Where can I surf in Morocco?

Surf in Morocco? Is it possible and where can I surf in Morocco?

Where to go surf in Morocco?

Morocco has a coastline from the North to the South. It is bordering the Atlantic Ocean. (The North coast is bordering the Mediterranean Sea.)The Atlantic Ocean is very suitable for surfing due to the constant swells. The Mediterranean Sea is not so suitable for surfing because it is almost never producing enough swell for surfing.

Morocco is located next to Portugal, and Portugal is one of the most famous surf destinations in the world. Morocco and Portugal sharing the same kind of waves, so you can imagine the waves are great! The big difference between Portugal and Morocco is that Morocco is warmer during wintertime, and Morocco is not so famous for surfing (yet).

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Where to surf? Taghazout

Even though you can surf along the complete coastline from North to South pf Morocco, the most famous destination for surfing in Morocco is Taghazout. If you want to surf in Morocco it is a great idea to visit Taghazout and it’s area. This are 3 reasons why Taghazout is so famous for a surf holiday:

  • it has around 25 different surf spots within 30minutes driving (for beginner surfers, intermediate surfers and advanced surfers there are surf spots)
  • It is year round fantastic weather (temperatures don’t drop below 20degrees)
  • The surf community is very alife in Taghazout and area

Other good options for surfing in Morocco are:

  •  Rabat/Casablanca: during your visit to these large cities you can enjoy a day of surfing! There are several surf schools and there are also plenty of surf spots
  •   Dakhla: it might be a long trip to Dakhla, but then you have a very special surf destination! Snow-white beaches and a beautiful environment. The waves are fantastic too and the lineup is empty.
  • Safi: here you can find one of the strongest waves in Morocco!    
  • Imesouane: especially known among longboarders. It is about 1 hour north of Taghazout and a great surf destination for a day of surfing! Furthermore, life is simple in Imesouane and there is not much to experience. If you like a peaceful and quiet holiday destination then Imesouane is perfect for you!
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Where can I find the most famous surfspots of Morocco?

So Morocco has great surf and many good surf spots. But what are the most famous surf spots?

  1. Anchor point: Located close to Taghazout
  2. Killer Point, also close to Taghazout
  3. Imesouane, due to it’s magical long waves