7 things you must do in Taghazout (besides surfing)

Only 30 minutes driving from Agadir you will find a wonderful surfersvillage Taghazout. I’ve lived for 6years in this area, and I’m happy to share the best things to do in and around Taghazout with you.
This are the best tips and advices from the locals of things to do in Taghazout when you are on holiday and want to get to know the real Morocco!

To do in Taghazout #1. Melt in the easy surf-eat-sleep-repeat culture.

Forget about the busy dusty streets, hustling sellermans, noise and scooters of Morocco. The surfer/ hippy culture brought a peaceful and calm vibe to this place. If you really want to dive into it, you need to go with the flow: 

  • Go surfing
  • drink lots of Moroccan tea
  • watch sunsets
  • Eat fresh fish
  • Forget your plans and goals: go with the flow!
Paradise Valley

You can’t come to Taghazout (or anywhere near Agadir) without making a trip to Paradise Valley. the surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco, is organising expeditions to this valley. Make sure to bring your camera, because this place is absolutely beautiful!
Must do:

  1. Bring your go-pro
  2. Bring enough water to stay hydrateded
  3. Eat tajines – made with fresh veggies and love from the valley
  4. Are you a dare-devil? Jump from the high cliffs
  5. In wintertime: Bring your wetsuit, the water is freezing cold
  6. Walk as far as possible: it means less tourists, and more nature!

To do in Taghazout #3. Hiking in and around Taghazout

Taghazout is a great village to explore by foot! There is so much to explore in the small streets, and the beaches that are around Taghazout!

Go on a walking tour trough the mountains It is a tough road but it will lead you to a fantastic view over the bay of Taghazout. 

visit different beaches, The most common beach is Panorama, but this beach is often really busy and there is a lot of polution in and around the water. In the area there are more quiet and relaxed beaches such as Banana beach and La Source. Must see: with low tide you will find beautiful caves at beach La Source! 

Taghazout hike

To do in Taghazout #4. Try out the yogalessons

The environment of Taghazout already screams to relax. To fully embrace the peaceful state of mind we really suggest you to join the yogalessons! Nothing is better than stretching your muscles after a long surfday. Plus it also prevents you from injuries! Good yogalessons are given on the rooftop with sunrise and sunset at Surf Paradise Morocco.

Yoga and surf on the beach Morocco, Taghazout

To do in Taghazout #5. Visit the skatepark of Taghazout

Even if you are not a skateboarder, this place is a visit worth it! Recently skaters from all over the world builded this skatepark for the local community. In the mountains with a beautiful view on the ocean, skaters are showing their trics and eating together at the BBQ places. Here the local community and tourists comes together to play!

When you are on holiday in Morocco, there is one thing you must not miss. That is a visit to the Sahara. But what if you are on surf holiday in Taghazout for 1 week and you don’t have time to go to the Sahara? Then we have the perfect solution for you! At half an hour drive from Taghazout is ‘the little Sahara’, you can go there with a half daytrip of Surf Paradise Morocco. You can take the most beautiful pictures here, we will try sandboarding and we will enjoy a breathtaking sunset!

The activity sandboarding in the Small Sahara can be booked daily for a minimum of 2 people.

Go sandboarding in the Small Sahara

Surf girl in Morocco, sandboarding during a surf holiday to Morocco with the surfcamp in Taghazout Surf Paradise Morocco.
Surf girl in Morocco, sandboarding during a surf holiday to Morocco with the surfcamp in Taghazout Surf Paradise Morocco.

This activity in Taghazout is especially suitable on days when there are no waves! Dive below the surface with Surf Paradise Morocco and discover the beautiful underwater world in Morocco. There are several beaches and locations that are perfect for snorkelling as there are many different species of fish, corals and other things to discover. Go on an underwater expedition with a traditional fishing boat or go beach hopping on these wonderful tours!


Extra tips and activities in Taghazout

Surfweeks in Taghazout Bay

The waves in Taghazout, Morocco are regarded as some of the best in the world. Here you’ll find long beaches that are perfect for beginners, alongside incredible point breaks that will leave even the most seasoned surfers breathless. Choose the surf course that suits your level of surfing best and enjoy the expertise and knowledge of our great surf instructors.