Taghazout beginner surf guide

Surfing in Taghazout as beginner surfer!

Taghazout as beginner surf destination - Is Morocco a good surfdestination for beginners?

Are you a beginner surfer and do you want to surf in Taghazout? This is an excellent plan! Taghazout is a great surf destination if you want to learn to surf. There are plenty of surf spots in Taghazout for beginner surf, quality beginner surf lessons and many other beginner surfers with whom you can share your new passion! In this guide full of tips and good facts for Taghazout beginner surf. 

You can find all the information you need to plan your next surf holiday to Taghazout as a beginner surfer. 

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The best surfseason for a beginner surf holiday to Taghazout?

When is the best time to go on a surf holiday to Morocco as a beginner surfer?
Answering this question is actually quite simple. You can go on a surf holiday to Morocco all year round.

In the summer the waves are smaller, but certainly suitable for beginner surfers.
in winter there are bigger waves but there are also surf spots that produce smaller waves that are suitable to learn how to surf.

Another difference between the surf seasons is that in the summer holidays it is very crowded on the beach. There are bathers and tourists everywhere, which makes surfing more difficult. In winter the temperatures are still around 20 degrees but there are few bathers and tourists on the beach. In the winter it is busier in the surf camps and it is therefore a bit busier in the line-up. If you have a good surf school, the surf instructor will take this into account.

Taghazout as destination for beginner surf

Morocco is big, and the coastline has many cities where you could possibly surf. Surf lessons are also offered throughout the country. Yet there is one location in particular that is very suitable for a complete beginner surf holiday to Morocco, and that is Taghazout.

Taghazout as beginner surf destination

As soon as you step into the village Taghazout, you immediately imagine yourself in a surfers world. Surf shops, surf schools and people who are busy with surfboards everywhere. It is a good start as a beginner surfer to immerse yourself in an environment that inspires!

In the vicinity of Taghazout there are many different surf spots.
As a beginner surfer, you look for a place where broken waves roll in at good intervals.



Taghazout beginner surf destination Marokko
Beginner surf Taghazout in Morocco, surfspots

The following 3 surf spots are suitable for beginner surf in Taghazout:

1. Banana beach Morocco
Banana beach is a beach on 10 minutes driving distance from Taghazout, and right in front of Tamraght. Banana beach is located close to the banana plantations of Tamraght and Aouirir. The beach is a sandiy beach that is working good with a small swell. Look out for rocks which can lie on the sand below the surface of the water! Next to banana beach you can also find the surfspots: Devils Rock and crocs witch are also suitable for beginner surfers from Taghazout.

2. Panorama
Panorama Beach is a few minutes’ walk away. This is the beach where most novice surfers in Taghazout will be taught. This beach break has good waves that roll in systematically. However, the water quality must be taken into account from time to time, which is very bad from time to time, and which can make you sick.

3. Anza
Anza is a 20 minute drive from Taghazout. It is a surf spot that has a lot of strong waves. This is perfect if it’s flat at the other surf spots! In that case, there are good waves for novice surfers. However, it must be taken into account that it can get crowded very quickly at this surf spot if the other surf spots are flat. Our advice is to surf early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon, when the other surf schools have gone home.

Stay in a surfers village that inspires!

Taghazout beginner surf lessons

If you’re going to surf for the first time, it’s a good idea to start with a few surf lessons.

When are you a beginner surfer?

  1.  You’ve never surfed or only a few times
  2.  You work on the basic techniques of surfing: your position on your surfboard, your pop-up techniques, and your posture and balance while surfing itself
  3.  You need help to catch a wave

Choosing the best beginner surflessons in Taghazout

Finding a good surf school in Taghazout can be quite a challenge, especially since everyone and everywhere on the street is offering you surf lessons for a good price. But what is the best thing to do now?

  •  Always choose a surf school that works with qualified surf instructors
  •  Look for a surf school that surfs in different locations (i.e. with transport from one surf spot to another)
  •  Look for a surf school that gives surf lessons in small groups (maximum 6 people per surf instructor) and whose surf instructor goes into the water with you.
  •  Book surf lessons in advance so that you have this already arranged!

Surf school Surf Paradise Morocco

Our surf school in Taghazout provides daily surf lessons and we meet all the above points. You can book surf lessons in groups with our beginner surf lessons or private surf lessons at our surf school. (which also has the nicest surf instructors in Taghazout!)

Beginner surf lessons Taghazout in Morocco
Beginner surfer Taghazout Morocco, surf holiday with the surfcamp

How many surf lessons should I take as a beginner surfer in Taghazout?

This completely depends on your ultimate goal of your surf holiday!
For example, if you just want to have fun in the sea for a day, 1 or 2 surf lessons may be enough. Do you really want to work on your surfing level so that you can surf broken waves independently at the end of the week? Then you definitely need 4 or 5 surf days with surf lessons.

The best surfholidays for beginner surfers - Taghazout beginner surf camps

If you want to go surfing for several days in Taghazout, a surf camp surf package can be an economical and convenient solution! If you book a whole package, not only are your surf lessons cheaper, but everything for your holiday is also arranged. In our surf camp we also offer various fun surf holidays for beginner surfers.

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If you are going for a surftrip as beginner surfer to Taghazout you might want to surf as much as possible to learn how to surf in a fast and easy way! With this surf holiday you will be in the water everyday from sunrise till sunset. The good thing is, all meals are included, all transport is included and your accommodation in the surfcamp in Morocco is also included! 🙂

winter surf Morocco Taghazout

A surftrip to Morocco on a budget? The surf & stay option in our surfcamp is a really afforable option! This package is the basics that all surfer needs: Accommodation, breakfast, surflessons and lunches. 

Paradise Valley winter

Not only the surf is great in Taghazout, also the nature in the mountains in the area are beautiful! Go with us on adventurous activities and do more activities than just surfing: Cliffjumping in Paradise Valley, Sandboarding in the Small Sahara, visiting the souks of Agadir and more adventurous activities! 

Making the surfcamp your new home for a few weeks up to 3 months. Living the surfers lifestyle and forget the cold times in Europe. In Morocco we have the never ending summer and endless waves rolling in! With the surf academy you go from Beginner surfer to advanced surfer in a few weeks with the high quality surf course.

Extra beginner surf tips to start your surf camp holiday in Taghazout

These are our extra tips for beginner surf in Taghazout that we have always wanted to get ourselves.

  • Firstly, try it out and go! The waves in Morocco are wonderful to learn how to surf and there are many other beginner surfers in the water with you! It is a unique experience that you should definitely give a try!
  • Make sure you’re in good shape before you go on your first surf holiday. Especially a strong upper body (back, shoulders, arms) are very useful when surfing. You can also practice having balance during, for example, yoga classes
  • Who are you going on a surf holiday to Taghazout with. You can go on a surf holiday with your friends, but you can also visit a surf camp as a solo traveler! In surf camps (like our super cozy surf camp) there are often many solo travelers and you can easily meet new people. Read also our complete guide for solo travelers!
  • Do not immediately buy your own wetsuit and surfboard for a lot of money. Try surfing a few times first so that you know better whether surfing suits you, and what surfing style suits you. You can also rent a wetsuit and surfboard in Taghazout very easily!
  • Take a rest day after 2 days of surfing. Surfing days can be very intense, especially because your body is not used to surfing yet. It is good to practice a lot, and that also happens during our surf lessons which are about 4 hours a day. Take a rest day after 2 days so that your body can recover. On your rest day you can do a less intensive activity such as a visit to Paradise Valley
Beginner surf Taghazout Marokko, surflessons in Morocco with camel

Taghazout beginner surf pro's

+ Lots of good waves in Taghazout for beginner surfers, often better than most waves in your home country

+ Do you like good weather surfing? Then you are at  the right place in Taghazout! Nice weather all year round with lots of sun!

+ Taghazout is a cheap holiday destination and certainly a cheap surf destination if you compare this with surf camps in Portugal and France

Taghazout beginner surf cons

– Maybe you don’t want to spend your entire holiday surfing right away, then it might be better to try some surf lessons in your home country to see if it’s something for you

– Infrastructure is not yet on the same level as Europe. Think of waste processing, sewerage, but also public transport. So keep this in mind with your trip and choose a surf camp that has this in order.

– Morocco is stricter than European countries when it comes to traveling to this country. For example, you must have a passport, you are not allowed to stay in the country longer than 3 months and there are extra corona measures.

Morocco surf as beginner in Taghazout

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