What activities can we do,besides surf & yoga?

Your visit to Surf Paradise Morocco is so much more than only surfing! To fully experience Morocco, you will dive into collorful Moroccan souks, get scrubbed at a hammam, make amazing daytrips into the nature and much more! Here is a glimpse of what you can do with us:



Surf to your heart’s desire from dusk till dawn. With an exhaustive knowledge of the spots and conditions of the area, We guarantee finding you mindblowing waves in the area…

Surflessons, surfcoaching, surfguining

Surf trips

Surf more, go further and go with us on expedition along the Moroccan coastline. Find endless adventures, perfect waves and stunning landscapes. Join our surftrips and you will find empty line-ups, deserted beaches, and the real Moroccan culture.


Centre your mind, stretch your body and balance yourself. Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels… 

Expedition Paradise Valley

Dive into the beautiful nature of Paradise Valley. This beautiful oase in the middle of the mountains is filled with palm trees and clear blue natural pools…


Visit the collorful souks of Agadir! There is always something to see, hear or smell on one of the largest souks in Africa!

Cooking course

Learn how to cook tajines like Moroccans do. Use spices from the garden and 


Follow the roads of the goat shepherds through mountains and valleys… You will  find fascinating landscapes and autentic cultures!

Other sport activities

Join the yogaclasses, capoeira lessons, surf work-outs, tai chi. snorkelling days or bike tours!

Camel, horse or quad tours

explore the area in an adventurous way. With speed on a quad, racing through the mountains and over the beach. or meet a local friend, the camel. No holiday to Morocco is complete without having made a trip on the back of a camel!

Sandboarding in the small Sahara

Surf Paradise Morocco is not only surfing in the ocean! We make weekly trips to the small Sahara, were we try a new sport: Sandboarding!