Surf seasons in Morocco

Morocco is a fantastic surfdestination, whether you visit Morocco in summer or in wintertime, the surf is always up! But what surf seasons are the best for your abilities and ideals? With this info you Will never choose the wrong season Anymore!


Surf season: SUMMER

(June, July, August)

You can combine your summer holiday to Morocco with surfing! 

The different surf seasons give different waves, in the summer surf season in Morocco the waves are mellow and the ocean is calm in summertime. This are the perfect conditions to learn how to surf and take your first green waves. The coastline is a little bit crowded with beachtourists, so If you would like to surf on empty spots we recommend you to take a surfguide for a day and heading of South.
 In the South you will find endless empty beaches and secret surfspots.

The temperatures are great on the coastline in summertime. For short surfsessions you don’t need a wetsuit or wear a thin body. Make sure that you wont forget to use your sunscreen because the sun is burning! 


  • Small waves
  • Perfect for beginner & intermediate surfers
  • No wetsuit needed!
  • Some spots can be crowded by beach tourists. Go with a surfguide of Surf Paradise Morocco to find quiet surfspots
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Surf in Morocco

Surf season: AUTUMN

(September, October, November)

Moroccan surfers were waiting for months to welcome Autumn

Even you won’t feel any differences in tempratures, you can see the ocean changing. The waves, are getting bigger and stronger. Some years you can already find a big swell is visiting Morocco. It is a little bit a gamble If you are looking for extreme big conditions, but beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers can have endless fun on different spots in the area. 

A big plus: beaches are quiet and spots are not over crowded (especially in september).



  • Medium waves
  • Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers
  • Wetsuit 2/3
  • Find yourself alone in the line-ups 😀

Surf season: WINTER

(December, January, February)

Surfers from all over the world visiting Morocco for the big game. Strong swells are Rolling in and it all day fun at spots as La point, killer point and la Source. How fascinating is it to see pro surfers from all different countries in one small village. Beginner surfclasses are given on specific beaches where the waves don’t hit the beach directly.
The great thing; water tempratures stay comfortable in wintertime, you can swim without wetsuit and surf with your 2:3 wetsuit. This is a big difference compared with Portugal!


  • Strong waves and big swell
  • Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers
  • If you are a beginner: be sure to join surflessons that bring you to surfspots with more small waves
  • Wetsuit 3/4
  • On famous spots it can get crowded
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Waves in Morocco
Wave Anza

Surfseason: SPRING

(March, April, May)

The sun get brighter and tempratures are rising, in wintertime it was around 20/25 degrees but in spring the tempratures are around 25/30degrees. 

The ocean gets calmer and also the streets in the villages are not too busy Anymore, the big surfsession is over. 

But even May can give big surprises with strong swells



  • Medium waves
  • Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers
  • Wetsuit 2/3
  • Find yourself alone in the line-ups 😀

Waves keep rolling in while the sun is setting. Just 5 minutes from our surfhotel you find surfspot Banana beach. And there are up to 40 different surfspots arround the arrea! Life if easy here. The layed back and relaxed vibes in this towns is what it makes it so attractive for surfers and hippy’s

I’m sure you did never see fishersvillages like Taghazout before, It is all about surfing here! When it is getting colder in Europe, then the sun is brighter then ever in Morocco. In winter time the temprature doesn’t drop under 20 degrees. You will also like the watertemprature in wintertime that is around 17degrees. You can wear your 3:2 wetsuit! 

While the summer offers a small swell for beginners and intermediates, the winter brings a strong swell to Morocco from the Atlantic ocean.
The Moroccan surfers lifestyle is a great way of living,
and we are happy to show you all the best parts of it!

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My surftrip to Morocco
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Waves in Morocco

Let's surf the Moroccan waves!​

Surfing from Sunrise till sunset…
Surf Paradise Morocco is offering daily surfclasses along the coastline of Morocco. This is the perfect way to learn how to surf and to discover all the beautiful beaches! Our planning is all depending on the tides of the ocean and the conditions of the waves.


Beginner lessons
Morocco is a Paradise for beginning surfers. Did you ever catch a wave before? Our ISA certified surfinstructors will go with you into the ocean to learn you in easy steps the basics of surfing. It is save, it is fun, and everybody can become a surfer! Every surflesson  there is time for techniques and practicing. And, don’t forget,:the best surfer out there is the one who has the most fun!


Advanced coaching
You have experience with surfing. Maybe you didn’t surf for a while and you want to make a new start. With our special advanced surfcoaching program we work on your skills so you can take better waves, make paddeling more easy and have more boardcontrol. We surf on spots that are perfect for your level, so we will visit spots like “Anchor Point”, “Killer Point” or “Anza”.


Surfguiding in Morocco
Are you an advanced and experienced surfer? This is the perfect way to explore to moroccan coastline and surf as much as possible on world class surfbreaks! You don’t have to waste any time by searching good surfspots or surf bad waves. Our experienced local surf guide will bring you to the place where the surf is working the best at that time. We will help you to surf as much as possible and search the best waves for your abilities.

Keep in mind:

While planning your trip it is always important to keep in mind that surfing is a sport that you can’t schedule and plan. The waves and tides are changing daily and the swell is every day different. You can only check the upcoming surfforecast for the upcoming 14 days. on Magic seaweed for example. Also the Moroccan coastline is 1000km long so every location is different.. Our main area is Taghazout area where you can find many different options for both beginner as intermediate and advanced surfers.


Surfcamp in Morocco. girls on the beach during a surflesson. Guests enjoy their surf holiday in Morocco!