Surf level intermediate surfer in Morocco

Complete surfholiday to Morocco

Your all-in surfholiday to Morocco. This surfing holiday includes everything what a surfer needs: a complete surf holiday to Taghazout, Morocco! Daily surflessons and coaching on the Moroccan coastline and an authentic stay in a surfers family home with 3 meals a day, and airport pick up/drop-off.

Surfholiday: €479.00 per week
€70.00 per day

What’s included?

  • Daily surflessons
  • Daily Surf equipment 
  • Breakfast, 
  • lunch, 
  • dinner
  • Souks of Agadir
  • Airport transfers

Accommodation options

  • Shared room
  • Private room Solo
  • Private room 2 or 3 person
  • Family room
Surf level

This trip is for
– beginner surfers
– intermediate surfers

Trip duration

  • From 3 nights till 21 nights
  • Available all year round
  • Start every day of the week
Group size: max. 30 px.
Suitable for solo travelers

Booking and cancellation of your surfholiday to Morocco

Free Rebooking and free cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival

  • Cash back in case of negative (red) travel advice
  • English speaking Tour guide available for you 24/7​
  • Free cancellation of holiday up to 1 week before departure
Surfcamp in Morocco. girls on the beach during a surflesson. Guests enjoy their surf holiday in Morocco!

Experience a surfholiday to Morocco that you will never forget about!

Surf holiday Morocco

Moroccan surf magic

More and more surfers find out about the Moroccan surf magic. The endless waves that rolling in, the beautiful small villages that once were sleepy fisherstowns but now the surf vibes and feel good times are taking over. Happy people combined with African nature to explore…  so much to find out about this collorful country!

Surfholiday to Taghazout

That is why more and more travelers plan their next surf holiday to Taghazout in the South of Morocco. Morocco can be visited for a surfholiday all year long. The winterswells are stronger and the swells in summertime are small but really surfable, especially in the beginner surflessons and the intermediate surflessons. In Taghazout area there are around 30 surfspots in the area. This means there is always a surfspot for your surf level and an uncrowded wave!

Choose this surfholiday to Morocco as a beginner surfer

Learn to surf in beautiful Morocco! You don’t need any surfing experience to start this surfholiday, just a lot of motivation to go surfing and have endless fun playing with the waves! The surf spots in Morocco are suitable for your level all year round and you will get top level surfing lessons from certified surf instructors and even a national surf champion!

Beginner surflessons Morocco

During the surfholiday you will have daily beginner surflessons from 10:00 till 16:00. You will learn the basics of surfing and before you know you will be standing on your surfboard surfing your first waves.

The beginner surflessons on this surfholiday are given in small groups so the surf instructor has the full attention to coach you personally. He goes with you into the water and helps you on your way. Besides the surfing techniques, there is also a lot of laughter!

Meet other like-minded surfers on your surfholiday

And don’t worry, you’re not the only beginning surfer during this surfholiday. There are many other beginning surfers at the surf camp and the surf lessons with whom you can share your first surf experiences!

Beginner surf holiday Morocco
Intermediate surfholiday Morocco Taghazout

Choose this Surfholiday to Morocco as intermediate surfer

Can you already surf open waves and would like to surf more on your holiday? The complete surf holiday is perfect for this! You will be surfing at the best surf spots for intermediate surfers every day. Groups will be formed per level so you’ll get surfcoaching on your level.

Intermediate surflessons Morocco

The surf instructor will go with you into the water to paddle to the line-up. Here begins your surf lesson (or surf coaching as we call it). You practice surfing open waves, making your first turns, selecting the right waves and your position in the line-up. You will also improve your pop-up to be able to stand even faster and you will work on your paddling techniques.

Every day in the water means a lot of surfing hours. Besides the surf lessons, everything is taken care of for you: meals, transport from and to the airport, a nice accommodation, and a lot of extra activities. Nothing stands in the way of a unique surf holiday to Morocco!


The surfseasons in Morocco

When is the surf the best for a surfholiday to Morocco?

Every season has it charms in Morocco. The waves are different every season. The winter offers stronger swells and the summer smaller waves. You can visit Morocco for a surfholiday all year round, we will make sure you surf the waves of your level!

What surfspots can you find on a surfholiday to Morocco?

Morocco has countless of surfspots and very nice waves. Most of the surfspots are located in the South of Morocco around Taghazout. So if you are planning a surfholiday to Morocco, you should definitely consider to visit the South of Morocco! Besides the famous surfspots like : Anchor point and killer point there are over 25 surfspots in the area of Taghazout within 30 minutes driving. This means a surfspot very every surf condition and for every level! Surfspots that you will be surfing on your surfholiday to Morocco:

  • Anza
  • Anchor point
  • Mistery
  • La source
  • Camel point
  • Banana beach
  • Devil’s Rock
  • Tifnit
  • Panorama
  • Boilers

Want to know more about the surfspots in Morocco and find out what surfspots are suitable for your surflevel for your next surfholiday to Morocco? Check our complete surfspot guide about all surfspots in Morocco!

Surfholiday Morocco surfcamp

More adventures and activities on your surfholiday to Morocco

On your surfholiday to Morocco you can do great activities in addition to surfing to really get to know Morocco. Book these extra activities in addition to the program and enjoy even more fun!

Explore the under water world of Morocco and find out most beautiful fishes corals and other sea life.

A perfect tour on your off-day during your surf holiday in Morocco. Go hiking, swimming and maybe even cliff jumping in the oases of Pararadise Valley!

Sunrise & sunset yoga

Maybe the most sold add-on to a surf holiday: yoga lessons during sunrise or sunset. It’s great to stretch your muscles after spending all day in the water and to relax and rewind even more on your holiday!

This activity that you can add to your surf holiday is perfect if you want to see more of Morocco! You will be visiting the Small Sahara and try out sandboarding during sunset… so much fun!

FAQ about the surfholiday to Morocco

  • What do I need to bring on the surfholiday to Morocco?

    On a surfholiday to Morocco you pack light and easy clothes. The tempratures are great during the days. In the night the temprature will drop. As you are spending most of your days on the beach, make sure to bring enough beach wear. This is a list of things to pack on a surf holiday to Morocco:

    – Swimsuit,
    – Beach towel,
    – Sunscreen (30+),
    – Sunglasses,
    – Flip flops,
    – Beach bag
    – Camera/ Gopro
    – Something warm to wear at night and after surf

    - hiking shoes
    - A cap to protect yourself from the sun
    - Clothes for sporting and hiking

  • Is the surfholiday suitable for kids?

    Whoohoo, more and more families with kids find their way to Morocco for a surf holiday. If you have never been in Morocco it can feel a bit scary to travel to Morocco with children. What do you need to know when you go on surfholiday with children to Morocco?: Yes the lifestyle is simple and the culture is different, but Moroccans love children and they are very welcoming for kids!

    This surfholiday is suitable for kids from 7 years old. We offer surflessons for children starting from 7 years old.
    Children from 0-2 years old stay for free. From 0-6 years old kids can join the parents to the beach, use the bodyboards that the surfcamp is offering and enjoy the ocean and beach time.

    Activities accessible for children: Paradise valley, sandboarding in the small Sahara, Souks in Agadir

  • What is the best time to visit Morocco for a surfholiday?

    With over 330 days of sunshine a year you can visit Tamraght all year long. In the wintertime (dec-feb) there are some strong swells for the advanced surfers, you have the change to surf the big famous waves of Morocco! In summertime you there are small or medium waves, this is more suitable for beginners. In the wintertime there are tempratures around 15-20 degrees and the watertemprature is around the 15 degrees. The rain is very rare in this area so you’ll have great weather trough the whole year!

  • When is the surfing the best?

    Peak surf season: Dec – Feb
    Off peak season: June – Sep.

    All the year trough the swell is working somewhere here in the area of Tamraght. You want to see or surf the big waves you see on the movies online? Then you definitly have to visit us during wintertime. But you will always get a great surf and we’re open throughout the year.

  • How should I dress on a surfholiday to Morocco?

    Morocco is a Muslim country and modesty is respected. On the beach you can wear bikini’s and shorts, but you can’t be nude. For girls: On the streets wearing a range of clothing it’s best to err on the side of modesty. For men: we recommend to cover their upper body in public area. Morocco is an arid climate, much like California. The day times are warm and the evenings can get quite cool, especially in the winter. Homes and buildings are built in such a way that they keep cool in summer and (kind of) stay warm in winter. So while it may be 100F outside, if you’re inside a home or building it can be quite cool. Bring also clothes that keep you warm!

  • What about money in Morocco?

    In Morocco they pay with Dirhams. 1 euro is around 10 dirhams. In most of the countries its difficult to get Moroccan Dirhams. We recommend changing money once here or using your ATM card. You will find exchange facilities and ATMs in the airport to get money out. You can also find ATMs in Agadir or Awrir. Surf Paradise Morocco don’t accept travellers cheques!

  • What about alcoholic drinks on a holiday to Morocco?

    We start to explain a funny fact: Tamraght is a dry town. This means that no store will sell alcohol here... But(!!) that does not mean that you can’t get alcohol. Alcohol is available in Agadir, in restaurants, cafe’s and you can buy it in the shop. It is allowed to drink alcohol in the surfcamp and it is nice to enjoy a drink after a good day surfing. You can also buy duty free before departing in the airport.

  • Can a woman go on surfholiday to Morocco?

    We get a lot of questions from girls wanting advice and looking for information on how to have a safe, trouble-free trip in Morocco, and what they have to know. Morocco is one of the most tolerant Muslim countries. You’re not the first woman to visit Morocco. Agadir and the Area of Tamraght is a European tourist destination and the locals will not be shocked by much. however we would ask that all our clients respect local customs. Our advice to our women guests: Dress modest, be aware (don’t go alone on the streets at night, don’t carry large sums of cash. ) and ignore if you get comments.

  • Can I bring my own surfboard on the surfholiday to Morocco?

    I have my own surfboard, can I bring it?

    Yes! If you have your own surfequipment you may bring it and you. Check your airline for the possibilities to bring your board on the flight.

  • What if the surfcamp is fully booked?

    We can write you down on the reservation list, so we will inform you as soon as there will be a spot available again!

  • How many persons stay at the surfcamp?

    We really love to get to know everybody and offer a personal unique service. Normally we have around 5 till 15 guests.  We have place for maximum 30 persons in our surfcamp. 

    Most of our guests are between 20 and 35 years old. 

    We always have solo travelers staying for a surfholiday in our surfcamp in Morocco

    60% of our guests are woman, 40% of our guests are man

  • What kind of guests stay in the surfcamp?

    We welcoming very often solo travelers in our shared room. The average age in the shared room is between 20 and 35 years old. There are both man and womans traveling alone.

    in our private rooms we welcoming couples, friends and in summertime a lot of families.

    We are not a party surfcamp, so no parties all night long, we like to have a drink after dinner time and it is always possible to go out in Agadir.
    From 22:00 - 08:00 we ask to respect the others and be quiet.

  • How do I travel to the surfcamp in Morocco for my next surftrip?

    You can choose to fly on Agadir airport (AGA) or to Marrakesh Airport (RAK). Agadir Airport is the easiest option for traveling to the surfcamp because this is only 1 hour driving from the surfcamp. Also the airport transfer is included in the price.

    If you fly to Marrakesh airport we can help you to arrange an transfer from Marrakesh to Agadir or you can take the bus. From Marrakesh it is 3,5 hours traveling to your final destination in Tamraght.

  • What is the cancallation policy?

    You book your package in advance. Till a week in advance you can cancel or change your package without getting charged. From 7 days before check-in to check-in or if you have already checked in, you must take into account extra costs.

A simple surfholiday to Taghazout Morocco with surflessons and accommodation

From €310.00

Go surfing, explore paradise valley and experience a sandboarding trip to the small sahara!

From €399.00

Surf 150KM of coastline in Morocco. Surfexperience needed

From €299.00