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Countless waves in the area of Tamraght!

Tamraght (and Taghazout) area is known as one of the best surfspots of Morocco and Africa. The southcoast of Morocco is riddled with spots. In the center off all this fantastic spots and waves you can find the small surfvillages Tamraght and Taghazout. In this area you can findsurfspots Morocco map uncrowded waves everywhere! Especially in the wintertime are the spots on fire! This is a fantastic location for a epic surfholiday!

Beginner waves:
There are many different surfspots where any time of the day can be surfed at some place. As a beginner, you can ride your first waves on a beachbreak point. Spots like Anza and bananabeach are perfect for you! Depending on the swell other spots are opening for you with suitable small waves.

For advanced surfers there are even more possibilities to surf! (spots: Mistery, Anchor point, La source, Killer point). Surf the famous firing right-hand point breaks of anchor point you can see in a lot of videos on internet!  For the real die-hards, it is even possible to paddle from spot to spot! There are so many point breaks that the advanced surfer can discover every day a new secret spot to surf!

Our hotel has the perfect location!

With a fantastic view from your window on bananabeach is our hotel located on a perect location. Only 5 minutes walking from our hotel you are on bananabeach where you can practice to surf by yourself (you can also just enjoy the beautiful and clean beach). Other surfspots like, panorama, la point and killerpoint can you reach by car, all the surfspots are max 15 minutes driving! Did you surf in Morocco before? What is your favourite surfspot of Morocco and why? Let us know and leave a message!

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surfspot killerpointSurfspots in Morocco where we surf:

During our surflessons we surf on the spots that suits your ability. We surf on beaches like: Banana beach, Anza, Panorama, Hash point, La Source, Mystery, Anchor Point, Killer Point, Boilers, Imsouane, Tifnit.

You searching for a surfguide in Morocco? We can show you all the spots in Morocco that you need to surf onces in your life! Our experienced surf guider knows everything about the local spots. He can also show you the best kept secret places to surf in the area where you can surf uncrowded spectacular waves!


Rabat, Mirleft, Sidi Ifni.

We never stay in the same place. We like to make big trips with you on the coastline of Morocco. Because of our experience we know the best surfplaces of all the coastline! You rather surf in Rabat and area? We can show you around! Or you like to make a trip for a few days to Mirleft or Sidi ifni? We offer you trips to this places so you don’t waste any time to search for the best places to sleep, eat or wasting time by surfing good surfspots.


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