Surfcamp in Morocco in 2020

Surf camp in Morocco

Making surf as your new goal in 2020? Come visit our English-Moroccan surf camp in Morocco in 2020!

Warm, colorful Morocco is a country with endless surf spots and world-class waves. This surfing destination is only 3 hours flying from Europe and can be visited all year round, so now fly to Morocco for your next surfing adventure.


The surf camp 2020

Our small-scale surf camp in Morocco is all about surfing. Moreover, it is a place where you can feel at home and meet other surfers. The luxury residence has a sea view and a beautiful tropical garden.

surfcamp 2020
Surfcamp in Marokko Team

Welcome to surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco!

Our team is ready to teach you how to surf and show the best of Morocco. We are a group of passionate surfers from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Morocco who will take you on an unforgettable surfing trip.

So are you looking for a small-scale, personal, fun surf camp in Morocco? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Are you currently planning your next surftrip? Read the surf & travel guide!

2020 your surfyear!

Make 2020 your surfyear! Surfing is such an exiting sport in witch you can find so much joy, to conext with the ocean. So let’s get stoked, dive deep into a surf adventure and visit Morocco for a unbelievable surftrip!

 Surf Paradise Morocco is offering great opportunities for surftrips for both beginner, intermediate or advanced surfers. 

The surfcamp in Morocco is offering in 2020 a fantastic range of surftrips, surfholidays and surfcamp packages. Many surfers did go before you, from single travelers to families and couples or groups of friends.

The surfcamp is open all year long so you can enjoy both summer or wintertime under the Moroccan sun with the Atlantic coastline on just a stone-throws away!


Surf lessons Morocco
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Small-scale and personal

We want to get to know you! In our small-scale surf camp you get to know the locals and other surfers and we have a fantastic time together. You arrive as a guest but you leave as a good friend.

Private surflessons

Surf lessons from a champion!

Learn to surf faster and better through the surf lessons of our surfing instructor Zouhir. Zouhir is a Moroccan surf champion and has been playing at national and international level for years. He likes to share his great passion with all starting, intermediate or advanced surfers in our surf camp. Together with the team of qualified surf instructors, he knows better than anyone how you can learn to surf quickly.

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Where the average surf camp goes left, we go right. Outside the beaten tourist paths, we look for those hidden gems of surf spots where you are alone in the line-up. We want you to taste the real Morocco. With us you discover the raw real Morocco what we call paradise.

Surf as much as possible!

You are visiting Morocco to fully enjoy the waves? So what if you have time to surf from sunrise to sunset? Our program is structured in such a way that you have a complete surfing day with endless surfing lessons or surf coaching. The more hours you are in the water, the faster you learn!


From our surf camp we have a beautiful view over the entire bay of Taghazout and Tamraght. From here we can check the waves from sunrise to sunset. Stay in private or shared rooms from where you can view the sea.

surrf camp Morocco 2020

Join us on a surfcamp adventure on your next surfholiday!

Experience a surfing vacation you will never forget. Learn to surf on the best waves and the most beautiful beaches. The surf instructors are there to teach you the art of surfing with passion. Together they are in the water with you so that you are on your board with a big smile in no time!

Join us!

The surfcamp in Morocco

Learn to surf in 2020

Is 2020 the year that you want to learn how to surf? What a great goal to get to know this fantastic sport! Learning how to surf is easy if you are coached by experienced teachers. They will teach you the basics of:

1. What is the right position on your board?

2.How to stand up

3. How to surf down the line

In this easy steps you learn how to surf! Surfing is a great sport for children starting from 6 years old and you never get too old!

Also if you are not so sporty you can go surfing and find balance in the water. We are sure you will get amazed by the ocean, the waves and the nature around you + you will get addicted of the fantastic sport!

Do you want to learn how to surf in sunny Morocco? Find out more about our surf school in Morocco!


surf morocco 2022
surf in Morocco

Or surf the waves of your life!

Morocco has a beautiful coastline full of great surf spots. Do you want to discover these surf spots this year and surf the waves of your life?
First, make sure you are in the right season! Take a guide and rent a sign to start your adventure.

Make sure you leave at least 1 week to surf the south of Morocco.

The surfschool

Surf Paradise Morocco offers daily surfing courses from qualified surf instructors. Beginners, advanced and advanced are welcome in the surf school.

At the surf school of Surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco we give lessons in small groups and we focus on your personal level so we can connect the lessons closely to your personal growth and that’s why you learn to surf like a pro!

In addition to learning to surf, we share our great passion and find it the most important thing that everyone with a big smile is on the surfboard!

Wanna find out how the swell will be during your surftrip? Check out the surf forecast!

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The surfcamp in Morocco packages

Paradise Valley

Adventure Package

Discover the most beautiful places in Morocco with adventurous activities. Surfing, sand boarding in the Little Sahara and cliff diving in the Paradise Valley. This week is for everyone who enjoys an active holiday. Are you the daredevil?

65€ per day 399€ per week

Surf & Yoga

Relax, enjoy and experience a fantastic surfing and yoga vacation. This package offers a perfect balance between activities and moments. Immerse yourself in the world of surfing combined with yoga on the edge of the Sahara!

60€ per day 399€ per weeke

Surf in Morocco

Surf & Stay

The simple accommodation + surf package for beginners and advanced. Stay in the surf camp and eat 2 meals a day!

50€ per day 339€ per wee

Complete surfpackage

Your all-in surf package. This package contains everything a surfer needs! Daily surf lessons and coaching, 3 meals a day and airport transfers. This package is for surfers who just can’t get enough of surfing!

65€ per day 439€ per week

surf morocco


Are you looking for a real surfing adventure? The surf guide offers everything for experienced surfers! Make a surf guide with Surf Paradise Morocco and explore 150 km of coastline in the south of Morocco. Surf every day and find the best waves!

60€ per day 399€ per week

Surfer that is surfing in Taghazout, Morocco. Nice waves and swell during a surfcamp in Morocco