5 reasons why surf in Tamraght awesome!

Surfen in Tamraght

Are you currently brainstorming your next epic surf adventure but finding yourself overwhelmed with the endless options available? Look no further, as I have one undeniable suggestion that you simply can’t overlook – surf in Tamraght.

Although Taghazout may be the first destination that comes to mind, Surf in Tamraght should absolutely be at the top of your list too. In fact, many would argue that Tamraght is the ultimate surf destination in Morocco, and with good reason.

Sure, Taghazout may be the more popular choice, but Tamraght boasts a special charm that sets it apart from its well-known sibling. It boasts a soothing serenity that Taghazout simply cannot match, making it the ideal location for both surfers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

If you’re still not convinced, I can give you a comprehensive rundown of five compelling reasons why Tamraght should be your next surf destination.

Tamraght surf
Tamraght surf spots

1. Surf in Tamraght - the center of all surfspots

So if you want to surf in Morocco you should definitely surf in Tamraght! There are 3 surf spots right in front of Tamraght:

  • Bananenstrand
  • Devils Rock
  • Panorama

This area the most different surfspots of Morocco and around 15 different surfspots from 5 till 15 minutes driving away. Tamraght is located exactly in the middle of all surfspots, so this is the most central village to stay in! 

The best thing is that Tamraght has one of the most consistent and decent surfspots of the area. Devils Rock is one of this great surfspots. The big rock that looks to be dropped down in front of the beach offers a great swell and wind protection. The sandy beach offers a great base for beginner surfers while there is a point in the line up that is more suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Another fantastic surfspot that you must check-out on your surftrip to Morocco is Banana beach. With a small swell it is a good surfspot for beginner surfers. If the swell is getting bigger the point of Banana beach start to work and some big waves rolling in. 

2. Why surfing in Tamraght? Traditional lifestyle

Taghazout was once a cozy little unknown surf village. Unfortunately, more surfers wanted to visit this village and Taghazout has slowly become a major tourist attraction. Tamraght, on the other hand, has not lost the charm of a small local fishing village.

Slow travel
And that is why Tamraght is the perfect surf destination if you like slow travel and want to discover the local culture. When you walk through the streets of Tamraght you imagine yourself in the real Moroccan village life. Check out the beautiful painted doors with stories of local families behind these doors, Take a look in the small shops and find the 2 mosques in the village.

Restaurants in Tamraght
In the lower part of Tamraght there are a few little restaurants and cafés. Everything is surf and eco friendly, and you can even find a restaurant that serves delicious vegan meals!

Tamraght surf dorp
babakoul tamraght

3. Why surfing in Tamraght? Low costs

If you are traveling on a budget then you are in Tamraght on the right place! There are plenty of options if you want to surf in Tamraght on a budget. There are a few surfcamps that offering surf packages for reasonable prices. You can also consider to organise your trip by yourself and book an accommodation in Tamraght on Airbnb

You can find several surfschools that offering surflessons for beginners or surflessons for higher levels, or you can just rent a surfboard and wetsuit to go surfing yourself. If you want to go surfing by yourself I recommend you to rent a car to discover surfspots in the area aswell. You can rent a car starting of 25 EUR per day!

Also foods are not expensive in Tamraght. You can order a dinner with drinks and dessert in a restaurant for around 10/15 EUR per person.

4. Why surfing in Tamraght? Central location

The small village Tamraght has a great location in the South of Morocco. On just 10 minutes driving to the North you can find Taghazout. Every 15 minutes there are busses driving towards Taghazout and back to Tamraght. Taghzout is a more touristic village, with more restaurants and activities to do. Here our tips for things to do in Taghazout.

Agadir is the destination that is also best to fly to. Agadir has a good airport with connections to many airports in Europe. The airport is 1 hour driving from Tamraght and the big city of Agadir is on 20 minutes driving distance.

Tamraght is also located on the road to Paradise Valley. This is a beautiful area in the mountains with many waterfalls and palmtree oases. We organising every week fantastic daytrips to go cliffjumping in Paradise Valley Morocco. You should definitely join us!

Tamraght is located in the center of around 25 surfspots in the area. All within 30 minutes driving distance. So you can drive towards the North or towards the South to find great surf options!

surfen in Tamraght
surfcamp surf tamraght

5. Why surfing in Tamraght? Great surf vibes!

The climate of Tamraght is unique, all year high tempratures and the sun is always shining, the waves are rolling in for every level and there are so many beautiful things to discover in Tamraght. Basicly you can visit this area year round for surfing, if you prefer to look for the best waves possible in this area for this level, you should definitly read our article about the best surf season in Morocco

Friendly locals
So if you have planned a trip to Tamraght you will also experience that the locals are very friendly and easy going. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to a welcoming cup of Moroccan tea somewhere on the corner of the street or if someone just starts a conversation with you. People have time for each other and time for you! The eternal smiles of the locals will surely light up your holiday what makes your holiday even more remarkable!

Nmr #1 Surfcamp in Tamraght

Ons surfhuis is gelegen aan de kustlijn van Tamraght, op een steenworp afstand van beach breaks van wereldklasse zoals Devils Rock en Banana Beach.

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