Visit Imsouane !

This week we visited the small surfing village Imsouane . A great place to spend your holiday, highly recommended! We have enjoyed two days above to see the video of Imsouane ! And we recommend: Visit Imsouane for these six reasons!

    1.  Only 1.5 hours to travel from Agadir
      imsouane surfspotsImsouane is situated between Agadir and Essaouira Imsouane surfspotsin . From Agadir you step into the car for a great ride along the coast and through the mountains. The journey takes just 1.5 hours and you’d almost want you to be more along the way to enjoy the beautiful journey. Imsouane is a remote village surrounded by mountains on the coast. You imagine yourself in another world !


imsouane surfspot 2. Two fantastic surf spots in one village!

Imsouane surfspotHet small village boasts two beautiful surf spots ! La bay has the longest waves of Morocco. You can surf but no less than three kilometers ! If one beach is not like you then walk 500 meters to the other surf spot . Imsouane has a beach break surf spot ( la Catedrale ) and a point break wave (la bay) .





3. Authentic fishing village imsouane

Besides being Imsouane known for its beautiful surf beaches is the town also known for its good fishing. Because Imsouane so far is people still live very traditional. You’ll find the old fishing village where people still live and work. The mud houses on the coast are built against the rock walls and painted in different colors. You can imagine how well you here imsouanemensen lived here previously ( and still does) . In addition, the visit of therecommended large fish market . The fishing boats come in, the fish get taken out of the boat and cleaned the streets and then immediately sold in the fish market . The whole process is to see and follow the street. Wonderful to see ! If you love fish , the fish you can eat here in the small restaurants is super fresh and cheap 🙂


4. Go fishing!

The village is known for fishing and it is not for nothing ! In this area many fish swim and if you decide to fish the chances will be good that you catch something! We ourselves are also go fishing and have a number of fish caught . Go along with the locals fishing on one of the many places among the rocks .


5. Clean beaches and streets

If you have visited Morocco you will probably have noticed. The streets and beaches are not always clean with . The litter is a problem in some areas. As against Imsouane stands out for its beauty . The beaches lie perfectly without plastic or other debris. The locals love their town and beaches, they clean everything and make everything clean!


6. You’re the only tourist, meet the friendly locals

Because Imsouane is so secluded you will find there are no hordes of tourists . This village has been spared from mass tourism . Locals laugh at you and have a chat. You can quietly enjoy a drink on a terrace without extreme price and without having to be constantly addressed . The narrow streets are quiet and on the beach, lie almost alone!

Visit Imsouane now!

Do you want to experience this wonderful surf trip itself ? With Surf Paradise Morocco you can make this day trip. In the early morning we will leave with surfboards and wetsuits. The whole day we will be staying at Imsouane to surf and to see the village. We eat a delicious lunch on the beach! At the end of the day we will again leave all together and travel back to Tamraght Take a day trip to Imsouane on our website here!


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