Learn to surf in sunny Taghazout

Would you love to learn how to surf? Dive into the ocean, peddling out, taking some waves and relaxing at the beach afterwards? 

Why Morocco?

Ever tought about a surfing in Morocco? Probably not! But Morocco has so much to offer for beginning surfers! The coastline is filled with fantastic surfspots, for every level there is a place. 

On the beginner surfspots you will find yourself in perfect easy going waves. They role in, in easy lines, so you can prepare yourself for the next wave. It is important for beginner surfers to have a save underground. A sandy beachbreak is a great place to start!

The area of Tamraght & Taghazout is famous for it’s waves. This beautiful surfersvillages are full of relaxed surfvibes, so it is a great place to spend a fantastic time after surfing, meet other people and enjoy the beachculture.  The villages are located on the edge of the Sahara and the ends of the High Atlas. This gives a spectacular and diverse nature. From every corner you will be amazed by the fantastic views! To make it even better:
Morocco has all year round great tempratures. Even in the wintertime the temprature is around 23degrees. The water don’t get colder then 16degrees! Agadir is our most close-by airport, the flights from Europe are really cheap plus it is only a few hours away! 

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The trilling feeling of catching your first wave. Surfing is a fantastic sport that combines the elements of the nature ocean and beach with a really intense and active sport. 

The riding of waves has likely existed since humans began swimming in the ocean. In this sense, bodysurfing is the oldest type of wave-catching. Standing up on what is now called a surfboard is a relatively recent innovation developed by the Polynesians. The influences for modern surfing can be directly traced to the surfers of pre-contact Hawaii.

Stay in the beachfront surfhouse

Stay at our beachfront surfhouse. Everything is about surfing here. And how nice is it, to meet other like-minded beginner surfers to share your first surfexperiences with! 

The surfhouse is a beautiful homely guesthouse with tropical garden and spectaculair view on Taghazout Bay.
The house is decorated in a traditional Moroccan style and there is European equipment. Choose between private or shared rooms for your stay and experience with us the endless summer!

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learn to surf in easy steps

Surfing can be experienced as a really difficult thing to learn. You keep on struggelling and get washed away by the strong ocean. There are a lot of variable factors but you can’t focus on everything in the same time. It feels that there are to many things to keep in your mind. 

At Surf Paradise Morocco we use our beginners method to learn how to surf. It is easy and approachable for everyone! We work with 3 steps and 3 focus points:

Our 3 step methode

Tips for your first surflesson

  1. Be in shape. Because surfing is a really intense sport, it is handy to train in advance. It makes it much more easier if you have a good condtition and power in your arms to peddle. 
  2. Take it easy! You will not be a pro-surfer on the end of the first surflesson, either we have seen many people that are worse then you, so relax!
  3. We think that the most imporant thing is, that you have fun in the water! Enjoy the views, the sun, the 10.000 times falling down … don’t take it too serious and be in the moment.
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A typical surfday at Surf Paradise Morocco

The surfschool is started by Pro-surfer Zouhir, he is delighted to share his deep passion of surfing with you! All our surflessons are given by ISA certificated and experienced surfinstructors. We find it really important that you will learn on a fast, save and easy way! During the surfprogram we focussing on your personal growth and get the most out of your time in Morocco, plus we also don’t forget to have endless fun!

A typical surfday:
09:30 –
Tide and swell check
10:30 – 
Transport to the best surfspot of the day
11:00 – 
Surfers Warming up
11:30 – Surf theory
12:00 – Practice in the water
13:30 – Beachlunch and break

14:30 – surflesson part 2
16:00 – Feedback and fun on the beach


Plan Your Next Holiday

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What Our other guests say


From the moment I arrived until the day I left, everybody really made me feel at home! I strongly recommend if you ever want to get into surfing & visit the area surrounding Agadir. I will definitely return sometime.

Lizzie Thompson

What an extraordinary, life changing, life enhancing experience. Thanks to Surf Paradise I have made a bunch of extraordinary friends, was able to find my zest for adventure again and finally get into the water to do some surfing.

Emma Velasquez

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