Christmas surf in Morocco

During Christmas surf in Morocco, is it a good idea?

Christmas in Morocco

Do you want to surf in Morocco during Christmas and New Year but wonder if this is fun and possible? We’ll tell you the answer now!
Surfing during Christmas in Morocco is an excellent idea! And who doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas in the sun with a surfboard under your arm?

Christmas is not celebrated as exuberantly as in Christian countries but still Moroccans know about Christmas. There are (fake) Christmas trees for sale and you will see a Santa Claus here and there in the larger cities or tourist locations. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are seen as something similar by Moroccans, and special activities are organized in tourist areas

Christmas surfing in Morocco
Winter in Morocco surfing

The surf in December in Morocco

December is one of the best months for surfing in Morocco! The waves are excellent, the sun shines and the temperature is still pleasant in Taghazout and its surroundings. The chance of a strong swell and big waves is also considerably high!

That’s why so many surfers come to Morocco and Taghazout in December. It can therefore be busier than the other months in Morocco. Make sure you book in time so you are guaranteed a place in the surf camp during the Christmas holidays!

Would you like to visit Morocco outside the Christmas holidays for a surfing holiday? This is possible. Surfing in winter in Morocco is one of the best experiences you can have as a surfer! The surf camp of Surf Paradise Morocco is open all year round.



Tempratures in December in Morocco

As Europe is cold and there is a big change on snow, on your holiday to Morocco in December you will find sunshine and warm tempratures around 23 degrees! Also Agadir has 330 days of sunshine per year so this means that the sun is almost always shining!
The water tempratures in Morocco in December are around 18 degrees.
In December in Morocco it’s best to wear a 3:4 wetsuit.
Surf camp Agadir water tempratures
Tempratures surfing in Taghazout

If you never go, you'll never know!

Celebrating Christmas at the surf camp

Guests from all over the world gather at the surf camp in Morocco for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas cannot go unnoticed!

Every year the following activities are celebrated at Christmas in the surf camp:
1. Christmas surf session (with Santa hats or even a Christmas suit! )
2. Extensive Christmas dinner (bring your Christmas outfit)
3. Christmas celebration with Christmas tree and presents!

Every year, we also plan various fun and special activities to make your Christmas holiday in Morocco a great experience.
Since we have guests from different countries, this is extra fun. In every country Christmas is celebrated differently and this all comes together in the surf camp! You will learn about other cultures and customs and have a great time with your new surf family!

Surf winter in Morocco Christmas
activities in Taghazout

New years eve in the surfcamp

New Year’s Eve is another event we can’t afford to miss at the surf camp. Many fun activities are organised during New Year’s Eve. There are not many fireworks to be seen, but we will have a blast ourselves!

1. New Year’s Eve dinner
2. Theme party
3. New Year’s activities (first of January)

Our New Year’s activities can only be visited as a visitor of the surfcamp. Every year the activities differ!
Besides the activities in the surfcamp, a lot of parties are being organised in the nightclubs in Agadir, these parties have to be booked in advance.

Extra tips for christmas surfing in Morocco

1. Make sure you book your Christmas holiday to Morocco in time, this is one of the busiest periods of the year and the surf camp can fill up quickly!
2. Bring your coolest (summer) Christmas outfit to the surf camp for the Christmas dinner!
3. Airline tickets are also expensive during the Christmas period, it’s best to book as early as possible.
4. Many surfcamps (like our surfcamp in Morocco) organize activities and parties during Christmas and New Year, these are often only for guests to visit, so choose a location for your surf holiday where the best activities are organized!

The best surfholidays for Christmas to our surfcamp in Morocco!

Go with Surf Paradise Morocco on surf holiday during Christmas in Morocco. All extra activities and celebrations during Christmas and New Years eve are included in the packages!

winter surf Morocco Taghazout

Looking for a simple surf holiday option for your Christmas holiday to Morocco? The Surf & Stay holiday will make this possible! Go surfing, stay in the surf camp and organise the rest of your holiday yourself during your stay in Morocco.

Paradise Valley winter

Would you like to do other fun and adventurous activities in Morocco besides surfing? Then the adventure holiday is great for you! Go surfing, but also visit Paradise Valley, sandboard in the Little Sahara, shop in the souks of Agadir, hike and much more! Together with the other guests in the surf camp, you will experience the greatest adventures during the Christmas holidays.

Immerse yourself in a complete surfing adventure during the Christmas holidays. You will surf daily on the best and most beautiful surf beaches in Morocco, and we choose the quieter spots because it can be very busy with surfers in December. After surfing we serve delicious meals to taste the Moroccan cuisine and you can participate in the best extra activities. All practical extras such as transport from the airport will be organised for you as it is an all-in surfing holiday.

Wintering over to skip the European winter for a year is really great if you have the time and opportunity to do so!

At Surf Paradise Morocco we have special options for longer stays such as the surf academy, where you follow an intense surf course for a period starting at 3 weeks. Before you know it you are an advanced surfer!