Surf this winter in Morocco

The perfect winter holiday destination for surfers!

Surfing in Morocco in winter

Surf destination Morocco can be visited for a surfholiday all year long. Every surfseason has its pro’s and cons. But why is the winter surf Morocco so famous and popular? What are the best place to surf this winter in Morocco? After reading the complete guide about winter surf in Morocco you know exactly where to surf this winter to find the perfect waves for your surflevel!

Winter season in Morocco:
November, December, January, February

Best surf destination for the winter in Morocco:
The South of Morocco (Taghazout, Dakhla)

Winter in Morocco surfing
Surf winter Morocco

1. Winter surf Morocco: Waves in morocco

While the summer brings small to medium swell to the coastline, in the winter waves in Morocco can get big! The swell is doing it’s magic from November till February. The main difference why the swells getting big in wintertime are the currents and winds on the Atlantic ocean are changing direction towards the coastline. Even storms that are hundreds of kilometers away from the coastline can bring strong swells! Especially medium to advanced surfers are very happy that they can surf this waves in Morocco!

Surfspots that only can be surfed in winter

Some surfspots need bigger swells to give some decend surfable waves. This means that most of the year it is flat on this spots but in wintertime this is changing. 

This are surfspots that only work in wintertime:

Find out more about the surf holidays to Agadir, Morocco!

2. Winter surf Morocco: Surflevels

When reading about the surf in winter in Morocco you might think: I’m not that good in surfing?! is there anything to surf for my surflevel?

Beginner surf in winter

Almost 80% of the people that visiting Morocco for a surf holiday in the winter are beginners. They have never surfed before or only a few times. For a beginner surfing in Morocco in winter (from November till February) is a fantastic experience aswell! Because the coastline has so many different surfspots and beaches there is always some places with small waves. Every kind of surfspot needs other conditions to create big swells. Most of the time we find waves that are good for beginner surfers in protected bays or sandy beaches. The main key for beginner surfers in winter time is to search for broken waves that are rolling systematically towards the coastline.

Surfspots that beginner surfers can surf in Winter in Morocco:

  1.  Camel beach
  2.  km 12
  3.  Agadir beach


  • For beginner surfers there are plenty of options in wintertime.
  • Make sure to surf on broken waves
  • Take surflessons for beginner surfers 
Surflessons for beginners in Morocco
Imesouane Maroc surf a Taghazout

2. Winter surf Morocco: Surflevels

Intermediate surf in winter

Surfers from intermediate level can go every directlion they want to! Depending on your level you can surf on surfspots with small reefbreaks or beachbreaks to practice catching open waves. As intermediate surfer you are looking for surfspots with waves that are not too strong and not breaking fast. It is also getting more and more important to surf in the right times because in high tide the waves are stronger and it is easier to catch a waves as in low tide.

Surfspot’s for intermediate surfers that work in winter:

  1.  Devil’s rock
  2.  Imesouane
  3.  Anza


  • As intermediate surfer all surfseasons are perfect in Morocco 
  • Every time you go surfing, make sure you surf in the right tides (you can check the tides in Magicseaweed) The tide is working different on every surfspot!
  • Always ask locals about reefs and currents on the spot that you will be surfing on because some surfspots may have some reefs under the surface.

2. Winter surf Morocco: Surflevels

Advanced surf in winter

Exporing the coastline of Morocco and find those dream waves… this is what you will do during the advanced surfguidings of Surf Paradise Morocco. We surf on flexible times between sunrise and sunset to find the combination between perfect tides, perfect swell and right surfspot. A local guide that is also national surfchampion will bring you to the best surfspots possible!

Surfspots that work for expert surfers in winter:

  1. Anchor point
  2. Killer point
  3. La Source


  • There are many places where the surf will work for you in wintertime in Morocco
  • Plan your surftrip last minute and keep the current swell information besides your plan, like this you sure have some decent waves for your level!
  • Some surfspots can get very crowed because of their popularity, you can choose to surf the early mornings or late afternoons on this surfspots. Other less known surfspots are likely to be less crowded.
  • If you don’t take surfguidings, you should really rent a car to bring from surfspot to surfspot
Surf Taghazout winter

3. Winter surf Morocco: Temperatures and the water

Want to escape the cold? Morocco is just a few hours flying and has a perfect climate, because it is close to the equator and Sahara!

In the South of Morocco (Taghazout and Agadir area) it doesn’t get colder as 20 degrees! So this is perfect if you are seeking for good weather when it’s cold and rainy/snowing in your home-country. The water temprature is cooling down to 16 till 19 degrees in winter. A 3/2 wetsuit is a good tickness for this tempratures.

Weather in winter
During the day the sun is shining and in the sun it can get hot. A t-shirt and short is enough to wear in the sun. Also you can relax on the beach and get a tan (or burn). In the nights it is cooling down a lot and you should bring some warmer clothes such as a jacket, long pants and sweaters.


4. Winter surf Morocco: Christmas and new years eve celebrations in Morocco

You want to go to Morocco during Christmas or new years eve? In Morocco the celebrations of this days is not as big as in Europe. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing at all. Many times the hotels and surfcamps organise activities and parties. During new years eve there are many parties in the nightclubs in Agadir.

The great thing is that the weather is good and it is a totally new experience, to see a christmas tree with 20degrees and surfing all day long!

Surf winter in Morocco Christmas

5. Winter surf Morocco: surfholidays in wintertime

Looking for the perfect surfholiday this winter to Morocco? Here are our top winter surfholidays in our surfcamp!

If you are going for a winter surftrip to our surfcamp you want to surf as much as possible! With this surf holiday you will be in the water everyday from sunrise till sunset. The good thing is, all meals are included, all transport is included and your accommodation in the surfcamp in Morocco is also included! 🙂

winter surf Morocco Taghazout

A surftrip to Morocco on a budget? The surf & stay option in our surfcamp is a really afforable option! This package is the basics that all surfer needs: Accommodation, breakfast, surflessons and lunches. 

Paradise Valley winter

Not only the waves are on it’s best in wintertime, also the nature is greener than ever! Go with us on a big adventure and do more activities than just surfing: Cliffjumping in Paradise Valley, Sandboarding in the Small Sahara, visiting the souks of Agadir and more adventurous activities!

Making the surfcamp your new home for a few weeks up to 3 months. Living the surfers lifestyle and forget the cold winters in Europe. In Morocco we have the never ending summer and endless waves rolling in! 

6. Winter surf Morocco - Skip the cold European winter this year!

Do you want to skip the winter this year? Come surfing in our surfcamp in Taghazout, Morocco! We offer special packages for those who want to stay for a longer period in our surfcamp to travel slow and jump into the surfers life. You can really improve your surfing when surfing every day for a longer period of time, and the extra bonus, you leave the cold weather for the sunshine!

Co working in Morocco

Can you work online? Why not working from Morocco? Work under the warm Moroccan sun and take a break surfing or doing some yoga! Our surfcamp has multiple working areas. We have a strong wifi connection throughout the whole surfcamp up to 100 Mbps. Enjoy the laid back vibes in the surfcamp and check out how close the surfcamp is located from the beach… just a few minutes walking and you are at surfspot: Devil’s Rock! Get yourself treated well be enjoying our daily dinners at our rooftop whilst watching the sunsets into the ocean… you almost forgot it was a working day, it is pure magic!

Surf academy

Want to become an awesome surfer? Join our surf academy in Morocco! Staying from 3 weeks till 3 months in our surfcamp and follow the program of the surfacademy with other people that stay over a longer period of time. You will really dive deep into learning how to surf, and in the same time enjoying the awesome holiday vibes! If you are ready for it, you can even get your surf instructor certificate!

Accommodation for a longer period in the surfcamp this winter

Stay in the surfcamp this winter to surf, enjoy the good times and be free for whatever comes on your way. This is possible with our accommodation only package! Book this package for as long as you want, and decide by yourself when you want to join the surf, meals or other activities and when you do your own thing!


Fun winter time morocco surfing
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