in the sea with their surfboard, you watch and enjoy. An active holiday at Surf Paradise Morocco does not mean that you cannot relax. An active holiday means for us different activities in which activities and moments of rest are alternated so that you experience and see new things! Put together your own trip with activities or choose the family holiday for a great active holiday with the whole family to Morocco!

Active holiday with family for children of 6 years and older

Active holidays to Morocco with the Surf Paradise Morocco surf camp are from 6 years old. From this age, the children can participate independently in the activities.

We have special surf lessons for children and the day trip to Paradise Valley with the surf camp is also a unique experience for the youngest!

Active holiday with young children

An active holiday with younger children (children from 0 to 6 years old) is also possible. The kids won’t be able to participate in all the activities (such as surfing, sandboarding and hiking in the mountains) but we’re sure the young kids will have incredible fun on the beach, a camel ride, or in the croco park in Agadir !


Active holiday age 16 till 25 years

Every summer you can join an active youth trip to Morocco. The best activities are organized throughout the summer to make your holiday unforgettable! Stay for 1 week in the surfcamp and meet other young people from different countries, learn to surf, go cliff jumping in Paradise or end a day in a great way by sandboarding in the small Sahara. The youth tours of Surf Paradise Morocco are designed in such a way that you can go along, even if you don’t have that much travel experience alone. For example, you will be picked up and brought back to the airport, and there is always a host who can help you on your way if you have any questions. So whether it’s your first independent trip abroad, or have you been on holiday yourself before, with Surf Paradise Morocco you can experience a great active holiday! Almost all activities and meals are included and you will certainly have a unique experience in Morocco that you will not soon forget.

Gab year active and adventurous

A gab year is a great way to discover the world, and you don’t do it lounging on a beach chair! in the sufcamp Surf Paradise Morocco we have special active holidays for gab year students:
Active holiday africa, Morocco sandboarding
Active holiday Morocco

Active holiday as solo traveler

You can do an active holiday in Morocco as a solo traveler! There are excellent opportunities and crazy activities! As a solo traveler you may not want to do everything alone, so you can join our holidays to do the best activities together with other international solo travelers. For example, choose from one of the holiday packages below:
Adventure Vacation
Surf & Stay
Surf Academy
Complete surf holiday

A solo trip always requires a little more preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly. Read here our tips and tricks to have a great solo surf holiday in Morocco.


Do you also want to go on holiday with peers and not just be among the young people? our 30+ tours are especially for the older travelers who still have an active lifestyle. Twice a year a special 30+ active holiday is organized in the surf camp where you go surfing, visit paradise valley and also your meals, transport from the airport and accommodation are arranged. In addition, you can choose to book a lot of fun extra activities!

Roadtrip Legzira surf instructor course Morocco

If you never go, you'll never know!

Active holiday Snorkeling in Morocco

Activities to do in Morocco

This are the best activities to do in Morocco on an active holiday to Morocco and Taghazout area:

  1. Try out surfing and learn to surf on one of the best waves of the world
  2. Go hiking in the mountains and visit Toubkal or go cliff jumping in Paradise Valley
  3. All water activities such as snorkeling or swimming
  4. Ride a camel 🙂
  5. Sandboarding in the (small) Sahara

Not in the mood for a snow ski or snowboard holiday this year, and are you looking forward to a warm and active holiday under the sun? Morocco may just be the destination for you! The temperatures in the south of Morocco do not drop below 15 degrees and the sun shines all year round. You can visit the beach all winter long (in a t-shirt, cardigan or sometimes even lying on the beach in a bikini). You can go surfing, go hiking without getting too hot and have so many more adventures!

Read more about a winter surf holiday to Morocco.

Solo surf
Active holiday surf

Our best active holiday trips

These are our top 4 best active holidays!

If surfing is your thing, this is the package to go for. Surfing everyday, and have everything included (3 meals a day, transport from and to the surfcamp from the airport, accommodation, surf equipment and lessons). It is active, and a lot of fun, we surf every day on a different surfspot!

Surflessons included for: Beginner surfers (catch your very first wave)
Intermediate surfers (Rock the waves and learn to turn, catch open waves etc.)

Active holiday and adventure holiday

The most adventurous and active holiday to Morocco out there! Go with us on adventurous activities to explore Morocco and do more activities than just surfing: Cliffjumping in Paradise Valley, Sandboarding in the Small Sahara, visiting the souks of Agadir and more adventurous activities! Also accommodation, transport from the airport and meals are included in the price.

winter surf Morocco Taghazout

A active holiday to go surfing in Morocco on a budget? The surf & stay option in our surfcamp is a really afforable option! This package is the basics that all surfer needs: Accommodation, breakfast, surflessons and lunches. 

Making the surfcamp your new home for a few weeks up to 3 months. Living the surfers lifestyle and forget the cold times in Europe. In Morocco we have the never ending summer and endless waves rolling in! 

Extra tips for a active holiday to Morocco

  1. If you book your own active holiday to Morocco: check whether your provider has all the necessary permits for the activities they perform.
  2. Always check your travel insurance if you go on an active vacation. Not all sports are covered by your standard travel insurance, even though there are sometimes additional risks associated with the activities. Always make sure you are properly insured. You can always ask your travel organizer about this.
  3. Improve your fitness before going on an active holiday. This allows you to enjoy even more without getting tired from the activities!
  4. As fun and challenging as the activity is, ensure your safety first. It would be so sad if you had to end your vacation because of a fall or slip, and always keep in mind that healthcare is not equally good in every country!
  5. Don’t over-do on a active holiday. Some people tend to plan their entire vacation full from 6 a.m. to late at night. But how nice it is when you also have a moment of relaxation, where your body can rest and your mind can process all the new experiences.

Nice to meet you (your hosts)

We are surfers from Holland and Morocco, professionals and experienced travellers who have made surfing and living in amazing places our lifestyle.

Come with us to places where the surf is consistent, the internet is solid, the lifestyle is simple, the local culture is rich and everything you need – including surf – is within a short walk from your home.

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