Visit Agadir


Meet the locals when we visit the big souk of Agadir. Experience the local culture and shop like Moroccans do! This souk is one of the biggest in Africa, so you can find everything you search for! In Agadir there are a lot of places to visit and to see so we will have a full program!

About Agadirview-Agadir

Agadir is a big city in the south of Morocco.  It is completely rebuild after a devastating earthquake in 1960. It is a modern city with a lot of resorts on the coastline where European tourist spending their holidays. You will find modern and touristic places in Agadir but you can also find the traditional lifestyle of the moroccans in this city! In this tour we’ll visit the big souk of Agadir. We’ll help you with finding the best souvenirs to take home! We’ll also visit the big and modern promenade on the coastline.

Other things to do in Agadir:

  • visit the old kasbah
  • go to the beach
  • eating fish on the fishmarket
  • drink beers in the english pub
  • visit the crocopark

Our visit will take around the 3hours. We’ll bring you by car and show you all the best places in the city. You get personal help with finding and buying some awesome souvenirs on the souk!


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