The best surf lessons in Agadir - Learn to surf like a pro!

Learn to surf in sunny Morocco with the surf lessons in Agadir!

Surf lessons in Agadir (Morocco)

Agadir has the perfect beaches and waves for surfing! Surfing is an adventure and sport and activity that can be done perfectly on your vacation. Are you staying in Agadir and want to learn to surf? Then join our Surf lessons in Agadir and in no time you will be surfing as a pro!

  • Available every day
  • For young and old surfers (age from 7 years)
  • Beginner surf lessons and intermediate surf lessons
  • Pick up from your hotel in Agadir included
  • 5 hours of surfing a day
surf in agadir
Surf Agadir surf lessons

Surflessons on your level

Beginner surf lessons

Have you never surfed or only a few times? Then you can join our beginners surf lessons in Agadir. In these surf lessons you will learn the basics of surfing: What is the correct position on your surfboard? How do you stand on your surfboard? and how do you surf your first wave? During the beginners surf lessons there is always a theoretical part and a practical part. During the practical part in the water, the surf instructor will go into the water with you to guide you.

Intermediate surf lessons

Have you surfed before and would you like to take your surfing level to a higher level? Then join the intermediate surf lessons from our surf school in Agadir. You will learn to surf open waves and surf all the way out to the beach. You can also focus on making your first turns! The surf instructor will accompany you to the lineup from where he will coach you.

All surf lessons in Agadir:

  • Surf in small groups (maximum 6 people per instructor)
  • Surf lessons at your own level
  • Surf instructors with ISA surf certificate
  • Surf lessons at the best surf spot with the best waves

Let's go surfing in sunny Morocco!

Surfing is a great activity for children! Children from 6 years old can participate in the children’s surf lessons in Agadir. The lessons are specially designed for a safe and fun surf lesson for children.
The lessons use hand gestures and as little spoken language as possible, so that children from all countries can participate! Lessons are given in English, French or Arabic. A requirement for kids surf lessons in Agadir is that the kids can swim and feel comfortable in the sea with small waves.

  • Available daily
  • From 10:00 – 16:00
  • A parent must be present
Surf lessons Agadir children
children surf lessons in Agadir

The instructors

The surf lessons are given by surf instructors who are all certified with their ISA diploma. In addition, they are motivated and enthusiastic instructors who want to pass on their love for their sport. The team is led by National Surfing Champion: Zouhir. He ensures that we offer the highest possible quality surf lessons in Agadir and the surrounding area!

What is including in the surf lessons in Agadir?

The following things are included in the surflessons in Agadir:

  • Pick up from your hotel in Agadir
  • Transport to the surfspot of the day
  • 2 surflessons per day of 2 hours
  • High quality surfequipment (wetsuit & surfboard)
  • A surfers lunch on the beach
  • Beach material such as a parasol
surf lessons in Agadir Taghazout
Surfcamp in Morocco. girls on the beach during a surflesson. Guests enjoy their surf holiday in Morocco!

Surf Paradise guarantees

Surf lessons in Agadir beginner

Prices of surflessons in Agadir

1 Day surflessons in Agadir: 40€ p.p.
1 Day beginner surflessons in Agadir with equipment rental: 50€ p.p.


Do you want to surf for more than 1 day or with several people? Then you often get a discount! Send us a message and we will calculate the costs for you!

The surf in Agadir

The Agadir area is internationally known for its good surf! The waves roll in consistently all year round, which means lots of surfing fun! Agadir has many surf spots where you can surf. This means that there is always a spot that fits your level. Whether you are a beginner who needs easy waves, or you are an advanced surfer looking for a challenge in a wave. The surf in Agadir has it!

De surfseasons in Agadir: Morocco is surfable all year long. In winter time the strongest swells are rolling in
The surfspots: Agadir area has over 30 surfspots within 30 minutes driving
Surflessons in Agadir: surflessons on ever level!

Check current swell in Agadir here

Surf camp Agadir
Surf lessons Agadir Marokko

The surfschool in Agadir

The surf school in Agadir gives daily surf lessons in Agadir for young and old, beginners and advanced, and for surfers from many different countries!
Our surf lessons are based on:
1. Quality
2. Safety
3. Fun

We think it is important that you learn to surf in a good way, which is why we spend a lot of time training the surf instructors. We use the 3-step method for the beginner surf lessons. In addition, we only surf at surf spots that offer good waves at your level. Your safety always comes first in the lessons. That is why we work in small groups and the surf instructor is in the water with you. We also have softboards that are suitable for falling without hurting yourself.
Finally, we believe that surfing is all about having fun. If you have enough fun in the water, you will automatically learn to surf! The best surfer is the one who has the most fun!

Surf holidays to Agadir

Are you ready to jump into the surf adventure and take daily surf lessons? Then stay at our surf camp in Agadir to live the ultimate surfing experience!
We offer different surf holidays to Morocco: from 3 days to 3 months!

Surf à Taghazout, Maroc

Do you want to surf as much as possible?! With this surf holiday you will be in the water everyday from sunrise till sunset. The good thing is, all meals are included, all transport is included and your accommodation in the surfcamp in Morocco is also included! 🙂

winter surf Morocco Taghazout

Looking for a surfholiday to Morocco on a budget? The surf & stay option in our surfcamp is a really afforable option! This holiday has the basics that all surfers needs: Accommodation, breakfast, surflessons and lunches. 

Paradise Valley winter

Not only the waves are great in Morocco, also the nature in the mountains are beautiful! Go with us on adventurous activities and do more activities than just surfing: Cliffjumping in Paradise Valley, Sandboarding in the Small Sahara, visiting the souks of Agadir and more! Like this you will find the best and most adventurous activities in Morocco!

Making the surfcamp your new home for a few weeks up to 3 months. Living the surfers lifestyle and forget the cold times in Europe. In Agad ri we having the never ending summer and endless waves rolling in! 

Nice to meet you (your surfinstructors)

We are Suzanne and Zouhir, Zouhir is 2 times national surfchampion and Suzanne just crazy about surfing!

Come to surf with us in the surf lessons in Agadir here the surf is consistent, surf equimpent quality is solid, learning to surf is simple, and we have always fun in and out the water!

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