Surf lessons Morocco

Surf lessons Morocco

Learn to surf epic waves of Morocco!

Maybe you will regonize this:

” Starting with surfing is difficult”surflessons

” I can’t take open waves “

” I’m not sporty enough ” 

” I surf sometimes but don’t progress”

” The waves are too strong to peddle and duckdive trough it “

“i would love to surf but it’s a little bit scary “

We hear a lot of people who would love to surf and have a surftrip in paradise. We all have our reasons why we didn’t take lessons and didn’t start with it yet. But we still have our dream and want to surf one day the perfect waves. In our lessons we have easy steps so you can learn surfing fast.


Why surflessons?

Learn in easy steps to surf

Personal coaching

learn the techniques to take more waves

Perfect conditions on the Moroccan coast line make it much more easy!

get fun out of surfing!

The surflessons

Surf Paradise Morocco offers you the best surf lessons in Morocco! We dare to say that we are specialists in learning you to surf! The area of Tamraght offers us best waves of Morocco, this give you the perfect circumstances to prove your surf. Our surfteacher Zouhair is an surfcampion of Morocco and has years of experiences. Who don’t want surflessons from a champion surfer? Our main goal is that we want you to progress your surfing and having a great time! We have daily classes that starts In the early morning. We leaving our surfcamp by car and go to the best surfspot of the day.

Our teacher is a professional surfer in Morocco with years of teaching experience and official diploma’s. He can learn you the basics to surf in a easy and fun way. Advanced surfers can progress their surf in special advanced lessons. Our surfteacher has to knowledge to get you surfing in a easy and fast way. He will give you the tips and advices he also use in his surfing!


A typical surf day with Surf Paradise Morocco:

09:30 We leave our surfcamp to drive to the best surfspot!
10:00 arriving at the beach
We wait for the best waves and high tigh!
10:30 warming up
10:45 surfclasses
13:00 lunch
13:30 surfclasses
14:30 free surf!
16:00 back to the surfcamp

beginnende surferOur surflesson days are including:

3hours surflesson from proffesional surfteacher

  1. 2hours of free surf with tips and trucs
  2. Personal coaching
  3. transport to the best surfspots
  4.  Moroccan lunch on the beach
  5. parasols, balls and rackets for playing and much extra’s on the beach!


beginner surf lessons in MoroccoBeginnerclasses

You have never surfed before or only a few times? No problem! In our beginners lessons we learn you the basics of surfing. With the good basics you can progress fast and  you will stand up on your board in no time, riding your first wave! In the begin of the day we start on the beach to practice. Then we go into the water and the surfteacher will help you to stand on your board and take waves. The best surfers are the one with the most fun. Enjoy the waves, sun and people! We will work on:



  •  Rules and safety in the water
  •  Paddeling technique
  •  Vertical surfing in whitewater
  •  take off in whitewater
  •  Take off in open waves up to 1 m

Take me to surf!

Advanced surfclassesAdvanced Surf lessons in Morocco

You have experience with surfing. Maybe you didn’t surf for a while and you want to make a new start. With our surflessons we work on your skills so you can take better waves, make paddeling more easy and have more boardcontrol. Our surfteacher will give you personal tips and advice. You can improve your surf and enjoy your surfingtime! We go work on:

  •  Duckdive
  •  See and understand currents and wave-theory
  •  Paddeling in a open wave
  •  Take off in open wave up to 1,5 m
  •  Front- and backsidesurfing

If you like to surf at your own and don’t need our surfing lessons, we can help you with our surfguidings! We bring you to the best spots to surf, check the conditions for you, get all the info about the swell and tides and bring you to the places where it’s working. So you don’t waste any time! Read here more info...

Take me to surf!

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