Surfinstructor course in Morocco

Surf instructor course in morocco

Becoming a great surfinstructor on the surfinstructor course! You’re looking for a 12-week epic surf adventure in Morocco? You want sandy beaches to be your lifetime office like ours? Look no further! We provide you that dream at Surf Paradise. Live the dream and become a surf instructor in our 3 months instructor course!

480€ per week

Aktivitäten und Surfen

  • Surflessons
  • Surfequipment 
  • Breakfast, lunch dinner


  • Shared room in the surfcamp in Morocco

Dieser Trip ist für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet

Dauer der Reise

    • 3 months (84 nights)
Group size: max. 10 px.
Suitable for single travelers and gap year students

A surfadventure is waiting for you!

Extra activities during the surf instructor course

Expedition Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a beautiful oase in the mountains of Morocco. We take a daytrip in the first month of the surf instructor course in Morocco to go hiking, swimming and exploring this beautiful area. Wondering around in a place that once Jimi Hendrix named “Paradise Valley”.


Paradise Valley Surf instructor course daytrip
Extra activities surf instructor course

Another cool activity during the surf instructor course

Sandboarding in der Kleinen Sahara

A visit to Morocco is not complete without a visit to the Sahara. We will do this in a small trip to the small Sahara, which is about a 30-minute drive from our surf camp. Here we are going to try something totally new: sandboarding! It’s fun, it’s beautiful and we’re going to enjoy the sunset here. A great way to end the day.

Surftips during the surf instructor course

Surftrip to Imesouane

Imesouane has world class waves, and you should definitely surf these on your surf trip to Morocco! The surf spot La Bay in Imesouane is perfect to practice surfing open waves, you will also go to Imesouane at the end of the first month, so that you can really practice this. During our surf trip to Imesouane we will organize a delicious fish BBQ and discover the surfers village!

Imesouane surftrip
Roadtrip Legzira surf instructor course Morocco

4 Day roadtrip during the surf instructor course

Road trip to Legzira - a new world to discover

During the surf instructor course you will also do a multiple day road and surftrip to Sidi Ifni and Legzira. We leave early in the morning to drive into the mountains. We drive along breathtaking casbahs between the mountains, over small mountain paths and winding roads to the south. We will stop regularly to take pictures. The first night we sleep in Tafraoute. The next day we heading to the stunning beaches of Sidi Ifni, Legzira and Mirleft where many undiscovered surf spots can be surfed. Ofcourse we surf as much as possible to train on different waves and swells. We stay on a campingsite and sleep in a basic bungalow with the other participants. In the night we end the day with a nice campfire on the beach.

The perfect gap year program: surf instructor course in Morocco

Learn to surf and have awesome adventures on your gap year to Morocco! You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time and meet lots of like-minded people as you learn how to surf like a pro. We believe the surf instructor course in Morocco is the ultimate gap year experience! 

1. You get fit
2. You learn something completely new
3. You’re abroad in a wonderful country

And so much more great things about getting your ISA level 1 certification at our surfcamp! You come to experience the never ending summer?

Gab year surf instructor course holiday


– Swimsuit,
– Beach towel,
– Sunscreen (30+),
– Sunglasses,
– Flip flops,
– Beach bag
– Camera/ Gopro
– Something warm to wear at night and after surf – hiking shoes
– A cap to protect yourself from the sun
– Clothes for sporting and hiking
– Headphones
– Pen and paper

Morocco is a Muslim country and modesty is respected. On the beach you can wear bikini’s and shorts, but you can’t be nude. For girls: On the streets wearing a range of clothing it’s best to err on the side of modesty. In Taghazout and Tamraght the locals are very used of tourists, so you can wear dresses, shorts, open shoulders etc. For men: we recommend to cover their upper body in public area. Morocco is an arid climate, much like California. The day times are warm and the evenings can get quite cool, especially in the winter. Homes and buildings are built in such a way that they keep cool in summer and (kind of) stay warm in winter. So while it may be 100F outside, if you’re inside a home or building it can be quite cool. Bring also clothes that keep you warm!


In Marokko bezahlt man mit Dirhams. 1 Euro entspricht etwa 10 Dirhams. In den meisten Ländern ist es schwierig, marokkanische Dirhams zu bekommen. Wir empfehlen, hier einmal Geld zu wechseln oder Ihre ATM-Karte zu benutzen. Im Flughafen finden Sie Wechselstuben und Geldautomaten, um Geld abzuheben. Geldautomaten finden Sie auch in Agadir oder Awrir. Surf Paradise Marokko akzeptiert keine Reiseschecks!


Wir beginnen damit, eine lustige Tatsache zu erklären: Tamraght ist eine trockene Stadt. Das bedeutet, dass hier kein Geschäft Alkohol verkauft... Aber(!!) das bedeutet nicht, dass man keinen Alkohol bekommen kann. Alkohol gibt es in Agadir in Restaurants, Cafés und in Geschäften zu kaufen. Im Surfcamp ist es erlaubt, Alkohol zu trinken und es ist schön, nach einem guten Surftag einen Drink zu genießen. Sie können auch zollfrei vor dem Abflug am Flughafen kaufen.


We get a lot of questions from girls wanting advice and looking for information on how to have a safe, trouble-free surf holiday in Morocco. Morocco is one of the most tolerant Muslim countries. You’re not the first woman to visit Morocco. Agadir and the Area of Tamraght is a European touristic destination and the locals will not be shocked by much. however we ask that all our clients respect local customs. Our advice to our women guests: Dress modest, be aware (don’t go alone on the streets at night, don’t carry large sums of cash. ) and ignore people if you get comments. As woman you can wear swimwear on the beach and dresses on the streets, this is no problem!


Ja! Wenn Sie Ihre eigene Surfausrüstung haben, können Sie diese mitbringen. Erkundigen Sie sich bei Ihrer Fluggesellschaft, ob Sie Ihr Board mitnehmen können.


Most of the participants do the surf instructor course alone, but you can definitely come together! You will be in the same group and we can reservate the same room for you.

For the surf instructor course we have a minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 10 participants for the surf instructor course

Coming before the surf instructor course is starting:

Yes you can stay a few days longer in the surfcamp in Morocco if this is easier for your flight to Morocco. Keep in mind you can stay maximum 90 days without a visum in Morocco!

Coming a few days later

If you can’t schedule to arrive on the exact starting date you can start a few days later. Keep in mind you will miss this first days of the program, and especially the first days are very important!

The experience of others

Surfcamp Zimmer
Dies ist bei weitem mein Lieblingsort in Marokko. Die Aussicht ist zum Sterben schön und manchmal kochen sie ein köstliches Abendessen. Sie bieten Surfkurse und Abenteuertouren an. Ich würde das Surfparadies Marokko jedem empfehlen!
Zouhir und Suzanne sind großartige Gastgeber... Nichts ist zu viel Mühe. Tolles Essen und Terrasse bbq. Surfausflüge zu nicht überfüllten Wellen. Wenn Sie eine Reise nach Marokko denken, ist dies Ort zu bleiben...3. Reise Aufenthalt mit ihnen und wird viele mehr😎😎🏄♂️🏄♂️ sein
Suzanne Hnina

Hi there! I'm happy to help you out with all your questions about the surf instructor course in Morocco

Do you have any questions about the surf instructor course in Morocco? Or do you want to book? Don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’m happy to help you out and reach back to you within 24 hours!