At this very moment we are proud to inform you that we are opening Surf Paradise Morocco. Suzanne and Zouhairs passion for Morocco, surfing and travelling has brought us to start this project. Surfing is our love and we want to share it’s deepSuzanne and Zouhair passion with the rest of the world. Many people are still unfamiliar with this beautiful country. Morocco therefore isn’t very touristic yet. This inspires us even more to let you het a taste of the beautiful moroccan culture with all it’s beauty. hospitality and rawness.


Suzanne and Zouhair

Suzanne is a Dutch Social worker. With her love for travelling she found Morocco. She build the bridge between the European standards and the Moroccan culture. Zouhair did surf his whole life. He has years off experience by teaching people to surf. Now he start his dream to open Surf Paradise Morocco. Read more personal stories in our blog!


Surf Paradise Morocco is a place where people come together, sharing their passions and inspirations. It is also the place for good food, nice weather and the best waves. Every day we go out to surf on the most amazing places in the area of Tamraght. together we can go on amazing day trips and activities. The accommodations are of the western Facilities and Moroccan hospitality. We would love to meet you in paradise! Read more about Morocco

Surf paradise Morocco is a happy place where you can be yourself and where it’s all about surfing!