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Beginner surflessons in Morocco

Wanna learn how to surf on the beautiful coastline of Morocco? Join our beginner surflessons and learn how to surf in easy steps! The beginner surflessons are for everyone that want to try out this amazing sport in the ocean.

The daily lessons at the surfcamp of Surf Paradise Morocco starting on one of the beautiful beaches in the area. The experienced and certificated surfinstructor will learn you to get on that board and surf your first waves. It is easy and save for everyone from the age of 7 years old.

The surf lessons are perfect for:

  • Total beginners: you’ve never surfed before
  • You have any surfed a few times and want to improve surfing
  • Children & families: from 7 years old


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Tell me more about the beginner surflessons!

Agadir is a city on the coast in the South of Morocco. It is located next to famous surfers village Taghazout & Tamraght. This city and villages are blessed with stunning beautiful beaches and great waves. And what is better then exploring this in style? Surf Paradise Morocco is offering daily surflessons in Agadir, Taghazout and Tamraght: for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers.

Surf in Morocco

How does the day look like?

Our mission is to enjoy the beach and the ocean all day long: we will pick you up in the morning from your accommodation. The surfinstructor drives with the group to one of the beaches with waves that suit your level. For the beginner surflessons we surf on broken waves on sandy beaches. The surfinstructor brings your surfequipment: a softboard and wetsuit for your size.

Starting with a warming up
As soon as everybody did settle down on the beach under the parasols we start with a warming up. A warming up is important for the body to reduce injuries. After the warming up there is a theory lesson where the surfinstructor explains you the very basics of surfing.

Into the water and catching your first wave!

After the theory it is time for the real thing: catching your first wave! But don't worries, the surfinstructor goes with you into the water and will be on your side to coach you all the time. The coach is motivated to get you riding your first wave with a smile! Besides surfing we have a lot of fun with the ocean. The groups are small: maximum 6 students per instructor, so he has full attention for you!

Down time
After surfing it's time for a break and a delicious lunch on the beach. Relax, enjoying the sun and maybe even play some beachgames: (volleybal or beachbal)

More surf!
After the afternoon break there is time to go back into the water and practice what you've learned in the morning. The surfinstructor will watch you and give you more feedback.

Around 16:00 it is time to head back to your accommodation: the surfinstructor will drive you back and hopefully we will see you back for another day! We will send you awesome surfpics to your e-mail!


Practical info

Times: We pick you up at 10:30 from your accommodation in: Agadir, Tamraght or Taghazout.
From here we go to the best spot to surf. The surflessons are ending at 16:00. The transfer brings you back to your accommodation.

Please provide us with the following info: Pick-up adress & wetsuit size



The surf is organised in a full day package. This package is included with the following services:

  • 2 surfsessions of 1,5 hour with surflessons or surfcoaching.
  • Lessons & coaching from ISA certificated surfinstructors
  • Surfequipment
  • Surferslunch on the beach
  • Transfer from the hotel/accommodation in Taghazout, Tamraght or Agadir
  • bottle of water
  • Transport to the best surfspot of the day
  • Groups not bigger than 6 persons per instructor
  • Surfing on the best surfspots of the day, every day another surfspot!
  • Cool surfpics as souvenir!

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Beginner surfer  including surfequipment: 40€
Intermediate surfer including surfequipment: 40€

Bring your own equipment and get 10€ discount!