A surf camp in Morocco, 8 best packages for your surf holiday!

Go on a surf camp in Morocco and surf the Moroccan waves

A surf camp in Morocco what is your favourite place to stay?

There are currently so many different surf camps in Morocco that it can be confusing to choose the right surf camp for your next surf holiday. It is therefore very important to always read reviews and see if the offer matches your preferences!

Surf Paradise Morocco may just be that undiscovered gem on the Moroccan coast, making your surf holiday a great experience!

  • Looking for a small-scale, local vibes camp?
  • Want to get the best lessons? Surf Paradise is set up by Moroccan surf champion Zouhir and his team (so quality surf lessons)
  •  Don’t want to walk in lines with other tourists but get the taste of real Morocco?
  •  Choose a surf pack that suits your needs perfectly. A lot of options!

Looking for a new surf camp in Morocco to make your next surf holiday an unforgettable experience?

Surf camp in Morocco surf guiding holiday taghazout

Morocco a perfect surf destination!

Morocco is a fantastic surf destination that has been getting more and more famous among surfers since the 1970s. Morocco is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has a kilometers long coastline with beautiful wide sandy beaches, cliffs and reef breaks. In the major cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Essaouira and Agadir you will find the most crowded beaches and surf spots. A little further away from the big cities there are endless undiscovered beaches and surf spots, making Morocco a real surf adventure destination. 

The surf villages in Morocco

All cities and villages on the coastline has some places where can be surfed but Taghazout is the most famous surfers village in Morocco, Tamraght is located right next to Taghazout (just a 10 minutes drive away) and a much more calm and quiet village as Taghazout. Imesouane is also becoming more famous and known for the surf spot La Bay.

Morocco can be visited all year round for a surf holiday, although the waves are the biggest between October and March. 

If you never go, you'll never know!

The surf camp in Morocco: the accommodation

A surf camp is so much more than getting a bed, surf lessons and 3 meals a day! In our surf camp in Morocco it is like coming home, or like a actual camp, no hotel vibes but a place to relax and go back to basic. When you stay at our surf camp, you really dive into the surfers’ world where everything revolves around surfing. Don’t be surprised if at the end of your holiday you suddenly have a nice and crazy surfers family!

Our surfcamp is a nice home for surfers and off the beaten path, expect Moroccan vibes, But we also have all western facilities available in the surf camp. This means: 

  • fast internet (also for coworking),
  • hot showers and a
  • A English speaking host that is ready for you 24/7.

You can stay in our surf camp with our Accommodation only package. This means that you only book your stay in a private or shared room in our surfcamp in Morocco.  You are free to go surfing independently and do other activities independently or book surf lessons per day at our surf school.

7 Unique surf holidays to the surf camp in Morocco

Visit Morocco to go surfing and jump into the surfer’s life. During the complete surf holiday you will be completely immersed with surfing, tides, paddling techniques, fast pop-ups and surfing countless waves of course! In this surf holiday you get daily surf lessons at your level, 3 delicious meals a day, and transport from the airport is arranged for you.
You will go surfing together with other visitors of the surf camp, a very nice and diverse group from different countries, who all have one thing in common and that is that they have a passion for surfing!

Although surfing in Morocco is fantastic and we can’t get enough of it, maybe you want to see a lot more of this beautiful country?! In our adventure package we have made a selection of the coolest activities that you really must do when you visit Morocco. We tried our best to fit all this great activities in Morocco in one week so you have the most unique experience on your next holiday! 


You can already surf, and you especially want to visit a lot of great surf locations to surf the best waves in Morocco. With the surf guiding holiday at the surf camp in Morocco you get the most out of your time in Morocco. From early in the morning until late at night you go hunting to surf your ideal wave. Whether this is at well-known surf spots or at surf spots where no one is in the water, we will take you there!

What is a surf guiding holiday?

The name says it all. Surfguiding is a guide that guides you to the best surf in Morocco. you will surf yourself and will not receive a surf lesson. So you should already have mastered the basics of surfing

A basic surf holiday with surf lessons and accommodation. You can book your extra activities yourself, or organize the rest of your holiday yourself.

A sportive retreat! Yoga and surfing is a wonderful combination for an active holiday. You can try this out on the surf and yoga holiday to Morocco with the surfcamp. Relax and rewind during the daily yogalessons during sunrise / sunset on the roof top terrace or on the beach, and try out your balance on a surfboard in the ocean. 

For whom is it not a dream, the surfers life on the beach, living with the tides, and the sea as your backyard? This is possible with the surf academy that our surf camp in Morocco offers! With the surf academy you will take on an intensive course that will take you from novice surfer to advanced surfer. Of course, this takes some time to practice a lot. You will stay in our surf camp from 3 weeks to 3 months and go surfing 5 times a week with surf lessons together with other participants of the surf academy in Morocco.

You will be taught by the best surf instructors in Morocco (pro surfer and his team) in addition, you will receive extensive theory lessons, you will go on multiple surf trips to different surf destinations in Morocco and you will surf every day at different surf spots!

A holiday for the whole family, what a wonderful gift this is for you and your children! Going on an adventure, surfing and making beautiful memories together. Our special package for families is designed to combine exciting activities, surfing and relaxation. All activities are suitable for children from 7 years old.

Every summer Surf Paradise Morocco organizes special youth surf trips to Morocco. An adventurous trip to colorful Morocco, learn to surf, go party and meet other young people who are experiencing this adventure just like you!

There is nothing better after a long day of surfing: coming back at the surfcamp to enjoy a drink, chatting about the good surf you just had and watching the sunset. We do all this during our daily dinners in our surf camp. We eat one of our freshly prepared meals on a terrace. Our own chef is working everyday in the kitchen to make the most healthy delicacies for you, to not only get new energy but also to taste the flavors, colors and ingredients from Morocco.

If you have allergies, don’t like something or eat vegan? Let us know and we’ll make sure a delicious meal is waiting for you too!

Surf camp morocco activities

It’s not for nothing that our surf camp in Morocco is rated with five stars everywhere! (Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook). This is maybe partly because besides the surf, you can join many activities in the surfcamp every day. In addition to the daily surf lessons, we have a daily program to discover Morocco, enjoy your vacation and experience unforgettable adventures. Join us for sandboarding in the Small Sahara, on a multi-day surf trip to remote areas in the South, snorkeling to see the most beautiful fish in Morocco, join fun game nights in the evening or go out with your new friends from the surf camp.

There is so much to discover and experience, join us on an adventure in Morocco!

Surf camp Morocco accommodation

Waking up and being able to check the waves directly from your accommodation, we think this is the perfect surfer feeling. Our surf camp is near the surf spot Devils Rock and Banana beach. These are two very well-functioning surf spots of Taghazout area!

Besides the fact that our team at the surf camp in Morocco are highly motivated surfers who dedicate their entire lives to the ocean, we also have surfers from all over the world visiting us. Due to our offer of long stays for surfers who participate in the surf academy, there are always people in our surf camp in Morocco who share your passion for surfing. And don’t worry if you are a beginner surfer, many surfers come to our surf camp to learn to surf!
Our surf camp is perfect for solo trips to Morocco, also for girls who can’t wait for their next adventure!

Sleep in a private room or shared room in the surf camp

Your stay at the surf camp in Morocco is completely tailored to your preferences. You can choose to stay in a private or shared room. If you are a solo traveler you may prefer to sleep in a shared room while as a couple you would of course want your own private room.

Surf camp Morocco, surf lessons

The surflessons on the surf camp in Morocco

Learn to surf, or improve your surfing from beginner to intermediate or expert level. Whether you come surfing for a week or want to follow an entire surf course, you can go to the surf school of the surf camp in Morocco. Our surf school is focused on quality, which means:

  • Surfing in small groups (maximum 6 people per group)
  •  Qualified surf instructors (led by National Surf Champion Zouhir and his team)
  •  A different surf spot every day (we surf at the surf spots that are tailored to your surf level, the tides and the swell)
  •  Quality surf material included

In the surfschool the surflessons are sorted by levels:

  1. Beginner surflessons
  2. Intermediate surfcoaching
  3. Expert: surfguiding

A surf camp to Morocco as solo traveler

Many surfers wonder whether they can also do a surf camp in Morocco as a solo traveler. The answer to this question is: Yes! Traveling to a surf camp in Morocco as solo surfer is even more fun than you think! because the surf camp in Morocco attracts so many different solo travelers you are never really alone and you will meet new people in no time with whom you can learn to surf in Morocco together, participate in fun activities and make beautiful memories. You will never really feel alone in the surf camp!

 In addition, we have a number of surf holidays that are very suitable for solo travelers, because all peripheral matters of your holiday are organized. Think of “the complete surf holiday“, “the surf academy for multiple weeks” or “the adventure week“.

Solo surf holiday tips

Extra info and tips to make your next surf camp in Morocco unforgettable!

  •  If you visit Morocco for a surf camp, you can go all year round! Excellent waves roll in for novice surfers all year round. Intermediate surfers and advanced surfers can also find surf spots with good waves almost all year round. Read more about surf seasons in Morocco page!
  • Besides the famous surf destination: Taghazout, there are many other excellent surf destinations that are really worth a visit! Look beyond Taghazout and go on a surfing adventure! For example, join us on one of our multi-day surf trips. Visit Sidi Ifni, Asilah, Imesouane or Tamraght on your next surf trip.
  • It is important to always check the quality of the surf camp you want to visit in advance. You can do this, for example, by reading reviews on Tripadvisor. Our reviews on Tripadvisor from our previous guests can be read here

Nice to meet you (your hosts)

We are surfers, professionals and experienced travellers who have made surfing and living in amazing places our lifestyle.

Come with us to places where the surf is consistent, the internet is solid, the lifestyle is simple, the local culture is rich and everything you need – including surf – is within a short walk from your home.

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