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A complete guide for your next surf holiday to Morocco!

Surfen in Marokko

Surf in Morocco facts

Morocco is a country in the Northern part of Africa, facing the Atlantic ocean. The ocean offers some unique strong swells along the 1500 KM coastline of Morocco. The waves and the surf in Morocco can be compared with Partugal and France. But Morocco has a lot of unique selling points that makes it so great for surfers to choose to surf in Morocco! 

With this handy guide I will help you out with finding your way to creat your perfect holiday to this beautiful country. More and more surfers find their way to surf in Morocco and it is definitely worth a surf holiday for minimum one week! 

Where to surf in Morocco?

The surf in Morocco is great! But as soon as you plan your next surftrip to Morocco you need to make a plan of where to go exactly. The coastline is extremely long and there are countless of surf – options for everyone. 

1. Surf in Rabat & Casablanca – In the area of Rabat and Casablanca there are great surfspots that are working year round. Make sure that winter time is colder and in summer time it can get crowded because the surfspots are located in and around the biggest cities of Morocco. This area has great sandy beaches for beginners but also some reefpoints for intermedium and advanced surfers.

2. Surf in  Essaouira and Safi – This beautiful area is blessed with quiet surfspots and secret beaches. Essaouira is very well known under kite and wind surfers because of the strong winds. Go wandering around. Expect to be alone and don’t find many other surfers. Safi is well know for the strong surfspot that is only approachable for advanced surfers.

3. Surf in Taghazout, Tamraght, Agadir – This is the main surf area of Morocco. This area is blessed with year round fantastic waves and great tempratures. Also this area is fantastic to surf because there are plenty of surfoptions for beginner and intermediate surfers.

4. Surf Down South – Mirleft and Sidi Ifni are the secret pearls of Morocco. This small villages can be found in the South of Morocco. There is always a strong swell rolling in and you can find the real Morocco in here.

Surfen in Marokko - die Wellen

The best waves of Morocco

Many surfers knowing Morocco for the peaky right handers of Anchor point. So many of use have great memories of warm tempratures solid waves rolling in and surfing Anchor points fantastic waves. Anchor point was recently also the host of the World Surf Legue competition! If you are looking for some smaller waves then Devils rock is a great option!

The surfculture in Morocco

The collorful and exotic culture makes Morocco a great surf destination if you go for a complete experience. In a lot of small coastal villages it is like time stoot still in the 60ies. You can still find a lot of hippy vibes and old skool influences. Dive into a world of mint tea, old casbahs, camel rides, small collorful streets and a stunning nature… this is the real Morocco!

Taghazout Surfcamp
Surfschule in Marokko

What to know about surf in Morocco?

The surf in Morocco is fantastic but what do you need to keep in mind on your surftrip to Morocco?

1. Morocco is a muslim country.
If you are surfing in Morocco you need to keep in mind that this is a muslim country. Girls you can wear your bikini on the beach but dress up in a beachdress if you go on the streets. If you visit a market or one of the big cities it is best to wear something over your legs and shoulders.
Also alcohol can not be bought on every streetcorner. In the bigger cities such as Agadir. Marrakesh or Rabat are plenty of liquid stores.

2. Look out with where and what you eat!
There is plenty of streetfoods everywhere around and for a few euro’s you can find a nice meal. But take in mind that Moroccan belly is a thing in Morocco. So we always advice you to choose for a quality restaurant or your surfcamp for your meals to avoid getting sick on your holiday!

3. Morocco is very safe!
Morocco is a very save and friendly country to travel in. Of course every country has pickpockets and people who go after tourists, but Morocco is well known for it’s friendly citizenry. Especially in less touristic areas you can expect a lot of friendly locals that try to help you out.

Prices to go surf in Morocco

Celebrate your next surf trip with a small budget! Morocco is one of the most budget proof surf destinations in the world! Also it is on just a few hours flying from Europe. The prices for the flights can be extremely cheap in low season. 

If you are staying in Taghazout area you are lucky! Here you find plenty of great prices accommodations, restaurants and tour operators. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that cheaper is not always better. It is always better to choose for quality over price, especially in Morocco. Choose what you find important: quality surflessons from certificated surfinstructors, a safe and clean accommodation, or propper food that doesn’t make you sick and organise your trip well. You can also let a surfcamp offer you a deal/package that souts your budget.

If you can do your holiday on your budget and have some spare money left, you can help the local community a lot by buying some extra’s or giving some extra tips. because the local population often lives in poverty. 

Surfschule in Marokko
Imesouane surf morocco

What season is the best to surf in Morocco?

Morocco is widely considered as a perfect year-round surfing destination. Especially from Europe it is a year round getaway on only a stone trow away. It is true that there are waves all throughout the year. The bigger swells are rolling in from November till March. 

Beginner surfers surftrip to Morocco
For beginner surfers the surf is great all year round. especially if you visit the South of Morocco you can always find many surfspots and swells that fits your level.

Advanced surfer surftrip to Morocco
 For advanced surfers it is best to plan your surftrip to Morocco in wintertime. From November till March bigger swells are rolling in and experienced surfers from all over the world are visiting Morocco to surf the famous left handers. Places that you should definitely visit as advanced surfer: Safi and Taghazout area


Here is an article about surf seasons in Morocco

Is surfing in Morocco for everyone?

Are you a great open person that loves the ocean, the surf and good weather? Then Morocco is your ideal surfdestination! You will sure experience an adventurous holiday and meet the most collorful sweet locals that are extremely welcoming and happy. 

You always need to keep your eyes and ears open both to stay aware but also to fully enjoy all the beautiful views and special moments.


Surfen in Marokko

Wetsuit size in Morocco

Water temperatures are around 16 and 23°C .

On the stretch of coastline between Essaouira and Agadir, water temps peak in the range of 20-23°C  in late summer and drop to 16-18°C  in mid-winter. The water starts to warm up in May and begins to cool down in October.

During summer and autumn, you’ll need a 2mm shorty. If the wind is up or you go surfing early in the morning, you might need a 3/2mm wetsuit. In winter, grab on a 4/3mm wetsuit. Out of the water, you can chill on the beach in swimwear even in winter.

What to do in Morocco besides surfing?

Are you ready to discover Morocco? Morocco has a beautiful collorful culture and a facinating nature. On your off-surf-day you can decide to exlore the culture and go shopping on the local bazaars (also called Souks) you can also make yourself dirty and go to the Sahara, go sandboarding. 

A fantastic day trip activity to do from Taghazout is: Paradise Valley. This beautiful hidden valley is surrounded by high cliffs. You can wander around between the date-palm oases, go swimming in the natural pools or for the dare devils go cliff jumping!

Paradise Valley Aktivitäten im Surfcamp

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