Book and give back!

When booking a holiday at Surf Paradise Morocco you directly give back to charity projects to support locals and keep the environment clean! We think that it is important that surfers and yogi’s go on mindful holiday and work together to make this world a better place! 

Charity Projects
EURO donated!

On a daily scale...

After seeing so many abuses in the tourism industry (yes, also in the surfcamp industry), we felt that it was time to stand up and do something together! 

That is why giving back has always been at the core of what we do. Over the last 2 years, we’ve partnered with 9 charities around in Morocco to donate nearly 2000€ to causes you care about. We’re always striving to do more and are constantly on the lookout for more charities that can benefit from Surf Paradise Morocco. 

The spirit of Surf Paradise Morocco

Book your holiday at Surf Paradise Morocco and you automatically support these projects. Your money goes to people in the area in need, (Single mothers, young people with disabilities, orphans, or the elderly). You contributes to keep the ocean and beaches clean, protects the endangered argan forests, and support with animal welfare in Morocco.


Our approach to Sustainability


At Surfcamp Surf Paradise Morocco we recycle waste, to use it for our ecologic garden.

Take a look in our organic garden! And help us to reduce your waste!

sustainable stay

The surfhouse is builded to create a natural comfortable aircondioned climate inside of the house. We reduce our use of electricity by using solar panels to warm our water.

Please think about your electricity use during your stay with us! Switch the lights off when leaving your room.

Local products

We only use local organic products to prepare our meals. Vegetables from our own garden, bread made by the womans from the village, and home made cheese

Learn how to prepare Moroccan tajines on our weekly cooking courses!


We work with local staff to empower the village. We pay fair salaries, and give them opportunities to grow. At our surfcamp you will meet the locals and dive into their world.

soon: visit locals for a in-house restaurant!

We believe that small acts, done by single people can be multiplied with a group and transform the world!

Start your journey!