5 Things that you must do when in Agadir!

5 best things of Agadir

Freya Stark once said: “Curiosity is the one thing invincible in nature.” While visiting Agadir one can definitely live this curiosity. Get lost in the streets of One of the biggest Souks of Agadir, enjoy the great views from above the old Casbah because from up in the ruin of the old casbah everything out of a different angle. Taste the amazing cuisine that this unique city has to offer. You will not get disappointed and by a mean time you are lost in curiosity to get to know and feel Agadir.

1. The Souks of Agadir

We are sure you will be happy to get lost in the Souks van Agadir! Wandering trough the narrow streets of one of the biggest market of Africa. Enjoy your day to explore the beautiful collors, dellicious smells, funny sellers and beautiful products. We are sure you Will find everything you were looking for! And if you don’t like shopping, try this out: take a crazy object in your mind, something that you don’t expect on a market in Africa. Then try to find this object, ask around and follow the locals who show you the way. We guarantee that you will see places you that you normally woudn’t see, make friends with locals and have a great day!

2. The beach boulevard

Take a walk on the beautiful boulevard along the beach of Agadir. Wander along this newly designed boulevard with all Inclusive hotels and restaurant. You might forget that you are walking in Morocco!

3. Eating fish

In Morocco they loooovvee fish. When visit Agadir, you really must eat fish in the restaurant of the Harbour! Here is the place where locals come together to eat the fresh fish. Everyone is sitting on long tables and be prepared, with lunchtime it can be really busy.

4. The ruin of the old casbah

Take a taxi to the old casbah on top of the mountains. In 1960 Agadir is completely destroyed by earthquake. This traditional casbah has partially survived. A lot of people enjoying the beautiful view on Agadir and watching sunset from this place!

5. Crocodile world

I’m sure you have never seen so much crocodiles in all your life. This is a beautifully designed safari park with crocodiles everywhere. A visit will take around 2 hours . And only the entrance is all worth it!