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Everything you need to know about surf and travel in this guide!

Surf & travel

Are you planning your next trip and would you love to surf on your vacation? Would you like more information about surfing and travel to make your next trip unforgettable?

Surfing and travelling is a great combination and a fantastic way to explore the coastline and beachlife from your destination country.

whether you want to gain your very first surfing experience or want to surf diehard big waves. we help you further to make your surf travel experience unforgettable!

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Your surf travel destination

It may seem like common sense, but first you need to narrow down where you really want to go, or if your dates are fixed, where is in season and is likely to have good waves. What is your next surf travel destination? When you prepare for your next surf trip, it is important to keep certain things in mind when choosing your next destination.

  1. Surf season
  2. Surf spots
  3. Surf facilities
Other factors to consider when choosing where you want to go, how far do you want to travel (do you have enough free time for a long-distance destination?) The least removed from the main tourist traps) and what your budget is (flights) to places like Sri Lanka can be very expensive, but it is very cheap there!).

When to go


It is important that you investigate whether it is the right surfing season at your holiday destination. Waves, water temperature and other weather conditions can have a major impact on your next surfing trip … Morocco is best to surf in winterseason 

In the south of Europe (Portugal, France, Spain) you will find excellent surfing conditions in the fall and spring. Southern Europe can also be good in the summer. In the winter, however, it is very cold and the water temperatures are very low.

The south of Morocco offers excellent surfing conditions between October and April. The temperatures remain around 20 degrees around Agadir. However, in the summer it can get very hot and only beginners can find waves.

The surfing season, the temperatures and the wave height also determine what kind of surf equipment you need..


surf & travel


When choosing and planning your next surf trip it is useful to do research into the surfspots at the surf destination. If you surf and travel, you want the best surf spots within reach. Therefore always do a map check and see if there are surf spots nearby that are suitable for your surf level.

Some surf schools always surf on the same surfspot in front of their door while other surf camps travel around in search of the best waves for your surf level. This is not only better because it allows you to surf better waves and therefore surf at your level, it is also much more fun to visit different surf spots in the area and discover the area!
If you want to surf in Morocco we offer daily surflessons and surfguidings along the Moroccan coastline. 

Surf facilities

There are many different options when it comes to surfing facilities. Do you like to organize and plan everything yourself, do you like to take all your material from home or do you prefer to have it organized for you?

If you want to organize your trip yourself, you can choose to rent your own apartment. This is very nice because you can cook yourself and usually have more space at your disposal. Especially if you are traveling in a group this can be a cheap option. However, you must bear in mind that you arrange your transport yourself, rent your surf equipment and find the right surf spots yourself.

If you prefer to leave it to others, you can opt for a surf camp. In a surf camp they have all the facilities that a surfer needs (such as surf equipment rental or savety options like surfguidings). Surf schools often offer different packages from complete vacations to accommodation and breakfast only. The big advantage of a surf camp is that everything is well organized for surfers and you can use the knowledge and talent of the surf camp to make your trip unforgettable. This is also an ideal option if you are traveling alone, because you can meet other surfers in surf camps very easily!

surfschool in Morocco

Go surfing and travelling in Morocco!

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Wetsuit guide

On most surf destinations you can easely rent a board and wetsuit. It is a little bit depending on the location how much you pay for a day of surfboard en wetsuit rental. You can also decide to bring you own wetsuit. This choice is especially useful if you surf more often and plan to do this more often But what wetsuit should you bring?

Water temperature

Below 3 ° 
Between 4-7 °
Between 8-11 °
Between 12-17 °
Between 18-20 °
Between 21-25 °
Above 26 °


Size of wetsuit

wetsuit between 6 / 5mm and 7mm . 
wetsuit between 5 / 4mm and 6 / 5mm
wetsuit between 4 / 3mm and 5 / 4mm
wetsuit between 3 / 2mm and 4 / 3mm
wetsuit of 2mm
1 mm wetsuit
wetsuit with UV protection from Lycra (UV Lycra)


Water temperature is the deciding factor when choosing a wetsuit, which is why we have indicated the appropriate thickness per water temperature in the table above. However, the windchill factor is just as important. The longer your body will be above the water, the more important the wind chill factor becomes.

Surfboard guide

Surf level





Softboard between  7’2” and 8’0”

A shortboard or longboard between 6” to 12” (choose for volume if you are practicing to catch open waves!)


When you beginning with surfing you will most likely rent your board. Choose a board that fits your level! (You don’t want to be the one in the line-up but can’t surf any wave)

Beginner surf lessons
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Surflessons, guidings or surf by yourself?

What is your goal for your next surf vacation? Are you going surfing for the first time or are you looking for the best waves as an advanced surfer?

As a starting and intermediate surfer, we recommend that you first take surfing lessons so that you have a basis and know the surfing techniques. You not only learn to surf the waves but you also learn to read the waves and everything about safety in and around the ocean.

If you do not want surflessons you can choose to go surfing yourself. Bear in mind that you have to select the surf spots yourself and are also responsible for your own safety. Do not do this if you are traveling alone!

Another option is to hire a surf guide. This brings you to the best surf spots of the day, tailored to your level. The guide knows the area well and knows exactly when the waves are good. In addition, it is always nice to have a local by your side in the water!

Another nice thing is that at most of the surfschools they make nice surfpictures as souvenir!

Handy surf & travel gear

surf travel poncho

Changing clothes on the beach, putting your wetsuit on and off, use it as a towel or use the surf travel poncho when you get cold after a long surfing session. Very handy!

On the water you burn quickly, very quickly! Therefore, use a waterproof sunscreen based on zinc. They are available in many fun colors!

surf travel watch

Waterproof watch

Especially nice if you travel alone and like to lie in the water for a long time! Always keep an eye on the time. There are also special surf watches that depict the tide of the ocean!

surf travel lock

This lock is specially designed by surfers for surfers. When you go surfing you need to do something with the keys for your car. This lock keeps your car keys save!

surf travel ding

Ding repair

An accident is in a small corner and can ruin your surfing day. That is why it is incredibly handy to always have a thing repair kit with you when you travel. Just a quick fix and you can get back in the water!

Surf Travel surfcamp in Morocco

Do you want to surf and travel to Morocco? Surf Paradise is a small-scale oceanview surf camp on the south coast of Morocco. Daily surf lessons are given by pro-surfer Zouhir Houmay. The accommodation is beautifully situated on the tropical garden.

The surfcamp is decorated in Moroccan style and just breaths surf vibes. There are private or shared rooms in the surfcamp. 

There are many different options to create your own perfect surfholiday. There are packages with everything included such as daily meals and lessons, but there are also packages available that gives you a lot of freedom to go out by yourself.

16+surfcamp Morocco
surfschool in Morocco

Single day surf and travel options

Do you prefer to arrange your own accommodation and only hire someone for surf lessons or other activities? At Surf Paradise Morocco you can book single activities and single surfing lessons for both beginners and intermediate surfers. You can also book private lessons at the surf camp in Morocco. Like this you have the option to travel around, stay where you want to discover Morocco and still have quality surflessons from certificated instructors!

Surfcamp surftrips

Our surf house is located at the coastline of Tamraght, Morococco, A stone’s throw away from world class beach breaks like Devils Rock and Banana beach.

Read more about the surfcamp →

Surfcamp room
This is by far my favorite place to stay at in Morocco. The view is to die for and sometimes they cook delicious dinner. They have surf lessons and adventure tours. I’d recommend surf paradise Morocco to anyone!

Learn to surf package deals

We know you are ready for your next surfadventure. So here we have amazing packages for you as beginner or intermediate surfer to get you in the ocean as much as possible!

Everybody is different so choose your own perfect option: single surflessons or complete packages

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