Morocco, the country of fantastic waves and endless surfdays. Go on a unique surfholiday to the surfcamp in Morocco and find not only perfect surf but a wonderful collorful and vibing place with amazing like minded surfers. The surfcamp in Morocco is located in the South, close to Agadir and Taghazout. A small scale and low key surfcamp owned by a Moroccan surfchampion and Dutch partner. Stay in the surfhotel on a stone trow away from one of the most beautiful beaches of Morocco. Join the quality surflessons and spend endless time in the water to really learn how to surf like a pro!

We welcome you in our surfcamp: Surf Paradise Morocco, and let us take you on a big surf adventure in paradise!

surfing in Morocco
Surfcamp Morocco

Your next surfholiday to Morocco!

Jump into the adventure at the surfcamp Morocco: Surf Paradise Morocco. Morocco is located in the north-west of Africa. this colorful country is perfect for adventurous travelers. High mountains covered with eternal snow, oases, desert plains and a centuries old culture that has been well preserved. 

Our surfcamp is located on the edge of the Sahara, in fishersvillage Tamraght. Here the Sahara and the high mountains pass into the ocean. The elongated coastline offers world class waves, which are surfable throughout the year. All this with affordable prices, year-round sunshine and great temperatures makes this a fantastic surf & yoga holiday location!

Summer temprature: 30 degrees
Winter temprature: 20 degrees

Swell summertime: for beginner and intermediate surfers
Swell wintertime: for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers

Location surfcamp: The calm village Tamraght (Nearby Agadir and Taghazout village)

Why a surfcamp in Morocco?

 Your holiday is more than just surfing the best waves….
With Surf Paradise Morocco you will experience fantastic unforgettable moments with likeminded travelers, you’ll take this memories with you for a lifetime! 
Meet friendly locals, eat delicious tajines, explore collorful souks, listen the call for prayers in the streets, watch stunning views on the high mountains, dance into the magic Arabic nights, Enjoy relaxing sunset yoga on the beach, Meet beautiful people, living with the tides with your feets in the sand, monkeys, camels and donkeys, casbahs and relaxed vibes.

We believe that this is what completes your surfholiday in Morocco! We’re arranging many social activities that you can choose to join.

Everything: transport, surf lessons, accommodation, food, surf equipment is organised. You just have to come and live the Moroccan surfer lifestyle!

  • Year round open!
  • Very beginner to expert surf level
  • Small surfcamp: maximum 15 pers. per week
  • Many exiting activities every day
  • Surftrips to the South of Morocco

The program @ Surfcamp in Morocco

Our schedule changes daily as the surfing conditions change daily. To give you an idea here a typical surf day. 

  • 08:00  – 09:00 sunrise yogasession
  • 09:30 – 10:00  Surfers breakfast with view over the ocean

  • 10:30 – 16:00   Surflessons/surfguiding/surfcoaching 

  • 17:00 – 18:00 Sunset yogasession
  • 18:00 Teabreak on the terrace

  • 20:00 – 21:00  Moroccan dinner  

  • 21:00 Campfire night

Once a week we make a expedition to Paradise Valley. On saturday we have a Moroccan night. Sunday is the day that we visit the souks of Agadir, and on Monday we make a trip to go sandboarding in the small Sahara. We also organise Moroccan cooking classes and capoeira workshops! 

16+surfcamp Morocco
Surf in Imesouane

More than just a surfcamp: it's a home-away!

Surf Paradise Morocco is THE place to be for your perfect surf and yoga holiday! Dive into the Moroccan surfculture, meet other like-minded surfers and feel home in the relaxed surfcamp Morocco (with absolutely stunning view over the bay of Taghazout and Tamraght). Over the years we have built up a reputation as Tamraghts favourite surf camp.

With a oceanview surfhouse you can check the waves from your bed and breakfast table. Living with the tides, surfing with Moroccan pro-surfers and guided by passionate hosts you will sure have a surfholiday of a lifetime!

Good vibes only!

Surfcamp Surfhouse Morocco

The surf at the surfcamp in Morocco

Explore the coastline of Morocco on a surfcamp!

The waves in Morocco are regarded as some of the best in the world. Here you’ll find long beaches that are perfect for beginners, alongside incredible point breaks that will leave even the most seasoned surfers breathless. Choose the surf course that suits your level of surfing best and enjoy the expertise and knowledge of our great surf instructors.

Over the years we have built up a reputation as Tamraghts favourite surf camp. Every moring our cars are going out for epic surfdays. Each surflevel is welcome at our surfcamp and we offer a large variety in surf programs from one week surfholidays to long term holidays up to 3 months!. Below you can read about our different surf possibilities, and options.


The waves of Morocco

Did you know Morocco has perfect waves for surfing? The Atlantic ocean offers year round fantastic waves. In wintertime the waves are even more pumping as the surf in summertime!

Morocco has good waves all over the country, but especially Taghazout is famous for its surf. This is also where our surfcamp in Morocco is located! The reason to this is that there are 25 different surfspots packed within 30 kilometers. Many surf options in Taghazout area!

Famous surfspots in this area are: 

  • Killer point
  • Anchor Point
  • Anza
  • La Source
  • Banana beach

And there are plenty other surfspots in the area of Taghazout that we surf very often on.

Golven surfen in Marokko
surfcamp morocco

For who: Are you a beginner surfer, is it going to be your first surf experience? During our daily surflessons you will learn the basics of surfing in no-time!

Location: The area of Tamraght is blessed with surfspots that are suitable for the first surflessons. Every day we will drive to another beautiful surfspot to find the best waves possible. In front of the surfhouse you find surfspots: Devils Rock & Banana beach.

How does a day look like? 
You will start with learning the basic techniques of surfing with our 3step methode. We work with small groups of maximum 6 persons. After that you will go together with your surfinstructor into the water to catch your very first wave. You will receive a delicious beach lunch during your break, and after some resting the second surf session is starting. After a day of surfing we go back together to the surfcamp.

Included: surfboard and wetsuit rental, lunch, water, jummy snacks
Surflessons by: Pro-surfer and national champion Zouhir houmay and his certificated surfintructor team
Hours in the water per day: 6

For who: Are you an intermediate surfer, do you have some surfexperience and do you want to learn more? Choose than for the surfcoachings!

Location: You will surf on beachbreak spots were we find open waves up to 2meters. Depending on the swell this can be on different surfspots in the area.

How does a day look like? 
On the first day we focus on getting back in the water, and to analyze your skills. The surfcoach will go with you into the water to find open waves. We work with small groups of maximum 6persons. Depending on your level you will learn new things such as duckdiving and making turns. Also you will learn to improve your position on your board and paddling techniques. During the break you will receive a delicious beachlunch and in the afternoon you have your second surfsession. After a full day of surfing we will go back together to the surfhouse.

surf and travel
surfguiding at the surfcamp Morocco
surfguiding Morocco

For who: You can surf and you are lookin for the best waves in the area.

Location: Don’t worry anymore about finding the perfect waves. The guide knows the area and will bring you to the best waves of the day. By his years of experience in the area of Tamraght and his up to date forecast he knows exactly where to be! 

How does a day look like? 
Finding the perfect wave is not easy. Depending on the tides and conditions we decide the timing of the surfsession. This can be in the early mornin or in the late afternoon. We go from spot to spot to find the best waves. During a break you will receive a delicious beach lunch.

surfing in Morocco
Surfcamp Morocco

More great activities to do during your surfcamp in Morocco!

We offer a wide and varied sportprogram in addition to surfing lessons.
Weekly activities:

  • Yoga sunrise and sunset sessions
  • Capoeira lessons in Morocco
  • Snorkeling/diving
  • running groups
  • Tai Chi and Chi Qung
  • Hikes

Adventures on land

Expedition Paradise Valley

Find paradise on earth! Make a expedition to the beautiful valley between high Atlas mountains. A small river, date palms and high cliffs makes this a true oase. On the expedition you will go hiking, cliffjumping and swimming.

We leave in the early morning for a full day of fun! Bring your hiking shoes with you!

activities surfcamp in morocco, surf camp Morocco, Agadir, Taghazout, daytrip to Paradise Valley


Go on surf adventure! Find secret surfspots and be alone in the line. Our surftrips bring you to the most beautiful exiting surflocations that are a little bit further away.


BBQ night

Join our delicious BBQ nights! Delicious meat/fish or vegetarian bbq on our rooftop!

Surf pics

Every surfsession we have our photographer with us! He makes the most beautiful pics. Bring your USB stick with you!

Free airport transfers

From Agadir Airport

Campfire party

There is always something to do at our surfcamp! Join one of our great campfire parties!


Focus more on surfing and learn more during your holiday! We arranging great surfworkshops organised by the surfteachers.

Your surfholiday is more than just accommodation and surfing. It is about great Moroccan food, meeting locals, making new life-time friendships, discovering beautiful landscapes, finding your new passion and creating new ideas. To offer you an ideal holiday and take the organization out off your hands, you can choose in our surfcamp for one of these complete packages!
Choose your favourite holiday and book direct!

Multiple weeks surf acedemy

Dive deeper, go further, live the surfersdream in Morocco. During this one month intense surfcourse you will learn all essentials to go from Beginner to intermediate/advanced surfer!

Duration: 4 weeks
Accommodation: Surfhouse in Morocco
– 5 days surflessons per week
– Surf theory
– Surf workshops
– Surftrips along the Moroccan coastline
– Yoga + surf work-outs
– Arabic language lessons

– transport from and to airport
– breakfast + lunches + dinners

surfguiding Morocco

You’re looking for a 12 week epic surf adventure in a surfcamp Morocco? You want the sandy beaches to be your lifetime office like ours? Look no further! We provide you that dream in just 12 weeks!!
…Live the dream and become a surfinstructor in 3 months instructor course!

Duration: 12 weeks
Accommodation: Surfhouse in Morocco
– 5 days surflessons per week
– Surf theory
– Surf workshops
– Surftrips along the Moroccan coastline
– Trip to Marrakesh
– Trip to climb the highest mountain of Morocco (Toubkal)
– Yoga + surf work-outs
– Arabic language lessons
– First aid + lifeguard training
– ISA surfinstructor certificate LEVEL 1

– transport from and to airport
– breakfast + lunches + dinners

What Our previous guests say about their surfholiday

It was an unforgettable holiday! This surfcamp in Morocco was really my favourite. Everything what i expected and so much more! The rooms of the accommodation were clean and the view was just amazing. I made so much new friends during my holiday! Also the hosts and surfinstructors were like family for me. The package I had: Surf and Yoga Package, was a perfect combination of relaxing and time to rest and some fantastic surf and yoga. It was also great that i could always decide to join the extra activities that the surfcamp is organising. 

All by all... this place is more than just a surfcamp. It is a home, a fantastic place and PARADISE! I'll be back soon! 

Sarah Jansen

Surf Paradise Morocco surfcamp Morocco is located 300 meters from the ocean in Tamraght, which is a small fishers village north of Agadir. Taghazout & Tamraght are surrounded by some of the best surf spots in the world and some of Morocco’s longest waves. golden Morocco sunsets.

See the exact location of the surfcamp in Morocco on Google.maps

Surf hotel Morocco

The view and the location of our surfcamp makes this place the best location where you want to celebrate your surfholiday! You can find our surfcamp in the small traditional fisherstown Tamraght. With a small walk up to the hills and only 5 minutes walking from worldclass surfbreaks, this is the ideal place for your surf get-away! 

The accommodation has an amazing roof terrace & tropical garden, where we eat, do yoga and relax after long the long sunny surfdays. Enjoy the stunning view over the ocean from all floors. You can even check the waves from your bed in the dorm-room!

Fact's of Surf Paradise Morocco

Season: All year round
Rooms: Private or shared rooms
Age: All ages welcome
Level: All levels welcome


Pro’s of the surfcamp:
– Unbelievable stunning Ocean View over the complete bay of Taghazout and Tamraght
– Only 5 minutes walking to the beaches
– Beautiful decorated accommodation

Con’s of the surfcamp:
– The accommodation is located in a quiet area, there are not a lot of touristic activities around

Did you ever think about the effects of your relaxing (surf) holiday? A surtrip can make a real and lasting difference to the lives of everyone involved in it. We know, it is not a very sexy subject but we think it is really important! 

We as Surf Paradise Morocco find it really important to work on a fair and ecologic base: We grow together with the village; Tamraght, by giving the locals jobs and a fair salary.  We give them oportunities to gain a sustainable income and education. We also work on a ecologic base: Grow our own foods in the organic garden, reduce plastic and we recycle. Please also think about your electricity consumption during your stay!

We believe in the power of people, culture and nature. We pay fair prizes, work as much as possible on ecologic base, and we work together with the locals!

Surf girl in Morocco, sandboarding during a surf holiday to Morocco with the surfcamp in Taghazout Surf Paradise Morocco.

How to get to the surfcamp in Morocco?

Do you book a package with airport transfer? The airport transfer will pick you up from Agadir Airport (AGA). From here it is one hour driving to the surfcamp in Tamraght, where a host will warmly welcome you and your surfholiday can start!

Do you want to travel by yourself to the surfcamp? You can choose to rent a car or go by a taxi. Also there are options for public transport to Tamraght (busses)