Or better: The Surf Paradise Morocco Family!

Zouhir hnina

Zouhir is Moroccan surfchampion 2007 & 2008 and surfinstructor of Surf Paradise Morocco. He loves to share his deep passion for surfing with travellers from all over the world. Are you an intermediate or advanced surfer? Then you will definitely going to surf with Zouhir during the surfcoachings or surfguidings!

- Co-MANAGER, head surflessons -


Surfinstructor Surf Morocco

Our Nasser is a great surfer! A smile all day long, and loves to take you in the water. His enthausiastic vibe makes you fall in love with surfing even more, so you won’t be able to get out of the water with him on your side. Every day he serves you a cup of tea, and talks some English. He is on a internship with us and in the future he want to become a pro-surfer.



Suzanne Hnina

Dreaming about waves, Suzanne came to Morocco. She found love in the beautiful raw country and with the man of her dreams. Under the sun she was able to  helping with the set up of Surf Paradise Morocco. Nowdays she is in contact with you online, is doing all website related aspects and organisation. You will definitely meet her in the surfcamp, she loves to tell about her great stories of her Morocco & surf experiences!

- Co-Manager & online contact -


Meet Chadisha! This happy soul from Tamraght serves you the best breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you are lucky you get to taste her delicious home made cake during your stay.

If you are looking for her, you will find her in the kitchen!

- Chef -


On first sight Salah looks like a serious man. But if you take a closer look and get to know him better you will find out how funny he is and that he loves to dance while driving you to the surfspot of the day.

Salah is also a great and passionated surfer who loves to teach you how to surf! He is very patient and kind in the water 🙂

- Surfinstructor & driver -


Mostar is the cat of the house. He is originally from the Netherlands but  emigrated to Morocco at the age of 12 together with his owner Suzanne. In the beginning quite a bit shy but as soon as he knows you a little he will be found on your lap every day. 

- hugger -


Chef surfcamp

Meet Zaia from Rabat. She will make sure that your stay in the Surfcamp is an unique experience. Always happy and trying to make you as comfortable as possible. Behind her beautiful smile you will find a party woman that loves to dance!

- Interior Manager -


If you meet Tarik you will see the true passion of surfing in his eyes. As surfinstructor of Surf Paradise Morocco he teaches you how to surf. With Tarik you can always joke around but having a serious conversation afterwards!

In his free time he is preparating and fixing surfboards. If you have any dings, just bring your board over to Tarik!

- Surfinstructor -


Fantastic girls and boys come over to Surf Paradise Morocco for workaways. They have all one thing in common: they love adventures and are eager to meet you and experiencing together an unforgettable time in Morocco!

The hosts

You will probably not meet Sarah but Sarah is the big brain in the organisation behind Surf Paradise Morocco. Always happy and loves coffee! If you want to spot Sarah you have to take a look at the beaches and surfspots in Holland!



Jeroen makes the international connections between the different surfcamps & surf schools, he likes to travel and trips and the different locations arranged!



This colorful team works at the office behind the computer to take care of all online affairs. Our secret: it’s always a party at our office!


I’ve tasted the freedom of living a genuine life by surfing: We throw the door wide open and say welcome, who-ever you are or where you coming from. It is all about experiencing the stoke of surfing together!