Combine yoga and surf in morocco

This is why yogi’s are great surfers!

Yoga, surf…such a great combination!

I‘m often asked why people who practicing yoga are the best surfers out there. The more i do yoga the better i get in the waves, and the more i see the link between this two. Yoga Will help you feel the same stoke of getting a wave in every day life, regardless of what is thrown at us! This connections Will help Any surfer, whether you are just starting of a seasoned pro.

1. Paddle power
As surfers we spend a lot of time padding… Paddling in, paddling out, paddling into position and passing onto waves. Yogi’s are used to do the high plank (Chaturanga Dandasana, witch engages your core, back muscles, triceps and shoulders – all muscles you use when you’re paddling and popping up.

2. Breath control
During a yoga class you’ll usually get the instructions to breathe at the same steady place throughout the practice, especially when it gets tough. This helps a lot in the water, when we find ourselves in tricky situations when we’re surfing (like being on a too big wave on the wrong Side) If you can keep up your breath calm and steady you’re less likely to panic and there is a constant supply of oxygen to your body. This gives you strength to paddle back out.

3. Brain – Body control
The Brain to body connection of yogi’s are really good. The more complicated yoga asanas Challenges you do, the more you train your Brian to body connections. This enabling you to improve the swift movement and accurate placement of your limbs when you’re on your surfboard.

4. Injury protection
Although you can never completely eliminate the risk of injury, yoga helps a lot to reduce it! A strong, flexible and Well-coordinated body is less likely to panic in stess. Instead it absorbs impact, controls the body’s movements and reconvers more Quickly. Yogi’s are less likely to get injured?

5. Lower back
Yogi’s know How to stretch and flex their bodies. When you’re paddling for a wave you are constantly lifting your chest off the surfboard to free your arms, witch can put a lot of pressure on the power back and make it stiffen up or hurt after a surf session. To help your body loose and flex your lower back muscles, the ‘Pigeon pose’ is a perfect yoga move!

Do you also want to combine Surf, Yoga and more activities to become a great surfer?

Surf Paradise Morocco is offering several times a year Surf & Yoga Retreats. Combine surf & yoga during this delightful retreats in a tropical climate on the Sunny beaches of Morocco. this is the PERFECT environment to connect with yourself and enjoying every minute of an exquisitely surf & yoga adventure to Morocco! Also our complete surfpackage is Including 4 yoga lessons on our beautiful oceanview terrace or tropical garden.


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