Surf paradise morocco, learn to surf specialist!

We are really proud on our surfclasses and we dare say that we are the number 1. surf specialist in surfclasses in Morocco. Surf Paradise Morocco is focussing on 5 areas to learn you surfing. With a lot of experience from the instructors we can assist on all levels of surfing, from beginners to advanced.

1. instructors.

The instructor we work with, are fully qualified surfinstructors with years of teaching experience and surfexperience aswell. Our surfinstructor will stay with you in the water and teach you how to surf step by step. He can give you personal and proffesional advices.

2. locations.

The area of Tamraght is blessed with beautiful beaches en perfect surfspots. We surf on the best surflocations with the best conditions of the day. We look for the beaches and conditions that suit your ability!

3. Equipment.

A good board and a fitting wetsuit are essensial to feel confortable in the water. Your equipment really make the difference! Surf Paradise Morocco will take care of the best surf equipment!

4. Savety.

Safety first in Surf Paradise Morocco! You will learn in the lessons how to be save in the water and how to be aware of the ocean. You will learn how to handle with your surfboard. Our surfteacher will be in the water to help you and to take care of you!

5. Surf fun.

The best surfers are those who have to most fun! You’ll progress faster if you have a good time! And what is more fun than having holiday, surfing all day, and enjoy the beaches of Morocco?


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