10 Unique surf holidays to Morocco at a surfcamp

The best surf holidays to Morocco if you are looking for an unique and quality surf vacation. Learning to surf or go on a surf adventure as an advanced surfer. Get surf lessons from certified surf instructors. Stay in a surf camp in Tamraght.

A surf holiday is not only getting a bed to sleep and a board to paddle out, in our idea, a surfholiday is all about making long lasting memories in unique surfspots with your family our friends, enjoying the sunsets in the surfcamp while meeting like-minded surfers. It is about living by the tides, feets in the sand and discovering the beautiful surf destination Morocco!

Surf holidays to Morocco for 1 week till 3 weeks

Rating: 4.5 on 12 reviews

Surf and Stay

Looking for a place to surf with accommodation in Taghazout area? This is the place to be! Get daily surflessons and a beautiful place to stay in the surfcamp. This is a perfect your budget surf holiday to Morocco! Stay in our private double rooms in the surfcamp or in our shared room for budget and solo holidays. Surflessons for beginner to advanced surfers.

Rating: 4.9 on 8 reviews

Surf guiding holidays to Morocco

A surfholiday for Intermediate surfers to Morocco and advanced surfers to Morocco. Surf on breathtaking surfspots with empty lime-ups and fantastic waves. With the surf guiding holiday to Morocco we go next level to have the ultimate surf experience!

Rating: 4.7 on 21 reviews

Complete surf holidays to Morocco

Your all-in surfholiday for a carefree and unique surfing experience. Go surfing every day at the best surf spots. Learn to surf from expert surf instructors and stay at the surf camp in Morocco with oceanview. This holiday also has all the practical extras such as meals, transport from the airport and extra support. Perfect for solo travelers and motivated surfers that want to go on a surf holiday and surf everyday from sunrise till sunset!

Rating: 4.5 on 25 reviews

Adventure holiday to Morocco

Discover the most beautiful places of Morocco. Find yourself in paradise and go on an adventurous holiday with cliffjumping in Paradise Valley, sandboarding in the small Sahara and learning to surf in the Atlantic ocean. This vacation is more than just a surf holiday: it is the best activities selected for you! That’s why this is one of our most popular holidays to Morocco!

  • Highlights: Go on an unique holiday with adventurous and active activities
  • Duration: 3 days till 3 weeks    
  • Included: 3 days surf per week, Accommodation, Paradise Valley, Sandboarding in the small Sahara, souks, hike, 2 meals p.d., airport transfer
Rating: 4.9 on 9 reviews

Surf and yoga holiday to Morocco

Combine surf and yoga during this holiday to Taghazout area that looks like a yoga retreat! Immerge yourself in the relaxed culture of Taghazout and dive into this vacation where relaxing and activities are combined!

  • Highlights: Combine yoga with surfing
  • Duration: 3 days till 3 weeks    
  • Extra’s included: 4 days surf per week, accommodation, daily yogalessons, 2 meals p.d., airport transfer
Rating: 4.8 on 7 reviews

Family surf holidays to Morocco

Going on a surfholiday with children to Morocco? Our family holiday for surfing is a great to celebrate your holiday with children! This holiday has special children surflessons, a family accommodation in the surfcamp and much extra activities that are great to do with kids in Morocco! Go surfing, exploring Morocco and having endless fun in Morocco.
  • Highlights: A surfholiday for the whole family!
  • Duration: 1 week    
  • Extra’s included: 2 days surf per week, accommodation, Paradise Valley, Sandboarding in the small Sahara, souks, hike, 3 meals p.d., airport transfer

Surf holidays to Morocco for 3 weeks to 3 months

Surf Academy

Do you want to dive deep into the surfers world and getting a pro on your board? The surf academy is the surfholiday that suits your needs! Going on an intense surfcourse that will learn you everything you need to know to surf awesome waves. Living the surfers live in the surfcamp with other surfers and have an unforgettable time in Morocco!

Special surf holidays to Morocco that starting a few times per year

30+ surf camp holiday

A holiday for 30+ (beginner) surfers to Morocc0. Meet other like minded surfers and explore the beautiful Morocco!
Start dates:
  • November:  14 till 21 November
  • May: 15 till 22 May

Surf instructor course

Getting your surf instructor certificate in this 3 month surf course in Morocco!

Most popular surf holidays to Morocco:

The complete surf holiday

Daily surf lessons

Every day surflessons in Morocco for 4 to 5 hours per day, in small groups with certificated surf instructors. Surflessons for are both suitable beginner surfers or intermediate surfers on holiday.


All transport is included: Your transfer from and back to the airport (Agadir) to the beaches and extra activities!

Accommodation with oceanview

Stay in our surf camp and choose between a private room or shared room. Our awesome surfcamp in Morocco is located in Tamraght, close to Taghazout and Agadir. It has a stunning view over the bay and beaches are on walking distance!

Paradise valley trip

Take a day off from surfing and go with us to the beautiful Paradise Valley for swimming in the natural pools and maybe even cliff jumping!


3 delicious meals a day are served for you! A good start with healthy breakfast, in between the surfsessions a delicious beach lunch and during sunset a Moroccan dinner! All prepaired by our cheff in the surfcamp. If you have any allergies, just let us know!

Extra services

In your accommodation everything is organised and included. Fast and reliable internet, hot showers, towels and bed linen, and drinks available!

The accommodation for surf holidays to Morocco

When going on one of this  surf holidays to Morocco we take care for a fantastic accommodation to stay in! Forget about a luxury stay in an all inclusive resort, instead jump with us into an adventure! Our camp is located on the foothills of the Atlas mountains and close to the ocean in Tamraght since 2015. It is a great place to meet locals, experience the Moroccan culture, join music nights, campfire parties, sunset hikes, drink Moroccan tea, go horse or camel riding and talk all day about the best waves!
We take care for the organisation of the surf holidays, as long as you surfing as much as possible!


Where to surf holidays to Morocco? The different destinations in Morocco

Surf holidays to Morocco, village: Taghazout

Taghazout and it’s area is where most of the surfers go to on their surftrip in Morocco. This is because there are around 25 different surfspots in the area of Taghazout en the climate is just perfect!
There are many nice villages in Taghazout area where you can stay for your next surf holiday to Morocco. Taghazout is the most famous and crowded one.

In Taghazout you can find many accommodation options and also many restaurants and surfshops. Ofcourse it is always an option to stay in our surfcamp! Read more about our surfcamp in Tamraght.

Taghazout has 2 surfspots next to their door: Hash point and Panorama’s.

A surfholiday to Imesouane

Maybe you have heard about the small fishers village Imesouane in Morocco. This small Fishers village has 2 surfspots with dream waves! The names of this surfspots in Imesouane are: La Bay and La Cathedrale.

Imesouane is good for a surfholiday from October till March. This season the surf is working the best.

Imesouane has the typical slow and easy going lifestyle that many surfers are looking for!

Reading more about surfing in Imesouane? Read our complete guide about Imesouane!

A surfholiday to Tamraght

Another good surfdestination in Morocco for your upcoming surfholiday is Tamraght. This village is located 5 kilometers South from Taghazout. Different than Taghazout, Tamraght is more calm and quiet. Surfspots right in front of Tamraght are: Banana beach and Devils Rock.

Our surfcamp is located in Tamraght, we think it is the best place to stay on your surfholiday to Morocco!

Surf holiday to Morocco in summer, sunshine and beach

The best travel time

Morocco has a great climate for a holiday all year round. But when is the surf the best for a surf holiday to Morocco? 

Great things first: You can visit Morocco all year long for a surf holiday Morocco. there are different surf seasons in Morocco, all with different types of waves. 

Surf holidays to Morocco in winter time

in winter time the climate is very pleasant if you compare this with European temperatures.  in the south of Morocco, near the surf village of Taghazout, it doesn’t get colder than 20 degrees, and with 330 days of sunshine a year, you can neglect the chance of rain.  The swell is strong during the winter and there are big waves.  However,  novice surfers on surf holidays in Morocco, you can also find suitable waves in the winter because there are several secluded bays where the waves are less strong.

Read more about surfing in the winter in Morocco

Surfholiday in Morocco in summer time

In the summer it remains around 30 to 35 degrees in Taghazout and surroundings due to a pleasant sea breeze.  You can find a good swell at various surf spots.  There are plenty of surf opportunities, especially for novice and intermediate surfers.  For advanced surfers it can take some time to find suitable waves.

Read more about surfing in the summer in Morocco

Air and water temprature

The average temperature in Taghazout Morocco is around 27 degrees. Taghazout is located on the African continent. Many people think this means that it is extremely hot in the summer. Due to a consistent sea breeze, temperatures remain pleasant, even in the height of summer. In winter the mercury does not drop below 20 degrees. The water temperature is on average between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. This means that a 3:2 wetsuit or 4:3 wetsuit is suitable for a surfing holiday to Morocco. Moreover, you can enjoy the beach all year round during your surfing holiday!
Surflessons on your surfholiday to Morocco

Surf holidays by surf level:

Surflessons for beginners in Morocco

Beginner surf holidays to Morocco

Going on a surf holiday as a novice surfer is a fantastic idea! You get the time to practice a lot with surfing, you get to know other surfers and you surf in one of the best surfing destinations in the world: Morocco.
On a beginner surf holiday you will master the basics of surfing techniques. And did you know that you can learn to surf in 1 week during a surfholiday?!

At the surf camp in Morocco you can participate in the beginners surf lessons that are specially aimed at your level.

What will you learn on a beginner surf holiday

1. What is a good position on your surfboard
2. How to paddle to catch a wave
3. How to stand up (pop-up)
4. How to ride your first waves (on broken waves)

The best surf holidays for beginners in Morocco

1. Complete surfholiday: Surf every day another surfspot with the daily surflessons for beginners and don’t worry about the organisation of your holiday: everything is included!
2. Surf and yoga holiday: surfing can be intense, and during the yoga lessons you can relax and stretch your body to prepair for the next surf without getting injuries!
3. Surf academy: For the ones that has a minimum of 3 weeks holiday and really want to master their surfing skills: follow the intense but fantastic surf academy for 3 weeks or longer in Morocco! You will dive into the surfing world in Morocco and get quality surflessons to go from zero to surfing hero!
waves in Agadir for intermediate surfers on surf holiday in Morocco

Surf holidays to Morocco for intermediate surfers

Morocco is a fantastic destination for intermediate surfers. The waves are rolling in year round and there are countless of surfspots for every type of surfer. This makes it that there is always some awesome surf in Morocco for you!

As intermediate surfer on holiday you don’t need to have the intense surflessons as beginner surfer anymore, you want to enjoy the freedom of surfing on the right times and on different surfspots that suits your level. Preferably on an empty a line-up and dream waves, so not between all the surfschools.

This is why we designed special intermediate surf holidays to Morocco that suits the needs for every intermediate surfer:

1. The surf guiding holiday
2. The complete surf holiday (intermediate lessons/ guidings)
3. Surf instructor course

Surf level advanced surfer in Morocco

Surf holidays to Morocco for expert surfers

As an expert surfer, you have probably heard of epic surf holidays to Morocco. If you are looking for a consistent strong swell you should visit Morocco in the winter time. Check what the surf forecast looks like one to two weeks in advance. It is a good idea to hire a surf guide so that you can be sure that you surf at the best surf spots!

Active holiday Snorkeling in Morocco

Active holidays to Morocco

Morocco is a great destination for active travelers! The diverse landscape of both desert, high mountains, ocean and everything in between offer many different options for an active vacation to Morocco. With Surf Paradise Morocco you can experience great active vacations with more than just surfing!

Our number one active vacation is our adventure holiday. Here you will not only be surfing but also hiking in the mountains, sandboarding in the Small Sahara and many more exciting activities.

At Surf Paradise we believe that an active vacation doesn’t mean you can’t relax. Finding a balance between fun activities combined with relaxation provides the best active vacation experience! This way you will return from a holiday with friends or family where you have made lots of great memories whilst also relaxing and recharging your batteries!

Active activities to do in Morocco:

1. Surfing

2. Sandboarding in the Small Sahara

3. Sahara trekkings

4 A hike in the mountains (Toubkal!)

5. Camel trekkings

6. Snorkeling

Cultural activities to do on a holiday to Moroccoa

Surfing in Morocco is a great experience, the waves are perfect, there are endless surf spots around Taghazout and the weather is always good. But there are many more fun activities to do to get to know Morocco better.

These are the top 5 things you must have done on a surf vacation to Morocco:
1. A visit to the hammam
2. Take a camel ride
3. Get a henna tattoo done
4. Shop at the souks (markets)
5. Tasting Moroccan cuisine.

You can do the following day trips on a day of rest from surfing:
1. A day trip to Paradise Valley
2. Visiting Agadir city
3. Sandboarding in the small sahara
4. Visit Imesouane
5. Snorkeling tour

Active holiday hike in mountains Morocco
Solo surf holiday tips

Do you want to go on a surfing holiday to Morocco alone? This is certainly possible! Even as a woman you can do a solo surf holiday to Morocco! On a surf vacation at Surf Paradise Morocco you are never really alone because there are always other travelers in the surf camp with whom you can surf and do other fun activities.
As a solo traveler you might like to have all the organization such as airport transfers arranged in advance. Therefore we have a complete surf vacation that is fully geared to this.

As solo travelers we have some tips and trics to make your surf holiday as solo traveler easy and smooth!



At Surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco we recycle waste, to use it for our ecologic garden.

Take a look in our organic garden! And help us to reduce your waste!

sustainable stay

The surfhouse is builded to create a natural comfortable aircondioned climate inside of the house. We reduce our use of electricity by using solar panels to warm our water.

Please think about your electricity use during your stay with us! Switch the lights off when leaving your room.

Local products

We only use local organic products to prepare our meals. Vegetables from our own garden, bread made by the womans from the village, and home made cheese

Learn how to prepare Moroccan tajines on our weekly cooking courses!


We work with local staff to empower the village. We pay fair salaries, and give them opportunities to grow. At our surfcamp you will meet the locals and dive into their world.

soon: visit locals for a in-house restaurant!

Beginner surf holiday Morocco

The Surf Paradise Morocco surf holidays start from the surf camp in Morocco. For this you will first have to travel to the surf camp.
The surf camp is located in the south of Morocco, in the town of Tamraght.

1. Flying:
Most will take a plane to travel to Morocco. You can choose to fly to Marrakesh or Agadir. This depends on what is most beneficial and convenient for you. You can find suitable flights on Momondo.com.

2. Transport by bus:
If you fly to Marrakech you can take a bus to Agadir (with CTM or Supratours) or book a transfer to Tamraght via SurftoSouk. We will pick you up from Agadir

3. Transfer to the surf camp:
We can pick you up from Agadir by taxi. Provide your flight number and we will ensure that the taxi is ready for you.

Visa and requirements
As a resident of Europe, you can travel to Morocco for holiday purposes without having to apply for a visa (Check up to date status at the embassy). You are allowed to stay in Morocco for three months for holiday purposes.
Vaccinations are recommended but not mandatory (Up to date info: check your embassy)

Some extra trips for on a surf holiday to Morocco

  1. Surfcamps  in Morocco usually have complete surfdays where you have a lot of surfing already included. So don’t worry about the program, it is organised for you!
  2.  You probably need a car to go surfing. Most of the surfcamps in Morocco offer beach transport or you can rent a car by yourself
  3. Don’t go surfing without any knowlegde about the surfspot. This because some surfspots have dangerous reefs. If you don’t need surflessons it is better to hire a surf guide that can help you surf the best surfspots of the area.
  4. Bring enough cash, in most places you can only pay in cash. You can find ATM’s in Aourir or in the Airport
  5. Wear easy going and sportive clothes. Nobody is all dressed up and everybody is wearing easy clothes after surfing!
  6. Bring or buy enough sunscreen! The sun is burning and within 30 minutes you can be totally burned. After every surfsession you should apply a new layer of sunscreen.
Beginner surf holiday Morocco
  • What is a surf holiday to Morocco?

    A surf holiday is a holiday where the main activity is surfing. A surf holiday takes place on the beach  A surf holiday is often combined with surf lessons. You can book a complete surf holiday at a surf camp, these camps are experts in organizing surf holidays on the destination of your preference. They know the right surfspots for your level and know more about the culture of the country. You can go on a surf holiday as a novice surfer, where you mainly surf small waves. As an expert surfer, you can also go on a surf holiday where you surf at other surf spots with a stronger swell and more challenging waves. In addition to surfing, you can also undertake other activities to discover the country of your destination.

  • Is Morocco a good country for a surf holiday?

    Morocco is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has thousands of kilometers of coastline. The Atlantic Ocean offers a constant swell all year round, but especially in the winter period when various storms at sea and ocean currents push powerful waves onto the Moroccan coastline. The Moroccan coastline offers a diverse arsenal of different types of beach breaks, beautiful bays, but also challenging reef breaks. In combination with the pleasant climate, low costs, colorful culture and open attitude to tourists, it is a great destination to travel to as a surfer!

  • What is the best time of the year to go on surf holiday to Morocco?

    You can visit Morocco all year round for a surf holiday