Anchor point

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Anchor point, surf the most famous spot in Morocco!

Anchor point is a famous surfspot and thats for some reason. If you ask the locals to tell about their favourite surf in the area, they will tell about: Anchor point, off course!!

In the north of Taghazout, next to the road you can find Anchor point. This spot is first surfed in 1960 by Australians. After that, more and more people came to surf this spot. Anchor point starts working with a swell of 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and is working with all tides. The power off this point waves here is just amazing and only suitable for medium till experienced surfers. If you are lucky and the waves are huge, you can surf long waves, all the way back to Taghazout. This is also the perfect place to practice your tubes and to progress! We can’t wait to surf Anchor point togheter with you! We give our surflessons for advanced surfers on this spot our we will guide you!


If you are an advanced surfer this is a great place to surf. This place you just have to surf at least 1 time in your life! In our surfguiding we will bring you to this spot at the right time. Our experienced local surfguider can tell you exactly where the surf is the best at what time.

Watch the pro’sWatching anchorpoint

Even if you are not an experienced surfer, go to anchor point! There is an fantastic view from the reef on the waves and you can watch how  the professional surfers catch their waves. It’s gonna be an spectacular performance on the water!

More informationLong waves Anchor point

best tide: Low/mid tide
Aracter type: Righthand pointbreak
Seabed: Sand
Swell direction: -west -north
Best winddirection: North easterly
Swell range: -3 -15 ft

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