Surftrips to Morocco

Surftrips to Morocco - A real adventure

Are you looking for your next surftrip destination? Look no further! Morocco is the ultimate surf destination for all levels and can be visited all year round. Morocco is only a few hours flying away from Europe and offers summer temperatures all year round. On a surftrip to Morocco you dive into a big adventure in a beautiful country where you can discover the colorful Berber culture and experience adventures in beautiful nature!

Fly towards: Agadir (AGA)
Stay in village: Tamraght or Taghazout (our surfcamp ofcourse!)
Best time to visit:  Winter time
Surflevel: Beginner to advanced

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Surflessons in Morocco

When to go on your next surftrip?

A surftrip to Morocco is possible all year round. The winter provides a bigger swell and the summer time a smaller swell. In winter time the tempratures don’t drop below the 20 degrees! Want to know what season suits your ultimate surftrip to Morocco? Surf Paradise Morocco is helping you out to make the right choice! Read here everything about surf seasons in Morocco

Surf the waves of your life

Choosing the right holiday for the whole family is not always easy. Each family member has his own preferences. A family surftrip is a fantastic option for active and adventurous families. From the age of 6, the children can participate in the daily surf lessons.

Are you 16+ and want to learn to surf this summer? Surf Paradise Morocco offers fantastic surf trips for young people to the south of Morocco.

surf and travel

A surftrip has never been so cheap! The surf & stay surf holiday is the perfect budget surftrip option for surfers who want to cut costs. Surf every day, get quality surflessons and stay at the surfcamp. Your complete surf holiday for only 40 per day!

Learn to surf in the surfers paradise in Morocco. These surf trips are specially designed to teach you how to surf like a pro!

Wondering why Morocco is an excellent surftrip for beginner surfers? There are many different sandy beaches with suitable waves, sunshine all year round and temperatures that do not drop below 20 degrees!

The surftrips for beginner surfers are designed in such a way that you get the best offer to get you surfing on a board as quickly as possible. This means many hours in the water, surf lessons from qualified surf instructors, excellent surf equipment and everything organized and a great surf culture with like-minded people!

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The surftrips for intermediate surfers are designed for surfers looking to fine-tune their surfing ability and take it to the next level. Our instructors will join you in the water, analyze each wave you catch and provide detailed feedback to help you reach your surfing goals.

Surftrips for advenced surfers

Morocco offers an incredible amount of fantastic surf spots that are mainly centered around Taghazout area. Many pro surfers preceded you and recently Morocco was the scene of the world surf competition.
It is not without reason that Morocco is such a fantastic surfing destination for advanced surfers. However, you need to know where you can find exactly the right surf spots. 

That is why Surf Paradise Morocco offers a weekly surftrip for advanced surfers (for maximum 10 persons per week). During this week you will surf the best, secret and most famous surf spots of Morocco and we will search with you for the waves of your life!

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Looking for your next surf trip Here you are in the right place! Our all-inclusive surf trip package is the perfect option if you are looking for a complete surf holiday.

Follow the daily surf lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced surfers, taste the most delicious dishes from the Moroccan kitchen and let us take you on fantastic adventures in the area!

Everything is arranged for you from the arrival at the airport till the departure on the end of your surftrip. So you dive into a carefree surf adventure that is suitable for solo travelers, groups of friends or families!

A surf trip to Morocco to surf every day and stay in an awesome surf camp in Taghazout area.
During this surf trip you use the simple formula: surf and accommodation. 

This means that you can participate in the daily surf lessons for beginner surfers, intermediate surfers or advanced surfers at the surf school in Tamraght and stay at the oceanview surfcamp, also 2 meals per day are included in your package.

This package is perfect for those that looking for a budget surf holiday option and want quality surflessons!

surf and travel

Morocco is so much more than just a fantastic coastline, always sunshine and perfect waves. Besides surfing, there are a lot of adventurous activities to do to discover the real Morocco.

This surftrip is composed in such a way that besides surfing you do super fun things such as an expedition to Paradise Valley, visiting the souks in Agadir and sand boarding in the Small Sahara. This way you will discover even more of Morocco!

Did you already know that yoga and surfing go great together? In this surf and yoga retreat to Morocco you can discover how these two sports are combined.

Surfcamp surftrips

Our surf house is located at the coastline of Tamraght, A stone’s throw away from world class beach breaks like Devils Rock and Banana beach.

Read more about the surfcamp →

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Your next surftrip to Taghazout

Taghazout is the center of surfing in Morocco. Here it’s all about surfing. This small village can be found in the South of Morocco and is a great place for your next surf trip. Do you like to stay in a bit more quiet and relaxed area? Then Tamraght or Imi Ouaddar are great options!


Read more about Taghazout 

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Endless surfing with fantastic people!

What an extraordinary, life-changing experience. Thanks to surf camp Surf Paradise I made some fantastic friends, regained my sense of adventure and finally got into the water for endless surfing. - Casper -

guests surfcamp morocco

I really felt at home here!

From the moment I arrived until the day I left, everyone really made me feel at ease! It was a very warm welcome to the surf camp in Morocco and I have very nice friends left over from this trip. I discovered a lot of the local culture and at the same time learned to surf as a novice surfer. I highly recommend if you want to learn to surf in a fun way and visit the area around Agadir. I will definitely be back. - Kiara -

Surfer that is surfing in Taghazout, Morocco. Nice waves and swell during a surfcamp in Morocco