What do you need to know for your first surflesson?

How does your first surflesson ever going to look like? How to prepare and what to know before going to your first surflesson.

Beginner surflessons


The Surf Paradise Morocco surfinstructors have given over 10,000 persons their first surfing experience. Some people are really confident in the waves from the first moment, while other people are intimidated by just being in the ocean environment. At the end, everyone, without exception, thoroughly enjoys their first day surfing in Morocco.

How does the day start?

 In the moring we leave the hotel with surfgear to the best surfspots of the day. You will meet your surfinstructor in the hotel. During the day he will be with you to help you out with everything

Your first time on a surfboard!


Once at the beach your session will start with a warming up to wake up your muscles. After the warming up we start with the theory of surfing and practicing on the sand. 
Then you will go into the water with your surfinstructor. You will not be thrown in the deep, literally or metaphorically.
The surfinstructor will push you with the wave while you tru to stand up.
Whether you are a natural talent or not, the coaches have coached a lot more surfers like you, so just relax and enjoy the waves, ocean, nice tempratures and try to feel the stoke of catching your first wave!

Stand up and more surf fun


Standing up on your board is one of many things that you will learn during your surflessons. Standing up is not the only step in your beginning process! You will also learn the following techniques during your first surfday: use your body weight to get balance, the position on your board and paddling techniques to catch your waves. After the first 2 hours in the water you will take a rest on the beach and enjoy a delicious beach-lunch to recover and get fresh energy!

3 step Methode

We use 3 easy steps during the beginners surfclasses to learn you how to surf:

  1. Your position on your surfboard
  2.  How to stand up to catch a wave
  3. How to find balance on your surfboard while surfing

After your first surflesson

In the afternoon you will have a chance to practice the techniques you have learned in the morning on different waves. Your first day of surfing will finish with a cooling down and maybe an sunset yoga lesson to stretch your muscles gently (your body will be really thankful for this!). After this day you will go to the next steps of your learning process, this steps are different for everybody. Maybe you have to practice your standing up movement more or you will learn to catch the right waves, or you will learn to catch ‘open waves’, it all depends on your individual level.


Practical info of your first surflesson

Groupsize: Max 6 students per surfinstructor
Material: Softtop surfboard, leash and wetsuit
Surfinstructor: Zouhir and his team, all ISA certificated surfinstructors.
Duration: 5 hours lesson per day!
Where: in the area of Tamraght, beach is depending on the waves
Waves: Beginner waves = broken white water waves
What will you learn during your first surflessons: your position on your board, how to stand up, how to keep your balance while surfing
Including: Yummy Beachlunch

What to pack for your first surflesson

  • Beachtowel
  • Water resistant sunsreen or zink
  • Bottle of water
  • Sunglasses

But we have to warn you...

We have to warn you for one thing: Your first surf lesson is dangerous because the minute you catch your first wave, you’re a goner. Hooked. You belong to the sea now, and everything else, well, kind of falls away. So be prepared and welcome in our surfworld!