Surf guiding in Morocco for experienced surfers


Find the perfect wave in Morocco - surf guiding in Morocco for experienced surfers

Surf guiding in Morocco

With over 20 years experience in this area, our surfguides knows exactly where to find the best places to find the best surfconditions with the lightest crowds. 

Our team of Moroccan pro-surfers who surf in national and international competitions are always searching for the right waves to prepare themselves for their next competition. During the surfguiding they will take you to that spots that are suitable for advanced surfers.

We go further, deeper into the sahara, and willing to spend all our time and energy to find this one perfect uncrowded wave.We are so passionate about the region and its unlimited surf potential, that our team would love to take you there!

Several pro-surfers such as Heidar Lotfi, Yasin Ramdani, and Sofie Mulano have already surfed with us, but you do not have a pro-surfer to go with us on surfguiding to find this perfect waves. 

surf guiding in Morocco - for who?

It is important for your savety and enjoyment that you surf on your level. Being on the right program makes sure that you can focus on your own goals by surfing waves that suits your ability.

Are you an intermediate surfer?
– You can surf open waves
– You can successfully paddle out alone
– You can catch and ride waves to a logical finish frontside or backside
– You feel confident at beachbreak surfspots
– You know the savety rules in the water and surf etiquettes 

– You can surf all kind of waves of different sizes
– You can duckdive easily
– You feel confident at surfspots never ridden before on reefbreaks or pointbreaks 
– You can  confidently using a full range of turns in a distinctive, effective style. 

what surfspots do we surf?

To find the perfect wave, many different factors have to come together. The right swell, current, wind and tides on the right break can create a fantastic interplay of waves all at that one single moment. That is why we travel often to unknown surf spots in the far North or South of Taghazout.

You might have heard about surfspots: La Source, Killer Point, Anchor point or Mistery. You will definitely surf this spots!

Want to learn more about the surfspots of Morocco? Read our Morocco surfspot guide!

Surf safari's

Surf Paradise Morocco goes further, deeper and extremer to find those perfect waves! Because we have this big passion within our blood we do everything we can to experience this unique feeling of surfing a perfect wave and being alone in the line-up. 

We organise weekly surf safari’s to surfspots off the beaten path. This means that we surf on surfspots that nobody knows yet. The surfspots are not easy to reach and we just jump every week in another adventure!

Swell information

Morocco is famous for the long right points light up during the autumn, winter and spring. Summer can be flat for long periods. Swells track north down the coast from the productive Atlantic and having propagated so far from their source are mostly of a long period. Dominant winds are from the north-west to north-east and anything that has even a fraction of east in it can set the whole region pumping. The main spots are focused around towns such as Agadir and Taghazoute leaving miles of empty coastline, especially to the south, open to exploration. Sea temperatures vary between 16 and 22°C/61 to 72°F


Practical info - surf guiding in MOROCCO

Groupsize: Max 6 students per surfguiding group
Surfinstructor: Zouhir and his team, all ISA certificated surfguides.
Duration: 5 hours guiding per day! Times are depending on the tides, from sunrise till sunset. Our surfguides are available all day round.
Waves: Avanced waves in the area of Taghazout, Tamraght, Tamri, and Tifnit
– Transport to/from the best surf spots in the area
– Personal surfguide from dawn to dusk
– Yummy Beachlunch

Price: 30€ per day per person

Extra’s to add:
Add a softboard + wetsuit to your surf guiding: + 10€
Add a hard surfboard + wetsuit to your surf guiding: +15


Surf in Marokko

Looking for an awesome surf guiding holiday to find the best surfspots possible?