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Take your board and walk on the most fascinating coast-lines of the world. Everyday there opens up a new surfspot for you where you can take the perfect waves. See the most beautiful landscapes around you. discover the big contrasts of the Moroccan culture. Africa and Europe meet here in Morocco. Feel and enjoy the great hospitality and make a lot of wonderful new friends!

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During summertime it can be very hot in Morocco. The sea will give some cool air in the area of Tamraght. The waves are medium and the temperature off the water is warm. In wintertime the temperatures are perfect and you can enjoy a lot of sun. In the winter months you can find the best waves for beginners and advanced surfers. Also the rain is very rarely in Morocco so you will have great weather trough the whole year!


15 minutes to the North of Agadir you find a small and quiet village Tamraght. This is a typical traditional  fishing village. Tamraght is the ideal place for sunny beach and surfing holidays. Take a 5 minute walk to the beautiful banana beach and surfspot croco. In this village you don’t find other tourists but friendly Moroccans.



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