This dreamy destination in Morocco is one of our favourite surftrip destinations in the area of Taghazout. The bay that is completely hidden by the mountains, offers spectaculair waves. If you are in Morocco, then Imesouane is a must visit for the following reasons:

The location of Imesouane

Imsouane is situated between Agadir and Essaouira Imsouane. From Agadir you step into the car for a great ride along the coast and through the mountains. The journey takes just 1.5 hours and during this road you cross many sufspots like Boilers, Anchor Point, Tamri, and the Small Sahara. Once you’re almost there you still need to cross the high mountains, Imesouane is located below this high mountains. Don’t forget the step out of your car just before descending. On your left you will find a fantastic lookout over the bay.

 Imsouane is a remote village surrounded by mountains on the coast. You’ll imagine yourself in another world!

Surfing in Morocco

Two fantastic surf spots in one village!

Het small village boasts two beautiful surfspots! Imsouane has a beach-break surfspot ( la Catedrale ) and a point-break wave (la bay) .The famous spot: “La Bay” has the longest waves of Morocco. If the swell is enough the waves are rolling down the coast into the beach. The easy right-handers can roll down for more than three kilometers! This makes this spot a true heaven for longboarders. This waves are also great if you would like to learn how to surf or take your first green waves.

If La Bay is overcrowded or if there is not enough swell you can just take your board under your arm and walk 500 meters to the other surfspot. La Cathedrale has more consistent waves all year round. This beach has several right and left peaks. On the left side the reef is ending in the beach what make a perfect reef break. This beach is suitable for beginners and advanced surfers!

Authentic fishers village

Besides that Imsouane is well known for it’s beautiful surf beaches, the town is also known for it’s delicious fish. Imesouane is a really remoted location and locals still living a very traditional life. Close to surfspot Cathedrale you’ll find the old fishing village where people still live and work. The mud houses on the coast are built against the rock walls and painted in different colors. You wondering yourself into the traditional fishers lifestyle. 

During a visit to Imesouane you should also definitely visit the fish market! 
The fishing boats arriving in the morning at the beach, the take all the catched fish out of the boat, the fish get cleaned directly at the streets and then immediately sold at the fish market . You can follow the whole process on the streets.  It’s very wonderful to see! Our tip is to join one of the restaurants located at the fish market. These sell the fresh fish. And with a beautiful view over the bay and the harbor you can try the fresh fish. According to many Moroccans, the best fish in Morocco is for sale here!


Go fishing

The village is known for fishing and this is for a reason!  Hundreds of different species of fish swim off the coast. The water is clean and the soil is deep. That’s why you can fish so well here. Our advice is to go fishing with a local as guide. The locals knows exactly where to find the fishes, making it easier to find the right location and to use the right fish material.

Clean beaches, clean streets

If you have visited Morocco you will probably have noticed that the streets and beaches are not always that clean. The litter is a problem in many areas in Morocco. Imesouane is disappointing because of the clean streets and beaches The beautiful ocher yellow beaches without plastic or other debris. The locals love their city and beaches, they clean everything and take care of their immediate surroundings! If you visit Imesouane we advise you to bring an extra bag. Collect all the waste from yourself and perhaps the waste that you encounter. Together we keep the Moroccan beaches clean to ensure that we can surf in a clean ocean in the future!


You’re the only tourist, meet the friendly locals

Because Imsouane is so remoted, you’ll notice that there are no hordes of tourists. This village has been spared from mass tourism. Locals laugh with you and you can start a chat with them. You can quietly enjoy a drink on a terrace without extreme prices and without being constantly addressed. The narrow streets are quiet and you are almost alone on the beach! We must note that the last 2 years the reputation of Imesouane has increased enormously among surfers. Travel in low season and plan your trip as quickly as possible!

Plan Your Next trip to Imesouane

Surf Paradise Morocco is organising surftrips trough Morocco. One of our surftrip destinations is Imesouane. Once a week we visit this beautiful village. For a complete day we will enjoy the surf, the fresh fish and beautiful surroundings. 

Times:  08:30 – 17:00
Options: Surflesson, surfcoaching, surfguiding, fishing
Including: Transport, Delicious fresh fish lunch on the fishmarket, bottle of water, local guide
Price: 25€ p.p.p.d.
Departure: From your hotel in Agadir, Tamraght or Taghazout or from the surfhouse Surf Paradise Morocco

Do you want to join this surftrip?

Add the daytrip to Imesouane to your package or book separately trough our contact form!

Surf Paradise Morocco - the perfect surfcamp located in Imsouane area!

Our surfcamp is located on 1 hours driving of Imesouane. This makes Surf Paradise Morocco both easy to reach and easy for a visit to Imesouane. We offer fantastic packages that will fit your ideal surf and yoga holiday. Choose or combine!

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