sunset from the rooftop of the surfcamp in Taghazout, Morocco

10 lessons i’ve learned on my surfholiday

(By Mila  from Germany – Surfholiday at Surf Paradise Morocco - May 2017)

During my surftrip to Morocco i wanted to learn a lot of techniques to become a real surfgirl. I knew before that learning to surf can be a long journey. The techniques for surfing are difficult so my goal was to get it up to the open waves with the techniques and surflessons my surfteacher learned me this week. This are the top 10 surflessons i have learned on this surftrip. It helped my to become a great surfer! Thanks to my great surfteachers at Surf Paradise Morocco. This secrets lessons you can use all year round on every wave:

Surflessons Morocco

1. Dont stand up too early. First make sure you are going with the wave and your board is Angled diagonally down the face of the wave. To keep your balance take your time for a Smooth pop-up.

2. Looking in the right direction. Focus on the wave face and looking for Any lumbs or Bumbs that May trip you on the way down. Looking in the right position helps you to keep balance and to turn your board.

3. Position in the water. Watch a set comming Trough and work out where you need to be in the water. Just after the white waves, where the water is calm is the best point. Never go to far from this pointSunset in Morocco because you wont catch Any waves.

4. Timing. I find it the most difficult part of surfing. When do i have enough speed and can i stand up? First paddle as hard as possible and as the wave lift your tail, give 1, two or three power strokes and stand up!

5. Breath! OMG, i didn’t know padding out was such a hard deal! After 10minutes i was exhausted. I was happy to experience my muscles were getting stronger during the week. To get more power it is important to get enough oxygen. Take a deep breath in trough your nose with your stomach, and breath out trough your mouth, to make sure that you don’t get breathless.

6. Count till 3…. Whether it’s two foto or six foot surf, the principes remake the same. Once you are sure you want to take this wave there is no way back. Just paddle as strong as you can, count till 3 and gooooo!

7. Go for goals: goal setting is a great way to maintain drive Any sport. Surfing differs slightly from the likes of football and athletics because most of us don’t partake in it to be competative or win anything. That is Why setting goals Will help you to improve your surfing.

8. Spend a lot of time in the water. When this week was starting i had a big dream to become a pro-surfer in the end of the week. During this week i learned that it is all about the time you spend in the water. Keep yourself motivated!My surftrip to Morocco

9. Analyse the waves. Before this week a was that kind of girl that, as Soon as i arrived on the beach i ran to the water and jumped into the waves. But what a big difference does it make to first analyse the waves, see How other persons surf there, and when the sets are rolling in. Now i really started to understand the waves and it helped me a lot to surf more and better waves by spending less energy.

10. Be a smart surfer. Why we left the surfhouse soo late? Was my question the first days, from my window i saw other surfers allready in the water. My surfinstructor asked me to take a look again to this surfers and i saw that they didn’t catch Any wave. Why? Because it is low tide at the moment and this spots doesn’t work good with low tide! So to dont get frustraded by not getting Any waves, check the tides and inform yourself about the spot, Wait for the right time!


 my surfgirls in Morocco

Mila did travel with Surf Paradise Morocco – She stayed in the heart Morocco’s coastline, next to world surfclass breaks and sandy beaches. She joined our most popular surfholidays; the complete surfpackage. If we ask her what she liked the most of her holiday with Surf Paradise Morocco: ” that is a hard question! I definitely liked the surflessons in Taghazout and Imesouane, i learned so much from surfinstructor Zouhir and we made a lot of fun in the water, he is a really happy and positive guy! But i also liked the romantic campfire night, all the beautiful people i met, the collorful Moroccan culture, the view every moring on the ocean during breakfast, the delicious tajines served on the rooftop, and the evenings full of dancing and music…. I just can’t wait to come back!

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