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6 Things you need to know before Travelling to Surf Paradise Morocco

So you are coming to Surf Paradise Morocco for your Surf & Yoga holiday, yay! It’s gonna be lit: relaxing in the hotel, surf all day, the collorful Moroccan culture, epic sunsets and party, cool people… For sure it’s gonna be epic. But you know, the raw Morocco and adventure is not for everybody.  Let us tell you a few things about the hotel experience first, so there would be only good surprises.

1. Time doesn’t exist in MoroccoSurfcamp summer in Morocco
The surfers in Morocco life by de tides and waves. Did we say, 10 o’ clock we will be ready to surf? If the surfinstructor is seeing that we need to wait a little bit more till the waves are perfect…. go with the flow and relaxxxx! Do it Moroccan way and don’t bring your watch, listen to body, let the time stand still to feel this very beautiful moment…. and enjoy!

3. Relax and rewind,
Yes we know that Morocco can be crazy busy and hectic, and that is a very charming side of Morocco. But at Surf Paradise Morocco the Magic is happening by the calmness and peacefull days. Tamraght is, different then Taghazout, a quiet village. Our tropical garden is a quiet place to chill out. There are no big Souks in the arrea, no overloaded beaches and busy streets. Just you, the great other travellers in the hotel and maybe some locals, birds, camels and cats…And we love it!

5. No touristic acts or hussle and mussle markets
Last 5 years the touristic industry of Morocco is grown spectaculair to a hot sunny hipster destination. And you will see that everywhere around if you are travelling trough Morocco. But you know what, we like the AUTENTIC Morocco a lot! We are based in Tamraght and here you will not find commercial big restaurants, all-Including hotels, fake beautiful nature or upselling businesmans. You Will find cosy families making their home baked cookies and sell them on the dusty streets, small shops and a cute old man who is making fresh juices for you! It also means that the Electricity stops time by time and the internet doesn’t have the same speed as in Europe. It is a little bit primitive but it gives you the opportunity to see the real Morocco. (and do you need all this luxury when you are out there in the water?)

6. Be prepared:
Only good vibes allowed! Here you will meet a lot of open minded people and creatures that know how to have fun. So let your hair go, leave your pre-judgements and bad vibes behind. Go with the flow, you will never feel alone here!

So you passed the test and you still like it? You are welcome and we have a match! We meet you in the water for a truly fantastic surf holiday!