Activities in Morocco

What activities can you do in Morocco?

In the area of Tamraght are plenty of fun activities to enjoy your holiday. Experience and life the moroccan surfers lifestyle! Join us with a day tour to the beautiful paradise valley, a river hidden between beautiful high rocks. An oasis of peace and nature. Several daredevils take a dive from the high cliffs into the water.

A day of shopping in Agadir also one off all the possibilities. This modern city has something for everyone. In Agadir you can visit Africa’s largest market. Here at this market you can find everything you search for. You will experience the everyday life of Moroccans in Morocco. If you want to relax and some time for yourself, visit the authentic Moroccan hammam. This is an unmissable ritual to ensure well-being in Morocco.


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More things to do:

  • walk in the anti Atlas mountainsCamel Morocco
  • Horse riding
  • Camel riding
  • Day visit to the local Souk (Aourir or Agadir)
  • visit the hammam
  • go fishing
  • rent a yetski
  • Visit the famous surfer village Taghazout
  • Daytrips to: paradise valley/ imsouane
  • Learn to make Moroccan food (couscous, tajines)
  • Get an traditional hennatattoo
  • Silent walk along the beach over 6 km sandy beach
  • Visit Agadir
  • discover the secret caves
  • drive a quad and visit a traditional village

walk in paradise valley
Daytrip to paradise valley
Relaxing in Hammam
Relaxing in Hammam
Daytrip to Imsouane
Visit Agadir!